Report on Profile and Service of JAMUNA BANK LTD

Report on Profile  and Service of  JAMUNA BANK LTD

Organizational Profile: Jamuna bank limited (JBL) is a banking company registered under the companies Act. 1994. Its Head office located at Chini Shilpa Bhavan (2nd, 3rd, & 8th floor), 3, Dilkusha, C/A, Dhaka-1000. Bangladesh. Operation of this bank started from 3rd June, 2001.

JBL is a highly capitalized new generation bank started its operation with an authorized capital of TK. 390 million as of December 2006 Paid-up capital of Tk. 1072.50 million. As of June 30, 2007, their paid up capital is Tk. 1,072,500.00, share premium is Tk. 85,800,000.00, statutory reserve is Tk. 249,667,430.00 and profit is Tk. 154,504,076.00.According to December 30,2009 their paid up capital is tk. 3,055,000.00, share premium is tk.95,600,000, statutory reserve is 45,990,500.00 and profit is tk. 300,779,500.00. Their profit reached to 350,100,000 on 30th October.

JBL undertakes all the types of banking transactions to support the development of trade and commerce in the country. JBL’s services are also available for the entrepreneurs to set up new ventures and BMRE of industrial units. The bank gives special emphasis on Export, Import, Trade Finance, SME Finance, Retail Credit and Finance to the Women Entrepreneur.

Jamuna Bank Ltd. the only Bengali named new generation private commercial  bank was established by a group of winning local entrepreneurs conceiving an idea of creating a model banking institution with different outlook to offer the valued customers,  a comprehensive range of financial services and innovative products for sustainable mutual growth and prosperity. The sponsors are reputed personalities in the filed of trade, commerce and industries.

The scenario of banking business is changing day by day, so the Bank’s responsibility is to device strategy and new products to cope with the changing environment. Jamuna Bank Ltd. has already achieved tremendous progress within only nine years. The bank has already ranked at top of the quality service providers & is known for its reputation.

Jamuna Bank offers different types of Corporate and Personal Banking Services involving all segments of the society within the purview of rules and regulations laid down by the Central Bank and other regulatory authorities. As per the provisions of Bangladesh Bank license, the Bank has offered initially its shares to public by Pre – IPO and subsequently sold shares to the public through IPO in the year 2004. The shares of the Bank are listed with both Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. & Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd.

JBL has established wide corresponded banking relationship with local and foreign banks in order to provide services to its clients in respect of international trade. JBL is attempt to covering major trade and financial interest home and abroad from the starting time stage.

 Hierarchical Position of Jamuna Bank Ltd.:


funamendal hirarchy

 Company Profile

Jamuna Bank Ltd. started its operation in June 03, 2001. It is a public limited company incorporated in April 02, 2001. It consists of 19 members in Board of Directors headed by a Chairman.

 Performance/Progress of Jamuna Bank Ltd. at a glance




Paid-up Capital  1,621,882,500  1,313,265,200
Reserves Fund  1,743,211,042     533,550,984
Total Deposits

Total Income  2,927,987,798  1,752,501,771
Total Expenditure  1,013,741,511     712,298,837
Total Operating Profit   1,914,246,287  1,040,202,934
Net Profit     615,781,504     313,915,658


 Motijheel Branch at a glance

Registered Name …………………………Jamuna Bank Limited,

Motijheel Branch

Registered Head office……………………Surma Tower, 59/2,

Purana Paltan, Dhaka-1000

Phone No. of Bank…………………………9554474, 9551506

Fax No.……………………………………  88-02-9554467

E-mail address………………………………

Web Site……………………………………


Date of Incorporation……………………….7th December, 2006

Number of employees………………………26

Manager ……………………………………Md. Masudur Rahman,

Senior Assistant Vice President

Motijheel branch started its operation on 7th December 2006 as 24th branch of JBL. The branch was located at 2 DIT Avenue (Extension), Motijheel C/A Dhaka-1000. But due some to space problem recently they have their branch which is located at 59/2 Purana paltan, Motijheel C/A Dhaka-1000. To manage the branch efficiently and effectively it has professional human resources. The branch has distributed its work load in order wise so that they can easily meet up the customer needs. Most distinguished strength is customer services and their satisfaction.

