Office Consolidation and Renovation Projetcs of Banglalink Digital Communications

Office Consolidation and Renovation Projetcs of Banglalink Digital Communications

As far as telecommunication sector in Bangladesh, Banglalink Digital Communications Limited is one of the dynamic and leading companies. When Banglalink™ entered the Bangladesh telecom industry in February 2005, the scenario changed overnight with mobile telephony becoming an extremely useful and affordable communication tool for people across all segments. It was a great opportunity for me to work as an intern in the HR & Administration department of telecom industry and most importantly in Banglalink Digital Communications limited which is the second largest cellular service provider in Bangladesh, previously known as Sheba Telecom (Pvt.) Limited (“Sheba”). In September, 2004, Orascom Telecom Holdings purchased 100% of the shares of Sheba Telecom (Pvt.) Limited (“Sheba”). Afterward it was re- branded and launched its services under the “Banglalink™” brand on February 10, 2005. Right now Banglalink has 29.45 million subscribers and market share of 25.47%. During my three months internship period at Banglalink Digital Communications Limited, headquarter Tiger’s Den, I experienced the operation system of a multinational company. The working environment and the people all together helped me through and through to gain knowledge and experience as a tester. In this report besides giving an overview of the company my experience as an intern is shared.

There were numerous tasks that I had to complete since the office is going through several renovations programs. My main task was to work for different Projects which Banglalink is going to implement as a part of their cost reduction initiative. Banglalink office Consolidation projects are basically re-organizing the office sitting plan along with the discontinuation of company function in different branches and enhancing the benefits ofregional offices as per the head office. Thus it can save fund of the company which will be used to improve other sectors.

This project will help to save Capex (Capital Expense) of the company. Besides, I worked with excel files updating data and sorting their work stations with their current information. I had to work with their office layouts and with the information of their other office located in Dhaka. Excel sheet working by putting values collected from physical verification etc. The whole duration of my internship there I learned tolerance, patience and being aware of my surroundings. In this report I have described the various steps of my whole workings as an intern in extend version. However, in this report I have also added some recommendation which I personally think can be efficient fort this system.

Company Overview


The telecom sector in Bangladesh is rapidly emerging. In 1989, the liberalization of Bangladesh’s telecommunications sector began with small steps with the issuance of a license to a private operator for the provision of inter alia cellular mobile services to compete with Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board (BTTB), the previous monopoly provider of telecommunications services within Bangladesh. In the late 1990s, Significant changes in the number of fixed and mobile services deployed in Bangladesh occurred and the number of services in operation has subsequently grown exponentially in the past few years. To transmit the information throughout the world, telecommunication is the one of the main sources which makes people to overcome the breakdown of information system. It makes the communication system much easier and comfortable to the masses. If we look back, people used to communicate with each other in different ways. The ways were complicated and thus information was not properly passed through those mediums. As time has passed people have realized that they need to improve the system to save their valuable time. After so many revolutions in different sector the world became connected and telecommunication system has become the main source of transmitting the information. Now, it is just a second needed to transmit the information data with the help of this major creation of information system.

At present the consumer demand of telecommunication is so high that it has become the one of the profitable industries in our country. In spite of being a third world country, it is very common to see the use of mobile phone frequently. So it is clear that, Tele-communication sector is one of the established sectors in our country. Among different telecommunication providers, Banglalink Digital Communication Limited is the second largest cellular service provider. This is fully owned by telecom ventures ltd. (previously Orascom telecom ventures limited) of Malta, which is a 100% owned subsidiary of global telecom holding. Banglalink provides various kinds of Services to its customers and has been successful to run its operation with glory from the very beginning of its journey.


