Organization Overview of Robi Axiata Limited

Organization Overview of Robi Axiata Limited

Robi is truly a people-oriented brand of Bangladesh. Robi believes in ahead with innovation and creativity. The company is providing the telecommunication services to support national telecommunication policy for a higher rate of telecommunications ratio and coverage in Bangladesh. Robi is committed to provide warm, friendly approachable service to its valued customers as well as mass society. Robi services its subscribers with the philosophy of the excellence with the limited interconnection.

To ensure leading-edge technology, Robi has the international expertise of Axiata and NTT DOCOMO INC that support 2G voice, CAMEL phase 2 and GPRS/EDGE service with high speed internet connectivity. Its GSM service is based on a robust network architecture and cutting edge technology such as Intelligence Network (IN), which provides peace of mind solutions in terms of voice clarity, extensive nationwide network coverage and multiple global partners for international roaming (IR). It has the widest International Roaming coverage in Bangladesh connecting 553 operators across 207 countries. Its customer centric solution includes value added services (VAS), quality customer care, easy access call centers, digital network security and flexible tariff rates.

As a customer focused Information Communications Company, Robi believes in providing superior service that leads to good business and good development in the society. Robi believes that quality is continuous and never ending journey. Hence, a step Robi is taking continuously to upgrade and expand their network for better and more efficient services to subscribers.


Market share of Robi

Robi has got 18% market share in the Telecommunication industry in Bangladesh considering the subscriber base and is in the third position based on the number of customers. But when revenue is concerned, Robi has a lot of valuable customers who are keeping Robi at second position.


To be a leader as a Telecommunication Service Provider in Bangladesh


Robi aims to achieve its vision through being number ‘one’ not only in terms of market share, but also by being an employer of choice with up-to-date knowledge and products geared to address the ever changing needs of our budding nation.

Principle of Robi:

Principles statements define how people want to behave with each other in the organization. Robi Axiata Limited statement is about how the organization will value their customers, suppliers, and the internal community. For this reason Robi Axiata Limited Employees hold themselves accountable to the following guiding Principles for the organization. From the perspective of Robi:

Emotional: Passionate, Creative, Respectful, Open

Functional: Simple, Ethical, Transparent, Ownership

No matter what we do in order to realize our purpose, we hold ourselves accountable to the following overarching guiding Principles for our organization.

Passionate: We are Passionate-it’s in all of us. Whether visible or hidden within for whatever reason. Everything we do is about doing the best we can. We are there for each other and we endeavor to help in every way we can.

Creative: Everything we do we should do in a creative innovative manner. We bring energy to our work. Our communications demonstrates our creative flair. We provide creative and imaginative and services to our customers.

Respectful: We are truly respectful to each other, our subordinates, peers, partners and customers. We treat everyone equally and we allow people to express their thoughts opinions in a respectful manner.

Open: We have no hidden agendas. We share information freely. We can only be open with our customers, partners, and stakeholders if we are open with ourselves- regardless of hierarchy.

Simple: Everything we do and say should be simple and easy to understand. In terms of communications we make sure the massaging is in plain, simple language. Our plains are simple and uncomplicated.

Ethical: we are moral, upright, honest, righteous, virtuous, honorable, keeping our promises in all we say and do. We clearly align to our internal and organizational code of ethics and code of honor. We will oppose all forms of corruptions.

Transparent: A few key words and phrases sums this up: Honesty, openness, frankness, no lies, no deceit, no games, easily understood. We are transparent with our customers, with each other, with our subordinate and peers

Ownership: whilst working individually or correctively, we clearly demonstrate individual and collective ownership. Making mistakes is clearly part of daily business as it is part of daily life- as long as we own up to this clear, no culture of fear.


Product Portfolio:

Robi mainly offer two types of product based on the subscription category for general subscribers-Pre-paid and Post-paid.

