Human Resource Management

Operational Excellence in HR Services in Banglalink

Operational Excellence in HR Services in Banglalink

Operational Excellence in HR Services in Banglalink

Employees are one of the most important elements of an organization. They are the only factor that represents a potential competitive advantage for the organization. To remain competitive or to expand businesses, when a company needs to have right people in right place to lead the company at the same time it is essential to ensure that they are also given with the right services.

Banglalink is one of the leading multinational companies operating in Bangladesh. It is the fastest growing mobile operator in the telecom industry in Bangladesh. The organization has secured the second position in the market within 02 years of its inception in Bangladesh. The main contributing factor behind this rapid success and sustainable growth is its dynamic and energetic human resource.

While attracting potential candidates, Banglalink offers a very lucrative package for the retention of their employees. That enabled them to be the employer of choice.

The HR department of Banglalink is always giving its best so that the employees feel that they are not being ignored, but given the best services, which will make them work more

Objectives of the Study

Objective of the study are given below

  • To analyze the HR Services of Banglalink
  • To find out the area of improvement for HR services in Banglalink


Data Types

Both primary and secondary information were used to address the study objectives.

Data Sources

Primary data was obtained by interviewing the personnel in the Human Resources Department of the organization. Managers (HR Operation) and some executives and Coordinators (Human Resources) were interviewed several times. Journals and references were very rare on this topic. So, secondary information has been collected from websites.

Overview of Banglalink

Banglalink Digital Communications limited (previously Orascom Telecom Bangladesh limited) is fully owned by telecom ventures Limited. Vimpelcom is one of the world’s largest integrated limited.

Telecommunications services operators providing voice and data services through a range of traditional and broadband mobile and fixed technologies in Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and many more including Bangladesh. Vimpelcom is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and listed as an ad on the NASDAQ global select market under the symbol “vip”.

Since Banglalink Digital Communications Limited launch in February 2005, its impact was felt immediately: overnight mobile telephony became an affordable option for customers across a wide range of market segments. Banglalink Digital Communications Limited initial success was based on a simple mission: “bringing mobile telephony to the masses” which was the cornerstone of its strategy.

Banglalink Digital Communications Limited changed the mobile phone status from luxury to a necessity, brought mobile telephone to the general people of Bangladesh and made a place in their hearts. The mobile phone has become the symbol for positive change in Bangladesh. The brand slogan of “start something new” is in essence derived from Banglalink Digital Communications Limited promise of empowering people with affordable communication solutions so that they can take new initiatives in life. The company believes that, it is through such new initiatives that positive change will occur for the overall betterment of the nation. Banglalink Digital Communications Limited attain 1 million subscribers by December 2005 and million subscribers in October 2006. In less than two years which is by December 2007, Banglalink Digital Communications Limited overtook Aktel to become the second largest operator in Bangladesh with more than 7.1 million customers. Banglalink Digital Communications Limited currently has 30.9 million subscribers as of December 2014, representing a market share of 25.47%. Banglalink Digital Communications Limited growth over the preceding years have been fuelled with innovative products and services targeting different market segments, aggressive improvement of network quality and dedicated customer care, creating an extensive distribution network across the country, and establishing a strong brand that emotionally connected customers with Banglalink Digital Communications Limited.

SWOT Analysis

Before setting objectives, Banglalink, like any other company makes a SWOT analysis. The analysis revealed the following facts:


  • Fastest growing
  • Network almost all over the country
  • Low price
  • Attractive offers
  • Technological advancement


  • Sometimes network become unreachable.
  • Problem Contained Offers
  • Complicated Pricing Structure
  • Competition
  • Quality


  • Already established a sense of trust among the customers.
  • Huge untapped market
  • 3G technology with many Value added services
  • Target Market


  • Intense price war has already begun among competitors. It will even increase when more mobile service provider starts their operation.
  • More Rigid Government regulation
  • Huge License fees and SIM TAX

HR policy of Banglalink

Human Resource department of Banglalink is responsible for formulation and implementation of different type of policies related to employees welfare, compensation and benefit, leave, allowances, office timing, travel, transfer, dress code, employee code of conducts, recruitment, performance management, promotion etc. Due to maintaining confidentiality the management didn’t allow to disclose all the policies of HR. The following information has been revealed from employee “Handbook” of Banglalink.