In 1989, Sheba Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd. was granted license to operate in the rural areas of 199 upazilas. Later it obtained nationwide 15-year GSM license in November 1996 to extend its business to cellular mobile, radio telephone services. In the last quarter of 1997, Sheba Telecom (Pvt.) limited had launched its operation as a Bangladesh-Malaysia joint venture. But unfortunately Sheba had failed to tap the business potentials in Bangladesh and an Egypt based telecom company named Orascom Telecom was set to purchase the Malaysian stakes in Sheba Telecom through a hush-hush deal in July 2004. In September 2004, Orascom Telecom Holdings purchased 100% of the shares of Sheba Telecom (Pvt.) Limited for US$60 million. Later on, it was re-branded and launched its services under the banglalink brand on February 10, 2005. To match with the name of the parent company in March 2008, Sheba Telecom (Pvt.) Limited changed its name as Orascom Telecom Bangladesh Limited. Again in July 2013, the company name changed for the second time to banglalink Digital Communications Ltd.

Banglalink had started its journey with the slogan “Making a difference” and attained 1 million subscribers by December 2005. To become the second largest operator in Bangladesh, banglalink overtook Aktel with more than 7.1 million customers. As of September 2015, banglalink has a subscriber base of 31.9 million with 24.4% market share. Banglalink’s growth over the preceding years have been fuelled with innovative products and services targeting different market segments, aggressive improvement of network quality and dedicated customer care, creating an extensive distribution network across the country, and establishing a strong brand that emotionally connected customers with banglalink.

Banglalink is a wholly owned subsidiary of Telecom Ventures Limited of Malta which is 100% owned subsidiary of Global Telecom Holding. According to the business combination of 2011, between Vimpelcom Ltd. and Wind Telecom s.p.a, Vimpelcom owns 51.92% shares of global telecom holding. Vimpelcom provides voice and data services through a range of traditional and broadband mobile and fixed technologies in different countries like Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhtan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Algeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Zimbabwe. Later on, Banglalink has changed its slogan from “Making a difference” to “Start Something New” with the vision to be the fastest 3G network provider in Bangladesh. In order to establish a powerful stand in Bangladesh, they have brought Shakib Al-Hasan on board as their brand-ambassador. Shakib Al-Hasan will actively take part in Banglalink’s promotional activities and will work to highlight the company’s image.

Product/Service offerings:

At present, Banglalink is the second largest telecommunication service provider of Bangladesh and it has been possible through continuous improvement in the product and service quality along with innovative ideas of product offerings. Banglalink is always up to date with their customer needs and customize the products accordingly. The main function of Banglalink is to provide Mobile Telecom Product and Services to its valued customer including Voice Communication, SMS service and other Value Added Services (VAS). It also Provides Data & Fax services to its customers. Main Product and services are described below:

Pre-paid: People tend to consume the pre-paid packages more frequently in comparison to other packages. So, it is the main or core service offering of Banglalink. Pre-paid packages are very flexible in nature. So, capitalizing the main characteristics of pre- paid Packages Banglalink is adding various Value added service in continuous basis. According to their customer market they customized their pre-paid plans in such a way that every consumer can get best service.

Post-paid: Banglalink understands that every customer has unique needs and usage patterns. This is why it gives choices to the customers so that they can pick according their need rather than offering the same solution as everyone else. Banglalink post-paid packages are tailored to serve the consumers exact purposes and give them the best value for money. In terms of Post-paid plans Banglalink has a wide variety of packages. There are some simple rules and regulation consumers have to follow to subscribe for the postpaid packages. Post-paid packages are also common and easy to follow but are not as much flexible as Pre-Paid packages. So, the businessman and other important officials are the main Target consumer for their Post-paid plans. The initial type of Post-paid packages is that the, consumer will pay after the consumption of the service. Basically consumers of Post-paid plans make the payment of monthly basis after the service consume. Some post-paid schemes of Banglalink are mentioned below-

Banglalink Inspire: Banglalink inspire brings special new features for post-paid subscribers with remarkably low call rates, along with the lots of fnf numbers and many other services and facilities. Some of the features of Banglalink Inspire are- no security deposit is required for auto bill pay subscribers, every new connection comes with 300 sms/month to any operator, 500 mms/month, 100 mb/month internet, amar tune subscription and news service subscription free for the first 3 months, zero line rent (without any conditions), up to 11% loyalty discount on usage, 7 fnf numbers to any mobile operator: 60 paisa/min to banglalink fnf numbers and 84 paisa/min to other operators’ fnf numbers, all fnf and call rates have 10 second pulse, only 42 paisa/minute on 2 supplementary numbers, only 45 paisa/minute for 24 hours within the same professional group, attractive call rates for 24 hours.

