Paragraph On My Best Friend

Paragraph On My Best Friend

My best friend and I have been studying in the same school since kindergarten. We have been classmates each year at school. We share a very close bond and have a special friendship that we cherish and treasure. His/her home is only a ten-minute walk from my place.

My friend is kindly and sweet-natured. We are always happy to be with each other. We enjoy studying, playing and eating together. If I am sad she will do all he/she can to make me smile and feel happy. We travel to school on the same bus, and sometimes when we both miss our bus, we go together to school in her car. His/her mother is also friendly and sweet. He/she loves to host me when I go visiting my friend. He/she loves to bake cakes and whip ice cream for us during our summer vacations.

When I have any doubts or questions in my studies it is my father who helps me. He/she solves my difficulties very easily. If there is any topic I find tough in mathematics or any other subject he/she teaches me with a great deal of patience.

My friend and I do our co-curricular and extra-curricular activities together at school and at home. When we have projects to do as part of the holiday homework from school during the summer vacations we do them together. It becomes more fun and easier this way. Our parents also take us wherever we need to go to complete our projects. We also enjoy doing our art and craft activities together. When we have to do embroidery work or needlework we work together. It is fun because we listen to music and chit-chat as we complete our work. It becomes easy this way. We also go for physical exercise in the mornings or evenings together depending on whether we have holidays or have to go to school. Doing exercise regularly is good for physical health. We also practice meditation as it is useful in experiencing balance, clarity, and peace in our minds. We also play badminton together in the evenings.