Friendly, on time and enthusiastic services helps to satisfy the customers. Due to flexible working hour it attracts more clients doing banking transactions with the branch. In special cases customer who are coming outside the banking hour can honor the cheque and others without the delay.

Mr. Md. Belayet Hossain, Senior Assistant Vice President was the first branch manager of Motijheel Branch. I joined in this Branch as Manager on April 2010.

Jamuna Bank Limited Motijheel Branch is not an old branch because it started its operation from 7th December 2006. So its age is two and half year. In this short time period performance of this bank is very well. It is not an authorized dealer branch because it is operating from a short span of time. But this branch can open L/C and can do import export business.

Motijheel Branch is one of the largest branches of Jamuna Bank Ltd… It is situated in Surma Tower, 59/2 Purana Paltan, Dhaka-1000. This branch started operation in 07th December 2006 as 24th Branch of the Bank. The total officers of this branch are 26 and staffs are 5.

Performance of

Jamuna Bank Ltd. Motijheel Branch








01.Deposit (Tk.)

2781.73 lac

3434.06 lac

7513.27 lac

8240.92 lac

16932.54 lac

02.Loans and Advance


      2.18 lac

1378.96 lac

1925.09 lac

2105.71 lac

12577.39 lac


(13.00) lac

(49.00) lac

   113.00 lac

168.00 lac

510.00 lac

04.No. of accounts






From the above table I have found that net profit of this branch has been increased in 2010 remarkably which exceeds the Branch annual target and which show the positive performance of the branch.

Functions of Commercial Bank

The general functions of Jamuna Bank Ltd. like commercial bank are:

  1. General Banking
  2. Loan and Advances
  3. Foreign Exchange Operations

General Banking:

Before the application of the parties to get loan from the bank, they must have to open an account i.e. current account. Proper understanding of general banking can help them to open such an account easily. For this regard, I have given concentrate on the general banking system of Jamuna Bank Ltd.. .

General Banking Dept


The general banking activities of Jamuna Bank Ltd. are discussed in the below:

  1. Collection of deposits from the community.
  2. Opening different accounts.
  3. Customer information service.
  4. Despatch.
  5. Lending to the borrowers from the deposits.
  6. Receipt/Payment of cheques in the mode of cash, clearing and transfer amount to the parties.
  7. Issue of DD, Pay order, FDR, Double/Triple Growth Deposit Scheme.
  8. Perform as a clearinghouse.
  9. Utility services.
  10. ATM card management.
  11. Maintaining Branch accounts.

Jamuna Bank Ltd. offers multiple special services with its network of branches throughout the country in addition to its normal banking operations. More over Jamuna Bank Ltd. provides its cash withdrawal facility throw through its own ATM Booths situated in different places all over Bangladesh and with joint collaboration of eight other commercial bank’s booth by VISA/Q-Cash card.


Telephone bills, Tuition fees , IPO Deposits, Passport fees and Travel tax, Customs & excise duties.

Sale & Encashment/Purchase

Different Govt. Bond/ Treasury Bills, Prize Bonds, Lottery tickets of different Semi-Govt. and Autonomous Bodies.

Bank Remittance (DD & PO)

Banks extended this facility to its customers by means of receiving money at one branch of the bank and making arrangement for payment at another branch within the country. Bank takes the risk of theft or loss and ensures payment to the beneficiary in exchange of a little bit benefit known as exchange or commission. Considering the nature of transaction, the mode of bank remittance may be categorized as under–

    1. Demand Draft (DD)
    2. Payment Order (PO)
    3. On line banking.

    Demand Draft (DD):

    DD is a negotiable instrument payable on demand to the payee on proper identification. It is an instruction issued by one branch containing an order to another branch to pay a certain sum of money to a certain person or order on demand. This instrument can be purchased by a customer from a particular bank branch for himself or for beneficiary and is handed over to the purchaser for delivery to the beneficiary.