Banglalink SME: The salient features of the banglalink sme package are flexibility to choose from 2 packages: Banglalink sme post-paid and banglalink sme call & control. Banglalink SME post-paid offers best call rates 24 hours with 1 second pulse, field force locator service, closed user group (cug), attractive bundle package, best rates in 5 fnf numbers, bonus on recharge, and bonus on incoming. On the other hand, banglalink sme call & control package offers attractive connection price and special start up, easy account recharge through scratch card or i’top-up, zero monthly fee, attractive flat call rate, upto 5 fnf numbers.

Priyojon Program: Banglalink values its loyal and regular cuntomers. So they introduce different programs for the customers to make their life easier. Among different Priyojon Program, there are priyojon prize point program, priyojon current promotion, priyojon partnership program, priyojon insurance.


Innovative packages: As Banglalink cares about their valuable customers, they always try to offer telecommunication services at a lower cost. Thus innovation is a regular practice here. Innovative packages are designed to lower your monthly costs. Among different innovative packages there are- wide variety of options to cater to different businesses and usage patterns, cug facility to ensure savings on each call made within the same company, boi facility – even incoming calls will bring discounts, built in loyalty program – earn prize points for regular usage that can be redeemed for free talk time, sms and other rewards.

International Roaming: Customers can enjoy mobile services with banglalink in more than 100 countries in asia, america, europe, australia and Africa. It includes benefits of banglalink international roaming such as- same number worldwide, gprs roaming, in flight roaming, maritime roaming, sms roaming, safe arrival sms, roaming info service, currency information, no extra monthly charge.

Business Services: This is specifically designed to take customers business forward. It includes corporate sms broadcast, vehicle tracking, field force locator, pos solutions, sms attendance, and corporate web hosting solution.

Business Internet: This includes Bill-cycle based packs, One time pack (Add-ons), Migrating Bill-cycle based packs.


Services: Banglalink has a wide variety of services to provide the customers a better and easier life. Among them, there are- my banglalink plan, information based services (banglalink health zone, banglalink mind care, train tracking service, krishi news, jobs link, Islamic service etc), entertainment based services (banglalink boi ghor, play music, banglalink local radio, amar tune, music station, friend finder etc), call management based services (voice mail service,call block, banglalink easy divert, call waiting, missed call alert etc) etc.

Banglalink internet: 3G is the third generation of mobile telecommunications technology. Banglalink’s fastest 3G service allows valued customers to surf the internet at the fastest speed. Banglalink is constantly investing and expanding our infrastructure to ensure high quality voice, internet and other services for the customers. Nationwide fiber optic network and the fastest 3G service network are great example of banglalink’s relentless commitment. banglalink 3G will bring to life the experience of mobile broadband on the 3G mobile phone/device. Banglalink’s nationwide fastest 3G coverage provides superior video streaming, download experiences, enhanced video calling, highspeed internet transmission and accessing innovative 3G services on the mobile phone that make people’s life smarter, exciting and efficient. Banglalink is constantly expanding their 3G coverage to better serve nationwide. Banglalink offers different kinds of prepaid and post-paid internet services. In case of pre-paid services, there are- Standard Volume Packs, Smart Volume Packs, Social Media Packs, and Recharge Packs. On the other hand post-paid connection provides- Bill-cycle based packs, one time pack (Addons), Migrating Bill-cycle based packs. Among internet based current promotion there are- my banglalink app weekend extra offer, social in online, social in offline, banglalink emergency internet,20% bonus on internet pack and 20% bonus for facebook, internet offer, discounted pay-as-you-go rate in internet browsing, no bill shock offer, daily facebook pack special offer.