Pre-paid package: Robi Pre-paid is continuously offer new features and plans to provide absolute freedom to the customer. Robi offers a single Pre-paid package with different tariff plans to meet different types of needs instant, easy and multiple migration facility form one tariff to another. Tariff plans are as follows-

  • Robi Club Tariff Plan
  • Robi Prothom
  • Muhurto Tariff
  • Shoccho Tariff
  • Shasroyee Tariff
  • Shorol Tariff

For the entrepreneurs Robi offer a different package called Uddokta & Easy Load Tariff.

Post-paid package: Robi offers few lucrative Post-paid Packages named Simple plans, Normal plans, and Robi corporate. These Tariff and facilities can be easily found from the webpage: Tariff plans are as follows-


Supplementary services:

  • ƒ Call Waiting and Call Holding
  • ƒ Call Forwarding
  • ƒ Call Conferencing
  • ƒ National Roaming-Both way
  • ƒ Dedicated Customer Services
  • ƒ Music
  • ƒ Entertainment
  • ƒ Downloads
  • ƒ Internet & Data Services
  • ƒ Messaging
  • ƒ Community & Chat
  • ƒ Information & Services
  • ƒ Mobile Assistance
  • ƒ Education & Career
  • ƒ Islamic Info
  • ƒ Lifestyle
  • ƒ M-Ticket
  • ƒ Finance
  • ƒ Balance Transfer Request
  • ƒ Call Management etc

Divisions & Departments of Robi Axiata Ltd.

Robi is operating with following Divisions / Departments having its establishment in different locations at Dhaka, Chittagong and other regions of Bangladesh.

Robi has following divisions and departments:

  • Finance Division
  • Commercial Division
  • Information Technology Division
  • Technical Division
  • Human Resources Division
  • Revenue Assurance Department
  • Regulatory Affairs Department
  • Internal Audit Department
  • Corporate Affairs Department
  • Corporate Strategy Department
  • Supply Chain Management Department
  • Credit Control Department
  • Legal & Compliance Department
  • Security & Safety Department
  • MD’s/CEO’s Office


Functions of Various Departments:

Marketing Division

Marketing Strategies:

RAX always wants to achieve the desired sales growth and customer base. RAX wants to encourage the existing customers to use more of their services. They launched a package  called “Robi EID DOUBLE BONUS” which was one of their successful initiatives for obtaining potential customers.

Product Positioning

Initially RAX’s target was to reach the top, but other mobile operators are also targeting to the grass roots level and thus increasing their customer base. RAX wants to be the leader with good quality and designing products for the middle and lower middle class range too.

Marketing division constitutes seven units. A brief description of each unit is given below:

  • Brand and A&P:

Brand and A&P denotes to brand and advertising & promotion. This unit deals with the overall brand management and promotion activities of the company. The unit covers both outdoor (billboards, road-overhead etc.) media and indoor (print & electronic) media.

  • Product Development:

Product development unit is like the R&D unit of a company, which is responsible for developing new products and services. This unit is closely related to the marketing research unit.

  • International Roaming:

International roaming (IR) unit is basically responsible for ISD, international SMS etc services. The core task of this unit is to negotiate with foreign telecommunication companies and to expand the international coverage by making deals with them.

  • Corporate Sales:

Corporate sales unit deals with the sales of products and services to other companies. The unit makes agreements with different companies to be the corporate clients of Robi and only handle the corporate level sales.

  • Direct Sales:

Direct sales unit is responsible for the sales of products and services to the mass customers through the customer service centers.

  • Dealer Management:

Dealer management unit oversees the dealers of the company around the country.

  • Information Technology Division:

IT division constitutes seven units and they closely work together.

  • Value Added Services (VAS)

Value added service is a unit that implements the developed concepts and ideas of the marketing division. This handles the VAS content providers who are the third party to the company.

  • Billing:

The billing unit is responsible for processing and monitoring the billing systems for the postpaid users. The unit has a manager who reports to the AGM of IT.