    Payment Order (PO):

    This instrument is issued if the remittance is within a district in the same clearing house.

    Cash Department:

       Cash section of any bank plays a vital role in general banking procedure, because it deals with the most liquid assets. There is several counters work simultaneously in cash section of Jamuna Bank, Motijheel Branch. There are two electronic counting machines by which a huge amount of cash money can be counted within a few minutes and it also ensure the zero percent counting machine. This section deals with all types of negotiable instrument and includes vault, used as the store of cash, instrument.

    Function of cash department:

    Cash paymentCash payment is made only against cheque. This is the unique function of the banking system which is known as “payment on demand”. It makes payment only against its printed valid cheque.
    Cash ReceiptIt receives deposits from the depositors in form of cash. So it is the “mobilization unit” of the banking system. It collects money only its receipt forms.

     Table 11: Function of cash department

    Cash packing:

    Cash is packed according to the denomination after the banking hour. Notes are    counted and packed in bundles and stamped with initial.

    Allocation of currency:

    Before starting the banking hour all tellers give requisition of money through “Teller cash proof sheet”. The head teller writes the number of the packet denomination wise in “Reserve sheet” at the end of the day; all the notes remained are recorded in the sheet.

     Bills Collection and Clearing Section:

    In modern banking the mechanism has become complex as far as smooth transaction and safety is concerned .Customer does pay and receive bill from their counterpart as a result of transaction. Commercial bank’s duty is to collect bills on behalf of its clients. Customer use demand draft, pay order and cheque etc. in financial transaction for safety and security purpose. Commercial bank’s duty is to collect these financial instruments on behalf of its client. The main function of this section is to collect instrument on behalf of the customer through Bangladesh Bank clearing house, Outside Bank Clearing (OBC), Inter Branch Clearing (IBC). Upon the receipt of the instrument this section examines the following things:

    • Whether the paying bank within the Dhaka city.
    • Whether the paying bank outside the Dhaka city.
    • Whether the paying bank is its own branch.

    Money Gram money transfer:

    Jamuna Bank is a dealer of Money Gram Money Transfer. It pays the money remitted by the non resident Bangladeshis to their relatives. The tasks are done by the satellite link and pay the beneficiary after successfully identification proof.

     Accounts section:

    This is a very much crucial department for each branch of a commercial bank. Records of all the transactions of every department are kept as well with other respective branches Accounting department verifies all financial amounts and contents of transactions. If any discrepancy arises regarding any transaction this depart report to the concerned department.

    Task of Accounts department:

    Accounts play an essential role in commercial banking. In private banking sector accounts department of JBL perform it’s very properly. The activities of accounts department are given below:

    • Budgeting for branch.
    • Make salary statement and pay salary.
    • Pay all expenditure on behalf of the branch.
    • Make charges for different types of duties.
    • Branch to branch fund remittance and support for accounting treatment.
    • Prepare statement for reporting purpose.
    • Record all transaction in the general and subsidiary ledger.
    • Record all transaction in the daily cash book.
    • Prepare daily fund function, weekly position, periodic statement of affairs etc.

    Product of Jamuna Bank Ltd.

    Products of Jamuna Bank Ltd. can be divided into two parts. They are asset product and liability product. Generally liability product means deposits of many kinds that are payable to parties. On the other hand, asset products are the products which clients are liable to pay to bank. Different types of undertaking by the bank to the clients or on behalf of the clients are also a type of liability to bank. On the other hand a different type of promises makes by the clients to bank is considered as bank’s asset.

    Personal Banking:

    Personal Banking of Jamuna Bank offers wide-ranging products and services matching the requirement of every customer. Transactional accounts, savings schemes or loan facilities from Jamuna Bank Ltd. make available you a unique mixture of easy and consummate service quality.

    JBL offers the following key Personal Banking Services:

    -Current Deposit Account

    -Savings Deposit Account

    -Short Term Deposit Account

    -Fixed Deposit Account

    Current Deposit Account:

    CD stands for current deposit. It is cost free. No interest is given by the bank. As it has no cost and more over bank charges on different services, the target of the bank is to increase the number of current account clients. It can be only opened by the name of any organization and not in any personal name. Current account mainly opens by different types of organization for operating their business transaction smoothly. Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited companies and Club or Societies can open current account.

