People Are Sharing Weird Facts That Make People Say Why Do You Know That

People Are Sharing Weird Facts That Make People Say Why Do You Know That

People love to share strange facts if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years. People on Reddit have been sharing information that makes people wonder “why do you know that?” throughout the previous week. Here are a handful of our scientific and wildlife favorites. We’ll step in if anything needs to be clarified or expanded upon, as is customary.

This is correct. To discover, scientists introduced MDMA to octopuses in 2018. The octopuses grew more gregarious and inquisitive in their environment after receiving a dosage. They spent a lot more time touching the other octopuses than normal, however, it wasn’t quite a “hug.” While we wouldn’t call it “admiring” since we don’t know the dolphin word for “lovely,” it is true that dolphins have shown “behaviors such as repetitive head circling and close inspection of the eye or genital area reflected in the mirror” when placed in front of a mirror.

This is nearly correct. According to a report published in Basic Neurochemistry, 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1, 2, 3, 6-tetrahydropyridine (MPTP) “appears to target rather selectively those neurons implicated in Parkinson’s disease.” “Users quickly acquired a movement condition that closely resembled Parkinson’s disease,” according to the study.

This is correct. In addition, the United Kingdom intended to drop anthrax cakes on Germany. While there isn’t much proof for this, there is proof for another means of “shutting off” your gag response. Surprisingly, the chemical signal that nursing mice emit to warn off male mice is the same chemical that gives bananas their fragrance, resulting in male mice being terrified of bananas.

Yes, and this has resulted in a lot more feet washing up on the coastlines of the United States and Canada than typical. The rest may be seen in the Reddit post. You will not be sorry. Or perhaps you will. Since August 20, 2007, a large number of human feet have washed up on the US and Canadian shores of the Salish Sea. 

OK, any amount of human feet washing up on the beach is concerning, but between 2007 and 2019, beachgoers discovered over 21 feet – most of which were still in their shoes – that was fully detached from their owners. A little girl and a couple out on a stroll discovered the first two within a week of each other. Both feet were size 12 and were on the right side.