Procedure of Appraising Training Programs

Procedure of Appraising Training Programs

Procedure of Appraising Training Programs

Employee training and development is a broad term covering multiple kinds of employee learning. The training program should be evaluated to prepare a comprehensive training program. Training is a program that helps employees learn specific knowledge or skills to improve performance in their current roles. It is a continuous process which has the following steps:

  1. Development of Evaluation Criteria

For a successful evaluation of training programs, an effective evaluation criterion has to be developed. The evaluation criterion serves as a standard for measuring training effectiveness. They can be in terms of reaction, learning, behavior, and result.

  1. Pre-test Trainees

This is a mechanism arranged before implementing the training program as to find out the behavioral reactions of the trainees. This step uncovers the participants’ past experience as well as current competencies, learning needs, and expected the application of learning. Once the criterion is developed, a pretest is conducted in order to find out the existing level of knowledge, interpersonal skill, and abilities of the participants.

  1. Monitor Training

This is concerned with the process of monitoring the training programs while implementing the programs for providing knowledge and behavioral skills to the trainees. It is performed to identify whether the training program has been implemented properly or not. This also helps to know the sufficiency of training programs.

  1. Evaluation

Evaluation is concerned with the final assessment of result obtained from the implementation of the training program. It is conducted after the completion of training activities in order to find out their response about training programs.

  1. Feedback

Feedback refers to a mechanism which provides information on an overall position of the training program. The feedback mechanism helps HR experts to know about the success or failure of the training. This process may include several methods to assess the outcomes and effect of training programs over time. This also provides a guideline for the future determination of training needs.


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