    Bank authority charge twice in a year for operating the current account and its half yearly charge is TK.500. If any one wants to stop account then bank charges TK. 100. Opening balance of current account is minimum TK. 5000 but if the depositors have any problem then it can be open by TK. 2000. Requirements for different types of current accounts opening are given below:

    Proprietorship Account:

    1. Introduction of account
    2. Two photographs of the account holder which is attested by the introducer.
    3. Valid copy of trade license
    4. Rubber stamp
    5. TIN number certificate (if any)
    6. Copy of voter ID card or passport or commissioner’s certificate

    Partnership Account:

    1. Introduction of account
    2. Two photographs of the account holder which is attested by the introducer.
    3. Partnership letter duly sign by all partners (sign should be similar as stated in the   Deed)
    4. Registration (if any)
    5. Rubber stamp
    6. Updated trade license

    Limited company Account:

    1. Introduction of account.
    2. Two photographs of the account holder which is attested by the introducer.
    3. Valid copy of Trade license.
    4. Board resolution of opening account duly certified by the chairman Managing   Director.
    5. Certificate of Incorporation.
    6. Certified (Joint Stock) true copy of the Memorandum and Article of Association of the company. Duly attested by the Chairman of Managing Director.
    7. List of director along with designation and specimen signature.
    8. Latest certified copy of form – X11 (to be certified by the registrar of Joint stock companies) in case of directorship change.
    9. Rubber Stamp
    10. Certified copy of certificate of commencement of Business.
    11. Latest audited balance sheet
    12. Tin certificate
    13. Certificate of Registration (in case of insurance companies)

    Club/Societies Account:

    1. Introduction of the account
    2. Two photographs of the account holder which is attested by the introducer.
    3. Board resolution for opening account (Duly certified by President/Secretary)
    4. List of existing Managing Committee.
    5. Registration (if any)
    6. Rubber stamp
    7. Permission letter from Bureau of N.G.O (in case of  N.G.O account)

     Savings Account:

    Bank considers it as Low Cost liability product. Savings account is mainly open by individual person. Generally householders and other small scale savers is the client of this account. Opening balance of savings account is TK. 2000. In case of savings account bank authority gives 6% interest based on its deposit to its clients and interest will be counted on daily basis.

    Bank charge very limited amount because it is an interest bearing account. Bank half yearly service charge is TK. 300. If any one wants to close this account then they have to pay TK. 50. According to Bangladesh Bank instructions 90% of SB deposits are treated as time liability and 10% of it as demand liability. Generally banks require a 7-day prior notice if the total amount of one or more withdrawals on any date exceeds 25% of the balance of the account unless is given. But in JBL there is no restriction about drawing money from savings account. Any time holders may draw money of any amount without prior notice.

    Short-term Deposit:

    Customers deposit money for a shorter period of time. STD account can be treated as semi-term deposit. STD should be kept for at least thirty days to get interest. The interest offered for STD is less than that of savings deposit. Bank authority gives 5.5% to its clients. Volume of STD A/C is generally high. In MBL, various big Companies, Organizations, Government Departments keep money in STD accounts. Frequent withdrawals are discouraged and require prior notice.

    Interest rate of Current Deposit, Savings de deposit and Short Term Deposit account are given below:

                     Name of Account                   Interest Rate
                   Current Deposit                      0%
                Short Term Deposit                      5.5%
                   Savings Deposit                      6%
    SB non chequing & No withdrawal for 6 months                      7.5%
    SB non chequing & No withdrawal for 1 year                     8%

                            Table 04: Interest rate of SB, CD & SRD A/C

    Incidental charges of different account are given below:

    Sl No Category of charges               Rate
     01Charges on Savings deposit    300+300=600
     02Charges on current deposit    500+500=1000
     03Charges on Short term deposit    500+500=1000

