Physicists have a Kickstarter to Test Whether we are Living in a Simulation

If we were in a hyper-realistic simulation, à la the matrix, would it be possible to figure it out? A team of physicists believes so, and they are trying to fund their experiments through a Kickstarter campaign. Whether it is possible to test, how, and what results are being sought are all waiting to be explored. The simulation theory, in its most basic form, goes like this: if humans (or any other species, jokingly imagined that it was a puppy) would continue for hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years, it would be a pretty safe bet that we Our finger / toe tips will have a lot of computational power.

If we were to expand into (or more) galaxies, we could use stellar energy or possibly black holes. With all this power and computational power, perhaps our descendants will be interested enough to run “ancestral simulations” using a tiny fraction of the computing power available to us.

Ancestor Simulation, Swedish philosopher and professor at Oxford University Nick Bostrom in his 2003 paper “Are You Living in a Computer Simulation?”

If this has already happened, it would mean that most humans are imitated by the advanced descendants of the original human race, and if so, you are one of the simulations instead of one of the original biological humans.

In 2017, a team of physicists in their research paper “On Testing the Simulation Theory” proposed several methods of detection with varying degrees of complexity. Their idea is based on the idea that simulations will have limited resources, and therefore not everything in the universe imitates at the same time.

For example, the simulation will work much like a computer game, rendering only the parts of the simulation that are being watched by a “player” at the time. Arranged in the background of Super Mario, the designers chose not to mimic the entire observable universe off-screen in order to save the power of the computer (an intelligent move). The key to finding out if we are in a simulated universe is for observers to find out when information will be available to us.

“To save computing work, the system only calculates the reality when data is available for a player to observe, and it maintains a consistent world to avoid detection by players, but sometimes, conflicts between VR indicators and isolation (which are waves / particles) Dual), ”the authors wrote on paper. Should this only be observed by an observer (and not an instrument), the team suggests that it will prove that it is being “presented” at the point of observation, which means we are living in an imitation.