Request Letter to Change Teacher

Request Letter to Change Teacher

Request Letter to Change Teacher

The Dean/Principle/Registrar,



Subject: Request for Teacher Change

Respected Sir,

With high admiration and consider it is stated that I’m writing on behalf of my entire class and I want you to bring our issue in front of you as we hope that you’ll absolutely judge our request which is explained further. Sir, the problem is it is truly necessary for students to understand the concepts of education and lessons which they are in reality learning. I agree that all the teachers at our organization are highly qualified and diligent but sometimes, students are not able to understand the state of mind of their teacher and it is a innate phenomenon. The compatibility between students and teachers is most needed issue.

Sir, I want to mention that we are grateful for your intelligence and teaching attitude but unfortunately we are not able to understand the concepts which you deliver. Surely, you’ve got enough abilities but I guess we are not capable to capture your ideas which are observably strong. Sir, I request you to kindly consider our request and arrange a new subject teacher for our class. We hope that, you’ll certainly appreciate and judge our humble request.



On the behalf of Class….