General Policy

Equal Employment Opportunity

Banglalink upholds equal employment opportunity for all and does not allow preferential treatment towards anyone. All employment decisions are made without regard to individual characteristics such as race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, military status, genetic information, etc.

Rather, employment decisions are based on an individual’s education, experience, skills and abilities, as well as demonstrated job performance.

Consequence for False Information/Forged Documents

In case it is proven that any applicant /employee has submitted false information or forged documentation from the time of submitting his/her Curriculum Vitae till the end of his/her service tenure, Banglalink HR reserves the right to his/her candidature/employment without prior notice, reward or compensation.



Probationary Period of Employment

All permanent employees will be on probation for the initial 90 days of employment. This probation period may be extended further for another 90 days only. The employee will be notified at least 7 days before the confirmation date regarding his/her confirmation/extension/separation of employment.

Internal Job Placement Policy

Banglalink believes in providing employees with opportunity for internal growth, and therefore has an Internal Job Placement Policy. The policy is designed to give all employees an opportunity to apply for positions of interest for which they are qualified. When a vacancy occurs, an internal advertisement is given [if required] to all users with a deadline for Curriculum Vitae submission within ten [10] calendar days to advertisement circulation.

Performance Management

Banglalink conducts Performance Management Program to create a performance centric culture by evaluating the employees against their set objectives and competency matrix. This is applicable for all permanent, confirmed employees of Banglalink who has joined on or before July 31 of the performance year. [This date is subject to decision of management]

In Banglalink, the performance management is about aligning the objectives of individuals with the organizational and business goals. It is an annual process starting with the setting of individual objective, and finishes with assessment of performance, feedback on the areas of improvement and assigning a rating based on the achievement of the objectives and assessment against competency matrix.

Working Hour

The standard office hours are 9:30am to 6:30 [9 hours each day] with a one-hour lunch break, Sunday through Thursday [5 days per week]

All employees, excluding shift employees, are entitled to work flexible office hours. Employees must report to the office between 9:00am and 10:00am, and work the required minimum 9 hours.

All employees may be required to work additional hours based on organizational need. This applies to all employees.

Employees are expected to be at their work location at their scheduled start time. Each department determines the work scheduled and hours for employees as necessary for its operation.

Payment of Salary

Banglalink will transfer the respective employee’s remuneration along with all other dues of the employee to their bank account in accordance with the following regulations:-

All New Employees are strongly encouraged to open bank accounts in specified banks prescribed by the company so that their salary can be created at the end of each month.

If payday falls on a weekend or a holiday, the account of the employee will be credited on the preceding working day.

Upon separation from service [end of services], the employee will receive their final settlement dues [if any] in their respective bank account/cheque [as the case may be].

Training and Development

Local Training (In-House and External)

Training programs that are held locally (either by local vendor or by i international vendor) are considered ‘’Local training’’ and may be held in training rooms of Banglalink offices, local confidence /seminar halls, or on vendor premises. In-House training programs maybe provided through internal resources with the objective to recognize internal talents and provide customized training for employees. Banglalink employees that provide in-house training s are entitled to an honorarium as outlined in the In-house Training honorarium policy.

International Training

All training programs, workshops, seminars and conferences held outside Bangladesh are considered International training.

Technical know-How Programs through Vendors

Technical know-How programs through vendors are learning services purchased from technical equipment vendors or project suppliers in order to provide technical know-how to the employees the associated equipment or work on the concerned project.