Customer Care: Banglalink has a satisfactory number of customer care centers to serve its valuable cuntomers nationwide. Recently, as per government rule banglalink is conducting biometric sim registration successfully through its customer care centers. In addition to that customers can obtain any kind of information regarding banglalink packages and services in the customer cares. Dedicated customer care representatives are always ready to serve any kind of query asked by the customers. Banglalink strives to give the customers the best of service and the fastest solution, in order to do that banglalink has state-of-the-art call center that serves the customers 24 hours 7 days a week.

Corporate Responsibility

Banglalink has always been committed to play its role as a responsible corporate citizen and contributed in making a difference in the socio-economic development of Bangladesh. It undertakes several projects each year for the welfare of community and preservation of the environment. These initiatives consolidated banglalink’s reputation as forerunner in the corporate social activity. Some of the banglalink’s social activities are mentioned below:

  1. cox’s bazar sea beach cleaning project and international coastal cleanup day
  2. donating blankets at orphanages
  3. special arrangements for hajj pilgrims at the hajj camp
  4. water & date distribution and iftar at orphanage during Ramadan
  5. ict support for underprivileged children: computer lab set up

Core Value of Banglalink

All employees of Banglalink are expected to demonstrate the following core values in day-today activities to “Start Something New” in every area operations in the Banglalink way:


  • Being open minded and flexible
  • Discouraging false pride and challenging the normal way to do things
  • Learning and adopting the best practices from others
  • Thinking of a situation from various points of view
  • Creating an environment where others can put forth their ideas without hesitation or fear

Straight Forward:

  • Communicating clearly and effectively
  • Listening empathically and asking questions to seek out and understand different views
  • Leading by example
  • Accepting responsibility for successes and failures


  • Generating trust and reliability
  • Being understanding and focusing on a solution that everyone can benefit from
  • Delivering results by deadlines
  • Thinking before making a commitment and sticking to it
  • Making honest decisions based on facts and figures, not feelings and opinions


  • Striving to achieve goals
  • Believing in self and team’s ability to achieve targets
  • Driving for excellence in execution
  • Using information/resources available in the best possible way to achieve targets
  • Reaching the desired goal through trying out different opinions with determination


Every company has its very own strategies to run the business and survive for the long run. Banglalink also has some unique strategies which they construct and follow according to the current market requirement. Banglalink follows the following strategies-

  • Functional Level Strategy: Banglalink gives importance to efficiency, quality, innovation, and customer responsiveness.
  • Business Level Strategy: Banglalink follows not only the cost leadership approach but also the differentiation strategies as their business level strategies.

SWOT Analysis of Banglalink

Strengths: Banglalink has some separate strength by which it is rapidly increasing its market share and attracting customer. Some strengths areDeveloped

  • Infrastructure
  • Innovative Ideas
  • Nationwide network coverage
  • Planned investment
  • Affordable call rate
  • Renowned media partners

Weaknesses: It also faces some challenges as the telecommunication market is very competitive. Some of the challenges are mentioned below:

  • Bad reputation due to failure of ‘Sheba”.
  • Downsizing.

Opportunities: Banglalink is still not the number one telecommunication service provider of Bangladesh. But still it has the potentiality to be number one. Proper utilization of its opportunities can make them number one telecom organization in Bangladesh. The main opportunities ahead Banglalink areAdequate amount of reinvestment

  • Adequate support from mother company
  • Powerful network coverage
  • Large number of customer
  • Creative new product
  • More profitable supplier deals
  • Experienced Human Resources

Threats: There also some future threats for Banglalink, which may hinder its operations. So, Banglalink should successsfully overcome these threats

  • Strong competitors
  • Legislation of Government.
  • 3G/4G
  • Existing core business distribution risk.