  • Rating (postpaid)

This unit is responsible for charging the rates of postpaid services. The unit fixes perminute and pulse rates and also fix the pulse durations. It has changes the rates on demand basis.

  • Prepaid:

This unit only deals with the prepaid service. It administers the e-fill and scratch card systems. At the same time, it fixes per-minute and pulse rates and fix the pulse durations.

  • Product Configuration:

This unit is responsible for designing and developing products and services. It develops the blueprints of the product design.

  • Billing Operation Team:

Billing operation team is responsible for administering the entire billing process and developing required software for collecting bills from postpaid users.

  • Customer Relation Management (CRM):

This unit supplies required software to the customer care centers and work with these centers side by side. The centers usually inform CRM concerning their necessaries and the unit prepares suitable software for them.


Finance Division:

Financial division has eight units dealing with financial matters of the company.

  • Treasury Management:

Corporate finance unit consists of the treasury management and L/C. Treasury management deals with the inflow and outflow of the company, whereas L/C (letter of credit) deals with the L/C opening banks and other foreign banks.

  • Accounts Payable:

This unit keeps track on the accounts payable of the company.

  • Accounts Receivable:

This unit keeps track on the accounts receivable s of the company while preparing the balance sheet. As Axiata is a large company with thousands of financial transactions every day, a unit to keep track on the accounts is necessary.

  • Core: Account:

Core account is an important unit of the finance division dealing with the budget and fixed assets. The annual budget of various departments is prepared under the close observation of this unit.

  • Revenue Assurance:

Revenue assurance unit consists of the revenue assurance and fraud management. Revenue assurance monitors the transactions and assures all protection of the finances. On the other hand, fraud management protects the fraudulences take place in the daily transactions.

  • Taxation:

Taxation unit takes care of the tax, VAT and tariffs of the company.

  • Reporting unit:

The reporting unit reports the entire financial transactions Axiata to the parent company.

  • Costing:

This unit forecasts the costing of different departments and resorts them regarding the expected expenditure of any alternation.

Technical Division:

The technical division consists of three major units- planning, infrastructure, and property management.

  • Planning:

The planning unit makes plans regarding the technical matters such as the RF, SWITCH etc. They assure the proper placement of technical devices and equipments.

  • Infrastructure:

The infrastructure unit selects the locations and builds the base transceiver station (BTS) towers. They are also responsible for the maintenance of the towers.

  • Property Management:

The property management unit manages the technical equipments and assets.

Human Resource Division:

Human resource department is responsible for the recruitment and training of the employees of the company. They also monitor the performance and handle the promotion and salary related matters. They also administer the regulations of the company.


Corporate Strategy Department:

The corporate strategy department determines the long term strategies and short term plans. All the corporate level policies come from them and they are also responsible for the implementation.


Corporate Affairs Department:

The corporate affairs department is responsible for the internal and external synchronization. At on hand, they coordinate with outside companies. Along with that, they harmonize among the divisions and departments inside the company.

The Company in Bangladesh

The way Robi Axiata Ltd. Defines business

Robi Axiata Ltd. is the Digital Cellular Telephony Business. With a technological development in future, Robi Axiata Ltd. will adopt any cost effective and more efficient technology to provide state of the art and comprehensive service to its customers.

Axiata’s vision is to continuously monitor its customer’s needs and to plan accordingly. It will monitor the development of technology and updated self to meet customer demand.