In-House Training

Banglalink has some niche training needs which are difficult to address trough open courses. However, Banglalink possesses some in-house trainers who have the necessary knowledge and experience to conduct such training programs .Thus, HR can decide to organize such training programs utilizing these in-house trainers. The use of in-house trainers will ensure the delivery of qualitative, customized and cost-effective training programs as per company needs. InHouse trainers are also encouraged to share their colleagues and thereby attain self-enrichment.


Normal Promotion:

The employee must serve the minimum number of years at the previous grade at the date the promotion is effective from, unless identified as talent where only 1 year is required to be eligible for this promotion.

The employee has to achieve at least ME (Meet Expectation) in competency rating and accomplish 100% in objective in the last year.

This will happen automatically twice [every 6 month] outside the promotion cap but manager’s consent will be acquired before executing. Manager’s consent will also be acquired in implementation.

Employee’s service tenure as of his/her joining date/last promotion date [Whichever higher] will be considered for his/her future normal promotion.

In case of a vacancy that requires replacement and internal resource is available, a level promotion can be allowed despite of minimum service tenure or promotion quota provided that employee achieved ME and 100%.

There should not be any disciplinary action taken against the employee in the last 12 months.

Special Promotion

  • Promotion must entail a higher responsibility and change in role profile in terms of job role and competency standard
  • The employee must serve the minimum number of years at the previous level at the date the promotion is effective from, unless identified as talent where only 1 year is required to be eligible for this promotion.
  • The employee has to achieve ME (Meet Expectation) in competency rating and accomplish100% in objectives in the service time of previous level.
  • Promotion must be budgeted from the day it is effective from.
  • In case of a vacancy that requires replacement and internal resource is available, a special level promotion can be allowed despite of minimum service tenure or promotion quota provided that employee achieved ME and 100% and that there is a change in role profile.
  • There should not be any disciplinary action taken against the employee in the last 12 months.


Banglalink views transfers as opportunities to provide professional growth when the employee is exposed to work within various departments/locations. Transfers generally fall into one of two categories: those initiated by management, or those made in response to an employee’s request.

Transfers initiated by the company may be necessary to meet business needs. A transfer allowance can be applicable in cases where the transfer is from one city to another.

Transfers requests can also be initiated by any employee, either as a response to an internal job opening or a change in personal circumstance or interests. This request is subject to available opportunities and management approval. Transfer allowance is not applicable in such cases.


Annual Leave

Only confirmed employees will be eligible for annual leave during the first calendar year of service which occurs from 01st January to 31st December. Confirmed employees are entitled for 21 working days of annual leave in a calendar year. The number of eligible days of leave will be prorated for an employee’s first year of service according to their date of joining.

The timing of annual vacations shall be determined by the department head based on the annual leave plan submitted by the employee. The department head/line manager will consider the work load and the employee’s requested time of leave. However the company decision in this regard is final.

The company may request the employee to return to work during the authorized vacation as required by work needs. In that case the company will re-adjust the annual leave accordingly.

In case of separation, the employees shall be entitled to receive cash payment for their un-availed prorated vacation days at the time of final settlement.

Employees are prohibited from working for another employer during vacation, whether paid or unpaid. Employees that exhaust their annual leave prior to the end of the year are not entitled to vacation for remaining of the year. In the event additional leave is required, it will be directly deducted from the employee’s monthly salary

Public holidays occurring during an employee’s vacation will be calculated separately and will not be considered part of the annual leave.

Vacation balance can be carried over to the following year as per local labor law.

Casual Leave

The company recognize the necessity for employees to be absent from work for unusual and justified circumstances that are beyond the employee’s control.

Every employee shall be entitled to casual leave with full pay for up to ten (10) days per year. The casual leave admissible in this section shall not be carried forward beyond that calendar year and will be forfeited.

Half-Day leave

Banglalink understand that employees sometimes have some personal tasks to accomplish during the work days, i.e. bank related tasks, bill payments, physician’s appointment, sickness etc. To accommodate employees for such reasons, employees can take half-day leave, using 4.5 hours of their annual/casual leave for the first half or the second half of a working day.