Critical Observations and Recommendations:

Telecommunication is one of the established sectors in Bangladesh. Banglalink is now the second largest telecommunication service provider of the country that is serving millions of subscribers with its level best services and one of the most successful multinational companies in Bangladesh that has earned its success in short course of time. Also, it is one of the fast growing companies in term of its service and quality. It was honor for me to do the Internship in Banglalink Digital Communications Limited. The Administration Division plays an important role in the success of the organization and this department ensures involving experienced people for the facility and maintenance tasks for whole headquarters and regional offices with innovative ideas and motivation. Throughout my internship period in Banglalink it amazed me with their variation of work plan for interns. Banglalink gave me a test of professionalism through its administration department. Banglalink values their employees and workers who are related to their daily work. The working environment here is very friendly and cooperative.

Office Consolidation & Renovation Projects

Summary: Banglalink had started its journey with the slogan “Making a difference” and attained 1 million subscribers by December 2005. Within a very short period of time it has been successful to take over the telecommunication market of Bangladesh and at present it is the second largest telecommunication service provider of Bangladesh. In spite of being in a very competitive market, Banglalink has created its own reputation through dedicated amount of improvement in their operations on a daily basis. To hold the position in the market every successful organization follows only one common rule and that is- continuous change through improvement and development. Being an MNC, Banglalink always follows some basic rules and regulations which dictate them to maintain the minimum level of standard decided by Vimplecom. More or less every company goes through some consolidation and renovation process frequently. Main causes behind this are cost reduction, maintaining standard and more effective and efficient operation system. Besides, companies who have regional offices like Banglalink, need to upgrade their branches regularly. Thus the whole company can reflect the same values and standard. Taking these reasons into consideration Banglalink has also taken some office renovation and consolidation projects to minimize the operational cost. Regional offices are not less important in any aspect and thus Banglalink has also taken initiatives to increase the benefits of ROs. Banglalink office Consolidation projects are basically re-organizing the office sitting plan along with the discontinuation of company function in different branches and enhancing the benefits of regional offices as per the head office. Thus it can save fund of the company which will be used to improve other sectors. This project will help to save Capex (Capital Expense) of the company. On the other hand, stationary corner establishment in regional offices project is a part of renovation which will make the regular operation of the company easier. In this report, the objective of this two projects and the impact of the implementation of these projects are discussed. In addition to that, the purpose of the research is to find out Banglalink’s strategies behind the cost optimization process by office consolidation.

Description of the projects

Objectives: The broad objective of this report is to measure the impact of the renovation and consolidation projects taken by Banglalink Digital Communications Limited. These projects are taken to be implemented to reduce cost and increase the benefits of regional offices. Besides these, there were some more specific objectives. Those are mentioned below:

  • To maintain the similar work environment in every branches as the head office.
  • To encourage the employees working outside Dhaka.
  • To provide the employees more benefits in an organized way to increase the efficiency.
  • To identify the success behind the cost optimization process.
  • To know about the whole cost optimization process.
  • To allocate employees according to their comfortable and required working place.

Methodology: For the renovation project that is Stationary Corner Establishment in ROs, I needed information regarding the work place measurement. After having the measurement, I contacted with the vendors to order the stationary corner. Again for the consolidation project, I needed information regarding the current work place arrangement of different offices and the number of employees. For obtaining all these information, I had used two sources of information. I relied on these two sources of information to complete my report during my whole internship period. The sources are-

  • Primary sources of data.
  • Secondary sources of data.

Primary sources of Data

I mostly used the information in this report from the primary Sources. I think, to make a report efficient primary sources of data are the best sources to use. Besides, the kind of information I needed was most of the time available to the specific personnel of the company. I have collected the information from the authorized employees who are involved with the projects. I have attended all the meetings held and obtained information required for my projects.

Secondary Sources of Data

Whenever I needed more Information about the Projects, I also gathered the information from the common server and Banglalink website. Workings of previous interns also helped me a lot which I got in the common server.


