Report on Bangladeshi Workers Overseas Problems and Prospects

Report on Bangladeshi Workers Overseas Problems and Prospects

Bangladesh as a developing country has a potential sector which has a major impact on the economic system. Our most revenue generating sector is RMG which helps us to get good foreign currency.


To begin with the chosen topic of Bangladesh labor market overseas problems & Prospects we need to look back. During British colonial period many people from Indian sub continent moved to different corners of the world as a part of labor force. During that time they were part of the on going British construction around their colonies. A large number of labor forces went to sub Sahara & Africa. In the year of 1879 estimated 25,000 man power were sent to Kenya & other African countries for British rail road constriction. During that time most of the labor force was from India. After division of Indian Sub continent when two new countries were recognized Bangladesh as part of Pakistan slowly started to export man power in different countries among them a large number of people migrated to United Kingdom & other European countries as part of labor force. Mainly the overseas labor market in Bangladesh boomed after 1975 when Middle East countries started to explore there natural resources such as Oil. As the economy of the Middle East countries boomed demand for labor increased & Bangladesh took the opportunity. Major labor market for Bangladesh is Arab Emirate, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Libya, Quarter, Oman and other Middle East countries. To day around 7million Bangladeshi are working abroad in many different countries. Malaysia is one of our new labor markets. The number of export of man power started to rise by big after 90’s.



Bangladesh as a developing country has a potential sector which has a major impact on the economic system. Our most revenue generating sector is RMG which helps us to get good foreign currency. 2nd sector is over seas labor market. That who works at abroad money they send to Bangladesh helps our economy a lot. Bangladesh has a reserve ratio of $7.0 billion which is record amount since independence. Among this reserve ratio large contribution is by the labor force working out side. There are two types of labor going abroad from Bangladesh One is skilled & other is Non skilled. Even in last five years ago demand for non skilled labor was high in many countries but now every where there is a demand of skilled & efficient labor. As it is mentioned that Bangladesh labor market is very traditional & has to been diversified yet now we are slowly losing market. Many neighboring countries such as India & Srilanka they are taking our market by sending efficient & skilled labor. Only in the month of May 2010 9,000 labor came back from Malaysia single there are many other countries who are now sending back our labors by not  renewing there contract. In this report the main task is to identify the potentials & problems that our labor force faces out side.



The main objective of the study is to find out the potentialities and problems of the labors working out side Bangladesh.

Primary objective:

To show the problems & prospects of Bangladesh Overseas labor market

Secondary objective:

  •       To show the potential labor market
  •       Statistics
  •       Work type
  •       Demand & supply
  •       Declining demand & the reasons
  •       Problems They face over there
  •       Current status
  •       Future Estimation
  •       Government Concern
  •       Potentialities
  •       Suggestions



For our research we have used social survey methodology.

Source of data:

Both primary and secondary sources are used while collecting information for the report.

Primary Data: Primary data has been collected by interviewing rural women. Information was collected through the discussion with rural women.

Secondary Data: Sources of secondary data are as follows:

1         Internal Sources-

@ Informal interview

2    External sources-

@ Different books and periodicals related to our topic.

Research approach: For our research paper, we will go to the village and ask relevant question to the rural women and will collect the data.  We will also research the web site related to this topic of this research.

Research tools


Questionnaire: To collect data we will use a set of relevant questionnaire to ask the people to fill it up the questionnaire will be in MCQ type and open ended.


Mechanical tools: For our report we will use computer and its software like Microsoft word, excel and the internet for browsing for information.

Sample unit: Sample is like selection. Like there is huge population but we are targeting some population as sample. In case of our report we sampled randomly.


 Sample size: We will take a small sample size for our data collection process through interview.

Contact method:  Personal interview:

We will mainly base on personal interview as contact method for collecting data for our term paper. We will give the questionnaire and ask to fill it up