Compensation and Benefit

Salary Scale

Banglalink strives to provide compensation that recognizes employee contribution to the organization. Salaries are subject to review in January of each calendar year and are changed in light of merit and inflation. Employees are compensated according to their job title, job specification and relevant job experience with in the approved salary structure.

Each job is assigned a minimum salary that is established according to the salary survey result and the specified minimum salary that may be paid to incumbents in each job.

Minimum and maximum pay scales are designed on a system of mathematical calculation to allow overlapping between levels as a result of salary merit or promotional increment.


Overtime is work performed outside the normal hours of employment. All employees [permanent/temporary] up to the deputy Manager Level are eligible to receive overtime; Manager and above will not be entitled to overtime. Employee has to apply for overtime immediately through the HRIS and concerned line manager will approve/reject the applied Overtime through the system.

Overtime performed in the current month will be paid the following month.


Festival Bonus

Banglalink provides a festival bonus to eligible employees each year for the purpose of motivating employees and allowing them to enjoy two major festivals of each year. (i.e. Eid-ul-Fitre and Eid-ulAzhas)

All regular and temporary employees working in Banglalink at that time of the festival are eligible for the festival bonus. New hire must work at least seven days for Banglalink before the eve of the festival for eligibility for the festival bonus.

Each employee will receive 50% of their gross salary in each festive.

Provident Fund

All confirmed permanent staffs are eligible for provident fund. Each member shall contribute monthly to a sum equal to 10% of basic salary payable to him/her during the month and such sum shall be deducted by the company from the salary of the member at the time of payment thereof and deposited forthwith into the specific PF’s bank account. The company shall contribute to the found monthly.

Code of Conduct

Banglalink has a well-defined “code of conduct” for its employee. The code of conduct provides firm and uncompromising standard for Banglalink employees for dealing with its agents, customers, suppliers, political entities and others. The code reemphasizes and provides further guidance regarding policies which are integral part of Banglalink business philosophy.

Adherence to the code is the responsibility of each employee of Banglalink and its affiliates as a condition of continued employment.


Operational Excellence in HR services at Banglalink

The HR department Banglalink is very important for that organization because it takes care of all the employees working for that organization, it has to make sure that employees are in the right position and doing the right job. It has

Strategy which is decision making that has staffing assessments and projections for future workforce needs.


HR compensation specialists develop realistic compensation structures that set company wages competitive with other businesses in the area.


Benefits can reduce the company’s costs associated with turnover, attrition and hiring replacement workers. It is important to the organization because employees will only work at the organization if he or she feels they are getting a good benefit from the organization.


Workplace safety is engaging employees in promoting awareness and safe handling of dangerous equipment and hazardous chemicals.


HR minimize the organization’s exposure and liability related to allegations of unfair employment practices. It identifies, investigates and resolves workplace issues that are left unattended and helps the organization to settle any disputes.

Training and Development

HR coordinate new employee orientation, an essential step in forging a strong employer-employee relationship. The training and development area of HR also provides training that supports the company’s fair employment practices and employee development to prepare aspiring leaders for supervisory and management roles.

Employee Satisfaction

HR has to see that the employees are satisfied with their work, if they are not then HR has to find out ways to make them happy about their job.


HR manages the employment process from screening resumes to scheduling interviews to processing new employees. And finding out employees which will best suit the organization.


HR workers ensure that the organization complies with federal state employment laws. They complete paperwork necessary for documenting that the company’s employees are eligible to work in the Bangladesh.

The Recruitment Process of Banglalink

The process begins with the requisition. Whenever there is a resignation of an employee there is an opening in the organization. Then the concerned department sends a requisition form to recruitment division of HR department. The requisition form indicates the number of employees they need and of what position. Apart from the resignation there can be openings because of the organizational restructure, departmental redesign, reshape in the divisions, termination of any employees, retirement or any new projects. The recruitment team then see through the form and makes sure that all is in order. After that the recruitment team goes for the next step as availability of funds ensures the salary and benefits for new recruits.

