Roles and Responsibilities of Manager at Different Levels

Main objective of this term paper is to analysis Roles and Responsibilities of Manager at Different Levels of Organizational Hierarchy in Banglalink GSM Telecom Com. Managers are changed with the responsibilities of taking actions that will make him possible, for individuals to make him possible, for individuals to make their best contributions to group objectives. Finally it is easily distinguish about the special aim of the project report, which in turn promotes excellence among many levels in organization, especially among managers aspiring managers and also other professionals.


History & Background

On September 2nd 2004, Orascom Telecom has purchased 100% of the shares of Sheba Telecom in Bangladesh. Sheba Telecom holds a nationwide GSM license and operates a network serving approximately 60,000 subscribers primarily in and around Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet.

On October 20th 2004, Chairman and CEO of Orascom Telecom, Mr. Naguib Sawiris as well as the executives of the company have announced the re-branding of Sheba Telecom into Banglalink™ and the actual purchase of the shares.

On February 10th 2005, Orascom Telecom announced the launch of GSM mobile services in Bangladesh. Banglalink offered different attractive pricing plans from its newly launched prepaid service, which came in addition to its already available postpaid monthly service. A great presentation was done by Mr. Lars P. Reichelt CEO of Bangalink after which reporters were impressed by the offers.

The operation in Bangladesh will further enhance Orascom Telecom’s growth and leadership in mobile services. OTH intends to remain the leading emerging markets mobile services operator with a primary focus on investing in and developing core GSM operations in Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, and Iraq


 The managerial hierarchy of Banglalink GSM Telecom Company

Top-level managers,

In management Banglalink group top-level managers are

  1. CEO
  2. Functional manager
  3. Operational manager

Mid-level managers:

  1. Human resource manager
  2. Program manager
  3. Administrative manager

Lower level Managers:

  1. Marketing manager
  2. Sales manager
  3. It and billing manager
  4. Excess network manager
  5. Senior commercial executive
  6. Distribution manager
  7. Customer relation officer
  8. Contact manager
  9. Operation & maintenance manager
  10. Transport manager


Roles of Mangers in Banglalink Telecom Company

I found in Banglalink Telecom Company they are maintaining these roles, which are listed down below.

Leadership roles:

Banglalink Telecom Company has more control on leadership. Once upon a time they were no able to maintain the law of leading, but now they achive leadership role to establish their company as a running position. They maintain 95% leadership role.

The motivation and activation of subordinates are more satisfactory and Banglalink Telecom Company most important roles based on staffing and associated duties.

Liaison Roles:

In Banglalink Telecom Company Liaison role is another important part of their organization, by following this role they able to made connection between tops to bottom.

In our visiting organization concentrate on Acknowledging mail; doing external board work; performing other activities that involve outsiders. Banglalink Telecom Company maintain in 95% Liaison role.


Monitoring Roles:

Thus, the three informational roles are primarily concerned with the managerial decisions. Monitoring is one of them. In the monitoring role, the managers of Banglalink Telecom Company received and collection information.

Banglalink Telecom Company concentrate on seeking and receiving wide variety of special information to develop thorough understanding of organization and environment; emerges as nerve center of internal and external information about the organization.

The percentage of monitoring in Banglalink Telecom Company 100%



Spokesperson roles:

Spokesperson role is another part in Banglalink Telecom Company; the namager of Banglalink Telecom Company are very much involved in spokesperson role.

Banglalink Telecom Company mixed up transmits information to outsiders on organization’s plans, Policies, actions, results, etc. serves as expert on organization’s industry. The percentage of spokesperson role is 95% Banglalink Telecom Company.


Informational Roles:

As a multinational Group Banglalink Telecom Company makes link with modern technology so it is essential for that to cope with informational roles. Its helps their managerial works smoothly.

In Banglalink Telecom Company all managers, has to follow some important degree which fulfill with informational roles, receiving and collecting information from other organizations and institutions outside their own organization.

Banglalink Telecom Company following 85% informational roles. 


Decisional Roles:

Disturbance Handler managers take corrective action in response to previously unforeseen problems. Banglalink Telecom Company desisional role is 90%



Responsibilities of managers at different level of Banglalink Telecom Company


The major duties of CEO of Banglalink Telecom Company is that, he spends his time in decision making as well as planning in carrying out organization goals. Actually he is a decision-maker and controlling all process.

Top Level

The major duties of top level managers of Banglalink Telecom Company are spending more time to set planning, organizing and controlling rather than mid level, and lower level managers. But they are also spending their time in leading but it is less than first line or mid level managers.

Mid Level

The mid level managers of Banglalink Telecom Company are spending their time in carrying out organizational goals in planning, organizing, and controlling as well as leading. But in leading functions their contribution is less than planning, organizing or controlling

First Level

First level managers are spending their time in leading. But they have a contribution in planning, organizing, and controlling but it is less than top or mid level managers.

Operatives level managers

Actually they do the fieldwork. They can’t interfere in planning, organizing or controlling, but they have to pay contribution in leading, but not so much contribution. They also research market.


Distribution of per functions by organizational levels in Banglalink Telecom Company


In theoretical part we see that the top-level managers pay contribution in planning 30%, Organizing 30%, Leading 28% and Controlling 12%. But in practical part top-level managers pay contribution in Planning 35%, Controlling 14% leading 18%, and organizing 33%.

Table analysis:

FunctionsTheoretical PartPractical PartLack



Management is the process of designing and maintaining an environment for the purpose of efficiency accomplished selected aims. One of the most important human activities is managing. For that reason all managers’ carry out managerial functions, roles and responsibilities. Managerial functions, roles and responsibilities. Managers are changed with the responsibilities of taking actions that will make him possible, for individuals to make him possible, for individuals to make their best contributions to group objectives. Good managers listen more than talk. They have a good sense of humor that can be used good managers as a powerful tool. they take their jobs seriously by maintaining the roles and responsibility of their perspe4ctive organization. Thus managing a nuclear power plant in different from managing levels. Finally we can easily distinguish about the special purpose of the project report, which promotes excellence among all levels in organization, especially among managers aspiring managers and other professionals.