A Picnic Party

A Picnic Party

Introduction: In olden times people used to lead a nomadic life in an unplanned way. They spent days and nights here and there. They had no permanent dwellings to live in. They ate food cooking here and there. Since then picnic came into the civilized life as an outing for the enjoyment of a menu at a definite venue.

Picnics are often family-oriented but can also be an intimate occasion between two people or a large get together such as company picnics and church picnics. It is also sometimes combined with a cookout, usually a form of barbecue: either grilling (griddling, gridironing, or charbroiling), braising (by combining a charbroil or gridiron grill with a broth-filled pot), baking, or a combination of all of the above.

Stages of Picnic: The claim that the word picnic derived from lynching parties has existed in Black American communities for many years. The word picnic did not begin with the lynching of black Americans, but the lynching of black people often occurred in “picnic-like” settings, with crowds in attendance eating and drinking or gathering afterward for a meal.

A picnic has four stages. The first stage is planning. The second stage is selecting the spot. The third stage is forming of groups and the fourth stage is managing necessary things.

Reasons for Picnic: Hence picnic means to have something asking at a definite venue with a pre-planned menu arranged by people. It is a kind of feast taken together by boys and girls, students and teachers, men and women of different classes and of different tastes. In fact, man wants to feel happy, enjoy merriment by avoiding the boredom of life.

He/she wants to change, novelty, and variety; lie gets tired, feels bored with a routine or monotonous life. Variety and change, as he/she always thinks, add sugar and spice to life. He/she wants to rest, relaxation, entertainment, enjoyment and holidays after hard work and busy life. He/she thinks that life becomes a burden without any chance of refreshing moments.

A picnic with friends or the members of the family is an excellent opportunity to get relief from routine and dullness. A picnic forms an integral part of life with much-needed rest, relaxation and entertainment. After such an enjoyment, a man feels quite refreshed and can devote himself to anything.

Usually, there is a diversion of labor and responsibility. Some bring one thing and other bring something else. In our country, there are many picnic spots. The participants generally choose some places which are historically important or which are regarded as the World Heritage Sites.

Preparation for Picnic: Before taking a preparation the participants hold a discussion and communicate a date when they will enjoy it. Each participant is to donate or to make subsidy for the purpose. Many a time the participants hire a bus to escort them to the selected picnic spot.

Every participant takes the musical tools, camera, radio, tape-recorder and other things what one has to add something more to the enjoyment. They complete buying necessary things before starting for the venue. There remains nothing untaken, mismanaged, unsought in this regard.

Importance of Picnic: Picnic is not for enjoyment. It has a great importance in life. The participants can collect historical data about the venue where they enjoy the picnic. They can come to know about the background of the place, geographical condition, environmental situation and the life of people around the picnic spot. Picnic plays a significant role in man’s life.

An individual cannot go there individually for want of fund and guide. Many groups of participants arrange picnics. Each group can come closer to other groups and can exchange their views on bilateral, multilateral and international issues. It widens’ their mental horizon and broadens their outlook.

What seems unreal at home, maybe real in the picnic spot. Man can learn the lesson of working together practically. A picnic helps one compose a poem on it or write a verse on it, or write a short story on it. One may feel the poet and literator in oneself. Different talks fun, stories, jokes, and jests may be the elements of writing.

Conclusion: Picnic is a lesson in the art of organization. The leader is to watch whether everything is in order or not. If there is any mistake or a misadventure, it has to be met with humor and laughter. A picnic is not for those who want everything to be tidy and orderly as at home. Only those who are able to accommodate themselves to discomforts and minor lapse can really enjoy a picnic. A picnic costs a little but gives a great pleasure, charm, enjoyment and makes the participants social, cultural and liberal.


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