Then the next step of the Recruitment team is to collect the information regarding the matter, whether they need permanent, temporary or contractual employee, after that they post advertisement internally or externally to find out employees. If the advertisement is posted internally then Banglalink employees can apply for that particular job, it is done so that the Banglalink employees feel motivated to develop themselves.

Then the next step is to call for tests and interview, if the employee is from Banglalink then he or she will face interview only, if from external source then he or she will have to give written exam then if selected then initial interview, in the interview board there one HR personnel and three concerned department’s Personnel. If the applicant is selected in the initial interview then he or she gets a call for final interview after getting finally selected, then he or she has to go through medical examination, if physically fit to work then recruitment team gives the appointment letter to the applicant, if the applicant agrees with all the terms then he becomes a Banglalink employee. The employee and get all the information from the appointment letter, his salary, his joining time, his reporting personnel, his probationary period.

The Remuneration Service of Banglalink

Employee remuneration is defined as, “the reward given to the employees for their work performances,” according to Management Study Guide (Owen E). It is a way of establishing morale and more motivation. Banglalink very much believe this and in most cases the remuneration team gets busy in the third week of the month so that all the employees can receive their salary at the end of the month. Provident fund and medical claim is seen by the remuneration team and the details are given in the HR policy.

The work of HR remuneration is very confidential because it is related with salary and medical claim, so I couldn’t get much information about this service.

Banglalink and Pragati insurance works together so that they can provide the employees with medical services, if an employee claims medical bills, he or she has to show the prescriptions to Pragati Insurance, if pragati thinks that those are authentic then they approve his or her claim, this is medical claim works.

Remuneration also provides salary certificate to the employees, first the employee has to undergo some processes to get the salary certificate. Employee request for salary certificate through tiger’s lounge stating the purpose and address of the person/organization to whom the letter is intended to.

Remuneration team prepares the salary certificate as per the requirement every day at a particular time. The team Collects recruitment and Remuneration Deputy Director’s approval on the letters and provide approval in the system.

The HR Operations of Banglalink

The HR operations of Banglalink is a very crucial part of Banglalink, I worked as an HR operations intern and learnt a lot about HR functions. As I have mentioned before I was part of the digitalization project, where I used to upload the personal information of the Banglalink employees in HITS (Human Information Technology System) which is Egyptian software made in 2004. As I worked on that division I got to know that hrops (Human Resource Operations) administrates more of the day to day services.

The operational activities of HROPS (Human Resource Operations)

HR Operations involve managing and administering the day to day activities that go on in a firm. It starts form taking care of legal compliance of hiring employees, and regulating and maintaining their everyday needs and affairs. The maintenance of human resources in a firm is what drives the firm to success. It helps the firm grow like a good well-maintained machine. Working in the HR is highly visible in a firm as it focuses on the routine issues at work regarding ongoing needs of the employees.

These include important tasks such as interviewing and hiring, implementing work policies, maintaining compliance with all laws of the operating jurisdiction, and other utilities and benefits given to employees.

In Banglalink, the HR Operations conduct the post selection procedure, since the pre selection operation is conducted by the recruitment team. Once a candidate is chosen and taken in as an employee, the HR team, through coordination with the recruitment team waits till the successful medical test of the employee. Then they are provided with a specific date in which to join the organization. Thereafter, the HR team provides them with all necessary information and documents to fill up such as employee particulars form, and application for employee identification card, pool phone requisition form, acknowledgment of the code of conduct etc.

Further to this the HR department is entrusted with the function of induction and orientation. This is organized every two months for the newly recruited employee. This welcomes them in a warm environment in the office system, and helps them adjust and transit into being professionals in a very smooth way.

Further to this, Banglalink has its own Human Resource Information System which is also known as HRIS Management. Its functions lie in maintaining man mandatory activities such as leave verification, attendance monitoring, and profile updates report preparation for different departments’ etc. When I worked there as an intern I had to check whether the employees were taking early out or late in, early out means getting out of the office and late in is coming at office after a certain time, if the employee did this more three times then from his annual leave half day was taken off, if he did for example like five times than 2 half day was taken off from his annual leave. This is another very important aspect for HR Operations team in Banglalink.