Long-Term Vision of the Company:

Robi strongly believes that subscribers are their most valuable assets. They have a strong Customer Service Center. To always be with their customers the Robi “Help Line’ is there. Robi has successfully migrated to a new switch with higher capacities in terms of accommodating higher customer base and as well as to let them use all the basic supplementary services under GSM technology. Robi Axiata Ltd. expertise and experience are acknowledged throughout the industry. Demand is growing all the time, not simply for the services it already provides, but for greater and more diversified services and even higher quality performance. Its pace is fast, rewards are high and work is of constant challenge. They introduced the both-way national roaming all through their network coverage. The Prepaid services with enhanced features have been commercially commenced successfully and now they are taking some projects to accumulate more advanced technological features in their network. In terms of Network Quality, the company will ensure not only the equipment are of world class standard but more importantly its size or capacity is catered to the right dimensioning of customer base, in order not to face the problems of drop calls or congestion. All these are done throughproper planning, control and schedule maintenance program. They maintain the benchmark for providing the quality services. They monitor these through generating regular reports and on site survey. If there are any weak signals or a call drops, the skilled engineers are providing services round the clock to resolve the problem instantly. The most important key resource factor in Robi Axiata Ltd. (Robi) is its efficient human resource. Moreover, its decisions are based on facts from market research and coverage survey. Moreover, the above objectives can only be achieved through the right people.

Robi has put its keen eyes in developing its employees through proper training, as they believe that the most important asset for Robi Axiata Ltd. (Robi) is its staff members. So they are ensuring quality services by quality people. Axiata has the plan to give opportunity to every household in using cellular service in the country at the competitive price providing unparalleled quality service and customer care. In achieving this goal,  they can’t wait for more interconnection facilities with the fixed network. Robi is planning to enforce their strong efforts to create their own independent network. They have already started the Dhaka-Chittagong Robi backbone. The future plan is to vigorously expand the network, which was called cell to cell expansion, covering almost all the regions of Bangladesh within the year 2005.

Advertisement and Promotion:

Robi GSM are trying to convert non users to mobile phone users stressing the benefit of GSM services, and with the service benefit of Robi that will make their life easier. To serve the market more accurately their target market will be further segmented based on psychographics and business sites. The strive to develop a better product will be a continuous process. Conducting of market research will be held every 3 months. They will use their import to develop new products based on the data they will get from survey.

Thus the product will be designed to meet the customers need. Robi has a wide variety of promotional activities. The promotional activities include T.V., radio, newspapers, magazines, flyers, brochures, etc. Robi has also put up billboards at certain strategic locations in order to attract customers as well as give their products and services a boost so that they can increase their customer base. Robi branding has been carried in order to bring about its brand awareness. They are trying to identify Robi as a unique product so that it can be differentiated from its competitors. Billboards are there to attract attention and appeal to customers so that they are aware of Robi’s products and services. Mostly billboards have been put on main roads and some major shopping centers around Dhaka city like Eastern Plaza, where mostly the younger generation hang out. This in turn would attract that segment of customers within a specific age group, i.e. teenagers and people in their early twenties, as this generation has the urge to communicate frequently and be upto-date on recent events. Thus, by promoting their products and services through these various media, electronic as well as press advertisements, Robi can well be in the way of obtaining it’s vision and so resulting in a higher subscriber base and in turn a higher  potential market share. The Commercial Division distributes leaflets or brochures so those new customers can find out information about Robi’s various packages and choose from among them.


Company Achievements:

  • Robi has been conferred the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific ICT Award 2010 for ‘Emerging Market Service Provider of the Year’
  • Awarded the prestigious fund grant from GSMA MMU (Mobile Money for the Unbanked) in 2009
  • Crossing 10 million subscribers mark in 2009
  • Ranked within top 6 global comparable telcos in A.T. Kearney benchmarking exercise in 2009.
  • Cost optimization project saved 2 times of what was projected.
  • The weekly Financial Mirror Samsung Mobile & Robintex Business Award 2008-2009 as the best Telecommunication Company.
  • TeleLink Telecommunication Award 2007 for its excellence in service, corporate social responsibilities and dealership management for the year 2006 in commemoration of World Telecommunication Day 2007
  • Arthakantha Business Award given by the national fortnightly business magazine of Bangladesh for its excellence in Service in telecom sector.
  • Financial Mirror Businessmen Award given by the national weekly Tabloid business magazine.
  • Deshbandhu C. R. Das Gold Medal for contribution to telecom sector in Bangladesh.
  • Beautification Award for exceptional contribution to the Dhaka Metropolitan City from Prime Minster Office on 13th SAARC summit.
  • Standard Chartered-Financial Express Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards 2006 for contribution in Education, Primary Health, Poverty Alleviation and Ecological Impact.
  • Desher Kagoj Business Award 2006 for corporate social responsibilities activities.