      Table 05: Incidental charges of JBL

    Fixed Deposit Account:

    In case of fixed deposit depositor deposit money for a fixed period of time like 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or 1 year. Fixed deposits are repayable along with profit or after maturation period. If the depositor wants then a matured FDR may be renewed for any of the periods mentioned above. The deposit will be automatically renewed from the date of expiry for a period of three months at the rate of profit applicable on the renewal if the depositor does not give any instruction to the branch within on month of the date of maturity of the FDR. If the depositor encashment the deposit before maturity no profit will be paid to the client. Recently Bangladesh bank has decided that the interest rate of FDR will lie between 9% to 11%. For this reason the Assets Liability committee of the bank has revised interest rate of FDR. The new rates are given below:

    Interest of FDR:

              Period Rate of interest
        1 Month 9%
        3 Month10%
        6 Month9.75% to 10%
        1 Year9.5% to 10%

                          Table 06: Interest of FDR

    Schemes offered by JBL:

    JBL has introduced some scheme for its customers which not only increase the profitability of the bank but also increase the saving tendency of the customer. These are given below:

    Monthly Savings Scheme (MSS):

    Savings is the best friend in bad days. Small savings can build up a prosperous future. Savings can meet up any emergencies. JBL has introduced Monthly Savings Scheme (MSS) that allows it clients to save on a monthly basis and get a handsome return upon maturity. The concerned customer can avail loan facility up to 80% of the deposited amount.

    Education Savings Scheme:

    Education is one of the basic needs of every citizen. Every parents want proper education to their children. Education is the prerequisite for the socio-economic development of a country. Higher education may be hindered due to the change of economic condition of their parents. To solve this problem JBL has introduced “Education Savings Scheme” which offers its clients to build up cherished fund by monthly deposit of small amount at client affordable capacity. The customer has the option for withdrawing total accumulated amount including principal on maturity date at a time or taking monthly benefit during the next five years from the date of maturity keeping the principal intact.

    Marriage Deposit Scheme:

    Marriage of children especially daughter is a matter of great concern in the context of our country. It involves expense of considerable amount. Practical parents make effort for gradual building of fund as per the capacity to meet the expenses. Parents get relief and feel secure if they can arrange the necessary fund for their children marriage, no matter whether they can survive or not.

    By considering this factor JBL has introduced marriage deposit scheme which offer its clients to build up cherished fund by monthly deposit of small amount at client capability. It grows very fast at high rate of interest yielding a sizeable amount on maturity.

     Lakhpati Deposit:

    To become “Lakhpati” is simply a dream for the most of the people of Bangladesh especially to the lower and lower middle income group. Keeping that in mind JBL has introduced “Lakhpati Deposit Scheme” which has flexibility in report of maturity and monthly installment as per affordable capacity.

     Kotipati Deposit Scheme:

    Kotipati deposit scheme is one of the schemes of JBL. It is realizable for high income group who have strong determination and savings habit. JBL has introduced “Kotipati

    Deposit Scheme” offering the savings plan fit to your income and executes your dream to be a Kotipati by monthly deposit at client affordable capability.

    Monthly Savings Scheme, Education Savings Scheme, Marriage Deposit Scheme, Lakhpati and Kotipati Deposit Scheme have the following facilities:

    • These types of deposit account can be opened at any branch of JBL.
    • They can deposit at any branch of JBL and the same through on line banking
    • Monthly installment can be automatically collected from client savings account maintained with JBL.
    • Installment amount shall be deposited within 20th day of each month. If the 20th is holiday then customer may also installments on next working day.
    • No loan facilities will be allowed from any other banks/ financial institution against the deposited amount except JBL.

    Monthly Benefit Scheme:

    Jamuna bank limited has introduced Monthly Benefit Scheme for the prudent person having ready cash and desiring to have fixed income on monthly basis out of it without taking risk of loss and without cashing the principal amount. This scheme offers highest return with zero risk.