The HR Operations team in Banglalink further provides the service while cooperating with employees in meeting their employment clarification needs. In this regard the team provides a no objection certificate, NOC to the concerned employee. In addition to this, the team further provides VISA forwarding letter in case of request for visa extension for the purpose of travel request, pilgrimage, higher study, and other personal reasons of employees.

The team also maintains personnel database for each employee where all their necessary documents and information is stored. Personnel database management is a core responsibility for the HR Operations team in Banglalink. In this regard the team is responsible to prepare, arrange and update employee personal files according to their ID numbers into specific folders. Each personal file is identified by employee ID number and department name. This specific way of storing data helps maintain all the information which can be utilized in the everyday operations of the team.

HR Policy and implementation is another vital function of the HR operations team in Banglalink. The team head ensures compliance and compatibility of internal policies with the Labor Code 2006 of Bangladesh. These policies include attendance policy, leave application policy, hartal policy e.t.c.

This further includes exit formalities, which means the process of quitting from a job position. In this situation, in compliance with operating law, Labor Code, of Bangladesh, the concerned employee has to provide a written notice of ` month to HR Operations through a letter of resignation.

As per Labor Code, the team further has to manage and maintain compliance with the Code, and in case of non-compliance of company policy, the team has to take steps under disciplinary issue management to ensure compliance. The operation is divided into three parts:

  • Explanation: The team has to issue a letter of explanation to the concerned employee accused to have not complied with company policy. This letter asks them to show cause for their concerned noncompliance or misconduct such as unauthorized leave, habitual lateness to work, or taking leave without approval etc.
  • Investigation: The next step is for the HR Operations to investigate the misconduct or noncompliance based on the concerned employee’s response to the show cause letter. The team shall then provide a finding of guilty or not guilty in regards to the concerned employee.
  • Action/warning: Once a finding has been made on the concerned employee’s guilt, it is the responsibility of the HR Operations to take disciplinary actions based on the finding of the investigation. When the finding is of no guilt, a mere warning suffices as the adequate response in regards to the concerned employee. However, if the employee is found to be guilty, disciplinary action is taken based on Labor law and company policy against him.

Other functions of the HR Operation may include employee transitions to different departments. This means the transference process of employees which is done within Banglalink. In Banglalink it is viewed as opportunity to learn and provide professional growth when an employee works in various locations or departments. It enriches an employee’s work experience and adds more value to his contribution in the Organization. Transfers may fall into one of two categories: when initiated by management and when done through employee request. When it is done through request, the transfer will be finalized if it meets the relevant approval.

Further to this, confirmation of an employee’s job position in the firm is done through HR Operations.

At first the HR Operations informs the line manager about a specific employee to appraise their performance. If performance appraisal is above 100% expectation, then the employee gets confirmation as a permanent employee. However, if appraisal is less than this, the probation period is extended. All employees are put on a 90 days probation period upon entry. The extension can be for 90 more days in addition to this. The employee is notified at least 7 days before the confirmation date regarding their confirmation/extension/separation of employment.

Consistent with its commitment to promote an open, dynamic and responsible culture throughout its business operations, Banglalink welcomes the voicing of questionable accounting or auditing matters and illegal or unethical behavior through an online access form.

Audit committee which is conducted by the Hrops Team members will review status and progress of investigating all receive complaints and the resolution and outcome of all investigations that have been terminated or completed.

Each complaint will be treated as confidential, and the identity of the complaint will be maintained as anonymous, to the full extent reasonable in light of the Company’s need to investigate the complaint. The employee must exercise sound judgment to avoid baseless allegations and any international report of wrongdoing will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including discharge. This is also known as Flag raising.