Corporate Social Responsibilities:

Robi Axiata Ltd. is always committed to the society. In fact, 2005 & 2006 were a year of exploration into Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Robi Axiata Ltd. To actively identify and start establishing Robi Axiata Ltd. as a concerned entity devoted to the development of many social interests throughout greater Bangladesh based on four core values. There are enlightened through education, Assure better health, Protect environment and Fight with poverty. In recognition of its CSR effort, Robi Axiata Ltd. is the first among all mobile phone operators to win prestigious “Standard Chartered Financial

Express Corporate Social Responsibility Award-2006”.

Robi Axiata Ltd. believes education platform remains the main focus to develop a nation.

To ensure an early jump into technology and intellectual transfer, Robi Axiata Ltd. has established a tradition of providing scholarships every year to three individuals to complete their higher studies in Multimedia University in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. To provide a world-class teaching and learning resources for Bangladeshi professionals, Robi Axiata Ltd. joint hand with Chittagong Skills Development Center (CSDC), Underprivileged Children’s Education Programs (UCEP-Bangladesh), etc. Robi Axiata Ltd. also aims to identify and supports indeed those in need of basic infrastructure to practice the fundamentals of Islam. This contribution goes in building orphanages and renovations of mosques all across the Bangladesh. To improve living condition of distressed people; Robi Axiata Ltd. has always been providing support to them. As a shared concern with the society at large, Robi Axiata Ltd. also focused towards the roaming street children found throughout Bangladesh. Not only with Robi Axiata Ltd. continue its thrust towards identifying & involving itself with more avenues for CSR activities, it encourages the fellow enterprise of Bangladesh to participate in such activities on a regular basis. By becoming more aware of living & social community, Robi Axiata Ltd. can certainly see so many areas to be involved in. Only through concerted efforts of the private sector, there will be emerged a socially responsible collective consciousness.

CSR Highlights:

  • Robi organized ‘Konthe O Tulite Bangladesh’ contest (Wednesday March 31, 2010)
  • Robi initiates health camp at Rangpur for underprivileged women (Wednesday March 07, 2010)
  • Robi Axiata Ltd. pledge for ‘Healthy Women, Healthy Family’ (Sunday March 08, 2010)
  • Robi Axiata Ltd. stands beside the visually impaired people of the society (February 28, 2010)
  • Robi Axiata Ltd. donates sewing machines for the underprivileged women (January 31, 2010)
  • Robi stood beside the cold affected people of Northern region.
  • Robi Axiata Ltd. & The Daily Star have jointly initiated English in Schools (EIS), a language learning program to promote English language learning at secondary schools across the country.
  • Robi Axiata Ltd. was besides the cold affected underprivileged people of the city.
  • Robi Axiata Ltd. stands besides SOMA
  • Robi Axiata Ltd. had taken various initiatives in Bishwa Estema 2008
  • Robi Axiata Ltd. organized debate championship 2008 in Chittagong.
  • Robi Axiata Ltd. joined hands with SEID trust rehabilitate children with disabilities especially intellectual and multiple disabilities into mainstream society and to facilitate activities directed towards ensuring the rights of such children.


I am working there as an intern so I don’t have to handle any core responsibilities. I only look after the supporting work, like: SIM Card Activation, ID Card Activation, Written exam Coordination, Calling Interview for Selected Participants, Coordinating Interviews, Coordinate and help new employees to complete joining procedures, taking written exam etc and main work is updating the files of existing employees, creates new employees files.