    • Minimum Deposit: Tk. 1 lac.
    • Maximum Deposit: Any amount multiple of Tk. 1 lac.
    • After opening the account the profit element will be deposited in that account.
    • Upon maturity the term may be renewed for the next tenure.

    These scheme were effective on 18th April 2009, due to Bangladesh Bank decision JBL have stopped these scheme temporary. Soon they will revising the interest rate of the scheme and continue the scheme again.

    Double/Triple Growth Deposit Scheme:

    JBL has introduced Double/Triple Growth deposit scheme that offers its customer to make double or triple money within seven years and eleven years respectively resulting a high rate of interest.


    • Minimum Deposit: Tk. 1 Lac.
    • Maximum Deposit: Any amount multiple of Tk. 1 Lac.
    • Overdraft Facility: The concerned customer can avail loan facility up to 80% of the deposited amount.

    Features of the Scheme:

    DepositMoney including interest payable at maturity
     After 7 YearsAfter 11 Years
      100000    200000   300000
      200000    400000   600000
      500000    1000000   1500000
    Interest Rate    12.25%   12.25%

     Table07: Feature of the scheme

    Terms & Conditions:

    • If customer fails to deposit 3 consecutive installment then bank reserves the right to close the account.
    • Customer will not get any profit if the scheme is closed within 6-months. If tit is closed after 6-mionths then client will get deposited amount along with interest rate. The rate is normal savings rate up to the closure time.

    Like other scheme customers have to follow the government rules and regulations. They also have to follow the Bangladesh Bank rules.


    Loan and Advances: Various loans and advances of Commercial Banks are:

    v  Loan

    v  Cash Credit

    v  Loan against Trust Receipt

    v  House Building Loan

    v  Different retail credits

    v  Bank Overdraft

    v  Documentary bills purchased


    General Advances

    The making of loans and advances has always been prominent and profitable function of a bank. Sanctioning credit to customers and others out of the funds at its disposal is one of the principal services of a modern bank. Advances near Jamuna Bank Ltd. are made in different natures, so, it can not afford to locate their funds for long periods.

    A Classification of General Advance

    A. Cash Credit (CC): A cash credit is a fluctuating account and is operated on the same way as a current a/c on which an O.D has been sanctioned. CC accounts are however maintained in a separate ledger. Primary securities under consideration in case of cash credit are goods, produce and merchandise. This is the most favorite borrowing by large commercial and industrial concerns. This is a permanent arrangement and the customer need not draw the sanctioned amount at once, but draw the amount as and when required. He can put bank any surplus amount, which he may find with him. Thus cash credit is an active and running account to which deposits and with drawls may be affected frequently. Interest is charged only for the amount withdraws and not for the whole amount charged. Cash credit arrangements are usually made against pledge or hypothecation of goods. Some times this facility also provided against personal security.

    If the customer does not use the cash credit limit to the full extent, a commitment charge is made by the bank. This charge is imposed on the unutilized portion of cash credit only. Cash credit provides an elastic form of borrowing since the limit fluctuates according to the needs of the business. Cash credits are the most favorite mode of borrowing by large commercial and industrial concerns in Bangladesh.

    B. Demand Loan: This is the fixed type of lending in its original form. The entire amount is paid to the debtor at on time, either in cash or by transfer to his current or savings bank account. No subsequent debit is ordinarily allowed except by way of interest, incidental charges, insurance premiums, expenses incurred for the protection of the security etc. A separate ledger is used for the maintenance of this account and as no subsequent withdrawal is allowed no cheque is also issued into this account. The following are the different types of demand loan:

    1. Secured Demand loan against stock, paper securities, goods produce and merchandise.
    2. Demand loan against gold.

    C. Consumer Credit Schemes

    With the steady development of the industrial and the service sectors in Bangladesh, the level of personal consumption has recorded progressive growth. To cater to the growing demand for consumer durables, Jamuna Bank Ltd. has launched the “Consumers’ Credit Scheme”,


    D. Purchase and discount of bills: Jamuna Bank Ltd. normally purchase demand bills of exchange which are called drafts accompanied by documents of title to goods such as bill of lading, rail way or truck receipts. The purchase of bills of exchange drawn at a issuance i.e. for a certain period maturing on a future date and not payable on demand or sight is termed as discounting a bill and the charge recovered by bank for this is called “discount”. This is not very common in our country and is normally limited with the discount of foreign bills, inland bills are rarely discounted by our banks although it is very necessary for development of an organized market.


