Open Speech on Barriers of Women Advancement

Open Speech on Barriers of Women Advancement

Open Speech on Barriers of Women Advancement

[This is an Open Speech on Barriers of Women Advancement. Women in development women now play as important a role as any man in the development of any nation. Customize the content according to the information you want to convey.]

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Good Morning/Evening, Gentleman and women, Honorable Guest and everyone,

Women’s advancement in the workplace has taken significant strides in the past 50 years. Women’s advancement in the corporate workplace has taken significant strides over the last century. It is an acknowledged fact that women have always tried to walk pace to pace with the men either by hook or crook. They have most of the time, tried not to sit within the four walls of the house and enjoy the meals earned by the men. That specifically and more appropriately goes for the well educated and responsible women of our society.  These women have despite all the efforts they do to enhance the shape of the society, become a target of criticism and are often bullied by the so-called influential men of the society.

There are many barriers facing women in our society. Another societal issue for women is their limited human capital. First of all the nuisance of the notion that a woman must stay at home and cook for the family members discourages the inner lying paradigm of action and strength in a woman. Although less widespread than societal issues, issues related to corporate structures significantly affect women’s potential in a more direct way. Secondly there are families which still believe and  implement that a woman must be covered in many layers of a veil before she steps out of the house. They fail to understand that a woman is in all aspects equal to men, she can learn and earn for the family and her gender must not be a barrier for her in any way.

Another important aspect of this situation is that the men would not allow their women to step out of the house because their advancement can be trouble for their dignity. Such a thought in our modern-day society is such a shame for the entire nation. Jane Topkins, a famous author, once said in her novel ‘Me and my Shadows” that  “It enrages me how women are used as extensions to men, devices to show men off, devices to help men get what they want. They are never there in their own rights.” Another corporate issue is that promotion to senior positions requires more than superior skills and experience. Thus in order to make the women advancement, a possible phenomenon all that one requires is to mend and enhance the thinking of the society altogether.

Another debatable aspect is that it is not always the men who bring shame to the concept of women empowerment. Organizational structures can interfere with and inhibit female advancement. Often we see women around shaming and bashing other women down. Gender plays a huge role in workplace ‘success’ and can be a big challenge especially if the employee is a woman in a male-dominated workplace or career.

Such heart-wrenching comments from the women for the women have made our society look decrepit enough. Women around the world continue to face systemic barriers and frustrations in the workplace. It would be a better and peaceful society if women are treated on an equal standard to men, both in private and public spheres