SIM Card Activation: When an employee joins he needs Robi SIM Card to communicate with other employees. To get this employee only fill up a form, and the other part presently done by me like taking signature from the respective manager, fill up official part, take a document of the form and finally send it to respective department. ID card Activations: To activate ID card, it’s necessary to take relevant information from employees. Like Name, Designation, Division, Signature, Picture etc. And then the complete forms send to the particular department.

Update old files: Before all employees files based on paper, which creates lots of problems to maintain because it need lot of space, paper, cabinet to keep, spend time to search and main problem was it has risk to lost. So now we convert it from paper based to computer based. And also search those papers which are missing and add these.

Creates New Files: At a time more than one people can join in an organization and all of them have different files which creates by us. Lots of papers we have to accumulate with new files like joining forms, disclosures forms, declaration forms, gratuity forms, Conflict of Interest, Medical reports, Pre-employment medical test, CV with Certificates, Job Advertisement, Manpower Requisition forms, CV shortening criteria, Tabulation Sheets (1st interview,2nd interview, written test), Approval note, Appointment Letter etc.

Written exam Coordination: Coordinate written exam in exam period like guard the candidates in the time o exam. I any candidates eels any kind o problem then solve it by conducting with the respective officer.


  • HR Division is very alert for selecting candidates and also the process is very transparent so that they can choose the best candidates among applicants.
  • In this process there is no nepotism so there are higher possibilities to be selected without having any back up.
  • When they search for any experienced people they give more concentration on Previous experienced, Educational background, length of services etc so that they can select the most suitable experienced people.
  • When they select entry level candidates than they concentrate more on proactiveness, creativeness, ideas which related with the post.
  • Robi Axiata ltd. has CV bank. At the time of Selection process they collect CV form the bank and give chinch to them.
  • In the time of calling the candidates for interview or written exam, if the candidates missed then the officers try hard to inform them.
  • HR selects candidates from a pull of application so that they can choose most suitable candidates.

But also the process has some problems like the space for written exam is very small, so accommodation of all candidates is tough. And the difference between calling candidates and taking interview is very short so some times it creates problems to contact with candidates.


 Working environment is very good in Robi Axiata Limited. They are very friendly to help each other. Any one feels pleasure to work with Robi group. If they take corrective decision beginning of starting a work then many mistakes can be solved. For example: there are many interview rooms are available if tow of interview room is convert into a  written exam room or then no problem will be arise. If we consider two or three problems then the functioning process are very good.


Recruitment is an important issue for any organization. Recruitment and selection allows an organization to asses the vacancy and choose the best personnel who will lead the organization in future. So the organization should give more emphasize on selecting a person. A person who can carry forwarded the organization in terms of development, values and ethics. Mainly the precious resource for any organization is their knowledge based efficient workers. The organizations should more cautious on this issue to ensure the quality and ethics.

From the above discussion we can easily understand that Robi Axiata Ltd. (Robi) is one of the top mobile Company of Bangladesh. It covers the whole Bangladesh by its network. There are many product and services of Robi is available in Market. At this moment the company is in growing position. But the strategies of the company will make the company “number one” mobile company of Bangladesh.

So we can easily find out the Human resource practice, recruitment and selection process, employee satisfaction and relations at Robi is a very developed and effective one. As a multinational company for making the process more effective Robi should analyze the recruitment and selection process of other multinational company of home and abroad.

That can make Robi perfect in recruiting people and the company will get efficient professionals that will increase the productivity as well as revenue. The most important key source factor of Robi Axiata Ltd is its efficient human resource. It is using the state-of-the-art GSM technology and continuously monitoring its network traffic to ensure network quality. Moreover, its decisions are based on facts from market research and coverage survey. The company also monitors it’s competitor’s activities and is proactive in marketing decisions.