    E. Staff Loan: Jamuna Bank Ltd. provides advances to the staffs for buying motor cycles and bicycles for wedding their sons, or daughters and study their sons etc. it is called Staff loan. Bank provides this advance of this sector under installment. At the end of each month, when the staffs withdrawn their salaries.


    F. Advances against FDR, Double/Triple Growth Dep. Scheme and other financial obligations:

    Bank may grant advances against the security of FDR and other financial obligations viz. Govt. Sanchaypatra, ICB certificate, Wages earner development bond, Insurance policies, MSS etc. subject to the following stipulations:

    1. Purpose: Advances may be made for productive purpose as far as possible.
    2. Interest: Rate of interest is 2.5% higher than the concerned deposit rate per annum.
    3. Margin: Minimum margin requirement is 10% subject to this minimum margin requirement; actual margin is to be determined by banks on the basis of normal banking considerations.
    4. Valuation: For the purpose of advances valuation is made as under:
    • For FDR-Face value,
    • For Govt. Sanchay Patra, wage earner development bond current value
    • For ICB unit certificates face value or market value, whichever is lower.
    • For insurance policy surrender value.

    G. Advance against different scheme deposits for mortgage. Advance 80% of the


    H. Advance against different term saving certificate under national saving project or

         ICB unit certificate pledge. Advance about 80% of the face value).

    I. Advance against the assignment of life insurance. (80% of the matured value.

    J. Advance against government approved wage earners development bond pledge.

         80% of the face value.

    K. According to the rules of Bangladesh Bank under the approval of Stock exchange,

        advance against public companies share/ debentures.

    L. Small loan: Small loan account in its present form is fluctuating account. It refers to the lending allowed to small traders, cottage industries. Small-scale industries and self employed persons.

    Such loans are generally production/ development oriented rather than security oriented and this is why emphasis in this case is on the purpose of the advance as well as skill reputation and capacity of the borrower. The security requirements are substituted the end-use and frequent supervisions of the credit.

    M. Procedures of Loans:

    Application from the borrower with following documents:

    (a)    Valuation regarding their type/required amount of credit

    (b)    TIN/VAT/Voter ID/others

    (c)    Papers regarding property offered for mortgage.

    (d)   Borrower’s monthly income statement/business track records

    Then the branch prepares a credit report on borrower.

    Bank’s lawyer gives a non-incumbent certificate.

    The branch sends the proposal to Head Office with proper recommendations.

    Head Office engineer estimates the building cost and places for approval.

    Head Office sends the proposal to branch.

    N. Advance against Inland Documentary Bill Purchase keeping 10% margin.

    O. Loans for purchase of cheque/draft: For purchase of pay order/draft from recognized scheduled bank.

    P. Loans and advance against govt./pre-govt. corporate bills. Sufficient mortgage of 30% margin.

    Q. Advance for internal bank guarantee: Bank guarantee/ bid bonds/ performance guarantee (PG)/ Advance Payment Guarantee.

    R. Advance against Bank guarantee/ LC for delivery of goods.

    S. Loan without guarantee (with the permission of head office).

    T. Advance against recognized bills of exchange/ promissory notes.

    Loan under retail and SME:

    This type of loans generally do not require any collateral security.

    Retail Loan: Jamuna Bank Ltd. offers 7 no. of retail loans specially for the service holders and others. This is specially some personal loan. They are:

    • · Personal Loan: Maximum Tk.20.00 lac
    • · Doctor’s Loan: Maximum Tk.50.00 lac
    • · Auto Loan: Maximum Tk.20.00 lac
    • · Education Loan: Maximum Tk.10.00 lac
    • · Any Purpose Loan: Maximum Tk.50.00 lac
    • · Overseas Loan: Maximum Tk.50.00 lac
    • · Salary Loan: Maximum Tk.8.00 lac

    Loan under SME: Specially for the small and medium entrepreneurs.