I noticed while working that Banglalink uses a software that is very old and slow in nature. It required many updates which were not installed properly. Due to this, there would be many errors that could not be detected in the system. This slowed down our digitization work to a great extent and diminished efficiency of my work.

I realized in my term in Banglalink that the HR team would get overloaded with employee queries from other departments. This would happen at all times, and would hamper other work of employees. Once,

I had a hard time to meet a deadline at work because I got 7-10 calls in a row placing different queries about employees from HR team from different departments. This was through no fault of my own and

I noticed that an efficient system to take care of this problem was necessary for the HR team to function like a well-oiled machine.

The HR department is short staffed compared to the work load it has to complete on a daily basis. For this individual employees like me would get stressed at times and by default be susceptible to making mistakes at our work.

The HR team manages information and data of thousands of employee. The amount of paperwork needed here is abysmal. Filling up paperwork is a lengthy, time consuming and an extremely monotonous process. Digitization would help make work easier, and more efficient for the employees.

It takes a long period of time to recruit new employees. The pre recruitment process should be shortened to save time of the Company and also prospective employees. Instead, the resources are now being spent on refining the interview process. However, the resources would be better used if it was used to train new employees.

I noticed that work load was much more enjoyable when we had timely breaks and employee engagement events. Social programs were nice and a change in our daily routine environment which invigorated us to work even harder.


  • Bangalink needs to change its HRIS software because it uses an old version software HITS which is an Egyptian software system and it was made in 2004 and from its inception Bangla link has been using this software. So my recommendation will be is to use a latest Version of HRIS software system.
  • Banglalink has a huge number of human resource which is about 2200 employees, so there is always frequent issues of employees who wants to know several information from the HR team, as I worked in HR I could see that the HR employees get a lot of phone call from other department’s employees and they have to make them understand a lot of employee related information. This hampered their work, and sometimes they get distracted due to this. So here my suggestion would be to establish a HR help desk where employees can place their query. This would save a lot of time and the HR employees won’t get distracted from their work.
  • As I have mentioned before that there are about 2200 employees at banglalink, but prior to that there are less number of HR employees, for which not all queries are answered, so they need to hire more HR employees.
  • Almost all Telecommunication companies are using automated methods for their work but, banglalink is using less of automation, but more of paper work, so they should move to automated ways of doing their work, it would ease their style of work.
  • In Banglalink Digital Communications Limited the recruitment process is lengthier than others. Currently several days are allocated for taking individual interviews and the decision making time in recruitment process is lengthy here also. I have noticed that there are more or less three interviews take place for most of the positions and all these interviews are scheduled in different days with long time constrains. This needs to be changed.
  • They should have more employee engagement programs which motivate the employees, so in future they will work more for the Organization.


Banglalink Digital Communications Limited. is one of the second largest telecommunication of the country that serves millions of subscribers. It is driven by one of the modest Human Resource Department. To serve the whole country this organization recruits right people for the right positions of each department with attractive remuneration and motivation. As I worked there as an intern I could see how it values its employees with excellent HR services, whenever an employee needed anything like NOC ( no objection Certificate) or experience certificate they would do it as soon as possible and send it to the respective employee, whenever there was any compliance issue they tried to solve it soon. I really got motivated while working there and it surprised me how important human resource department was, because without it Banglalink wouldn’t have been where it is now. HR Operations is more responsible to create engaged employment as they are arranging different type of non-financial benefits to the employees of Banglalink. They follow all the effective ways to implement HR activity in their organization to manage all the HR issue. Due to the excellent HR services, the employee engagement rate is prominent in Banglalink. The employees get motivated when they see that they are getting more priority, thus they try to give their best to the Organization. Consistent with its commitment to promote an open, dynamic and responsible culture throughout its business operations, Banglalink welcomes the voicing of questionable accounting or auditing matters and illegal or unethical behavior, most of the organizations do not promote this kind of service, but Banglalink does. So at the end of this report it can be said that the HR team of Banglalink is very much efficient in doing their job in a proper way.