    • · Capital Loan: Tk.5.00 lac to Tk.10.00 lac
    • · Deposit Top Up Loan: Tk.5.00 lac to Tk.50.00 lac
    • · Capital Machinery Loan: Tk.5.00 lac to Tk.10.00 lac
    • · Women Entrepreneur Loan: Tk.5.00 lac to Tk.10.00 lac

    3.15. Foreign Exchange Operation:

    Jamuna Bank Ltd. Motijheel Branch performs Foreign Exchange transactions by some of our excellent officers with a huge market reputation.  The Branch got its Authorised Dealer License from Bangladesh Bank on 6th December, 2009. Since opening the Branch is doing foreign exchange transactions through our Head Office with due diligence and customer satisfaction.

    Foreign Exchange Operation:

    Import: This department engaged with import of raw materials, spare parts, machineries and other trading items in favour of the customer from abroad and from local markets.

    Export: The Branch has several number of exporters who exports raw material, finished goods and other trading items to abroad, EPZ areas and in the local markets.

    Remittance: Remittance from foreign investors, Bangladeshis residing abroad both inward and outward.


     Findings of the Report:

               The followings are the findings of the study that I enable to draw out of   this research:

    q  It’s found that all customers are satisfied with the Bank’s service quality in comparison with Commercial Bank’s.

    q  It’s found that customers are satisfied with the profit given to

          them, because Jamuna Bank is giving high profit .

    q  It’s found, the survey that this bank has satisfactory investment facilities because of rules and regulations.

    q  The internal decoration of this branch is very good.

    q  The image of Jamuna Bank is very good to the customer because of its service and market reputation.

    q  The banks maintains good relation with the customer.

    q  The Banker’s are sincere in solving customer’s problem when they face difficulties.

    q  The motto of Jamuna Bank Ltd. is service and they are ready to give prompt or in time service.

    q  The willingness to help the customers by the employee is outstanding.

    q  Most of the customers feel safety in transactions with this bank.

    q  The Bank employees are always concentrating or giving individual attention to the customers.

    q  Understanding of customers specific needs by the employee of this bank is very good.

    q  The banks use modern banking system and technologies.

    q  The banking hour of Jamuna Bank Ltd. is convenient to the customers.

     Contribution of the Report:

    (Suggestion / Recommendation for future improvement):

    q  Jamuna Bank Ltd. Motijheel Branch requires more Manpower and new instrument like  POS Machine in cash counter to provide the best service to the customer, because maximum rush always involve this section.

    q  As it is mass banking, the bank must establish general enquire desk to release customers’ rush & roaming at all the counters or desk for a simple query.

    q  To maximize the service quality, the bank can provide separate customer care service for foreign as well as local account holders to know the Balance or any kinds of enquiry by phone only.

    q  The Integrated branch banking software (IBBS) should be introduced & user friendly to the bank stuff for smooth and fastest customer services.

    q  All counter & desk should be synchronized for smooth & fastest service to the customer.

    q  Better ATM service should be introduced so that customer avail all kinds of modern facilities.

    q  The bank should modernize its internal decoration.

    q  The bank should upgrade its on-line banking system.

    q  The bank should make easier in banking procedure.

    q  More customization is needed.

    q  The employees should give training.

    q  The bank needed to improve service quality and introduced all modern technologies to improve service of Jamuna Bank Ltd..


    My study was based on the “Service of Jamuna Bank Ltd. and the level of customers satisfaction”. And the survey on customers satisfaction was conducted information of Motijheel Branch. So it’s not a complete report on all the branches of Jamuna Bank. Hence this report is maximum real and practical for Motijheel Area of Jamuna Bank Ltd.’s Customers view towards Jamuna Bank Ltd. to the Bangladesh as well as foreign customers. But now a day’s human needs and wants are changing day by day as to why the bank should ensure all kinds of modern efficient service and facility to the customer to earn maximum satisfaction.