As per as Banglalink’s Corporate Policy employees are not allowed to give all the information to the external employees and interns. So, sometimes it was hard for me to collect the information which was required for my task. In that situation, I faced difficult in collecting those information from the right personnel. My workings sometimes needed such information which was against the company confidentiality policy to be disclosed. In addition to that permanent employees are very busy most of the time and are not always available to the interns. So, my limitations were more or less regarding collecting information on time. Besides some other limitations I have faced are mentioned below:

As office hour in Banglalink is 8:30 am to 5:30pm, it is nine hours long working period. Obviously, we the interns had to work in office for a long period of time. So, work pressure in the office restricted this report from being more detailed or analytical to some extend.

Confidentiality of information is another barrier that may hinder the study. Every organization has its own rules and regulations regarding secrecy that is not revealed to someone outside the organization. While collecting data in Banglalink, personnel may not disclose enough information for the sake of confidentiality rule of the organization.

Because of busy working schedule, employees were not always available to me. So, sometimes when felt the necessity of any information, I had to wait.

As the DOCP project is not completed yet, the ultimate picture of the project may not be seen in this report. The consolidation project is still on progress and Banglalink is still working on it. Because of the recent layoff in Banglalink, the data collected regarding the number of employee was changed and I had to correct the information collected previously.

Office Renovation Project process

Renovation initiatives are taken to make a change in the working place of an organization so that it may increase the efficiency and effectiveness of operation. Banglalink’s Headquarter Tigers’ Den is one of the best examples of standard and idle office setup of MNCs. There are stationary corners in headquarter of Banglalink which contains necessary items used by the employees in the office in a daily basis. Necessary items include envelops of different sizes, stapler, scissor, ruler, A4 page, scotch tape, stapler pin, staple remover, punching machine etc.

Dhaka Office Consolidation Project Process

In recent time, every company is concerned to cost minimization. Through cost minimization, they want reduce their operational cost and invest the saved amount to other productive sector. Banglalink also has taken a big initiative towards this method and as a result of that they have introduced the Dhaka Office Consolidation (DOCP) project. The project has started its journey about three to four months back and may take some more months more as it has been delayed because of another project named Green Office Project. Banglalink office Consolidation projects are basically re-organizing the office sitting plan along with the discontinuation of company function in different branches and enhancing the benefits ofregional offices as per the head office. Thus it can save fund of the company which will be used to improve other sectors. This project will help to save Capex (Capital Expense) of the company. As this project is still on progress, I am here describing the portion I have worked in.

DOCP project in basically all about shifting the employees of BNS Center and Uttara Call Center (UCC) to Medona Tower. In addition to that, operation of 12th and 13th floor of Medona Tower which is situated in Mohakhali will be discontinued. As many employees have been downsized recently in Banglalink’s Headquarter, Tigers’ Den, there is lots of vacant workstation to allocate new employees shifted from Medona Tower. Some employees will also be shifted to the Land View office which is situated in Gulshan. During my internship period, I have done Office census to identify the number of vacant workstations due to layoff.

Analysis and Findings

Office renovation project has been implemented to increase the efficiency and effectiveness indaily operation. If I consider from my point of view, this project helped me a lot to increase my socialization and networking. I had to communicate with the regional personnel every now and then. As I was working in Banglalink for a very short period of time, without this project I would not have the opportunity to know the regional employees. I have got the opportunity to get close to all of them and learnt so many new things which will help me in my future career. At first glance it may be seen that, this project has caused expense for the company. But in depth it has increased employee satisfaction and a satisfied employee will always do more for his/her organization. Organized and facility oriented workplace is every employees comfort zone. So bstationary corner establishment has served the purpose of making the workplace a bit more attractive and comfortable.

Impressive efficiency and cost savings can be obtained through Consolidation of office. But doing such things is not as simple as it may seem and cannot be done over night. The benefits come from both cost reduction and increased productivity and quality of service. By centralizing or consolidating offices an organization becomes more agile as it can grow quickly without the expense of re-inventing or extending more office functions. One main goal of consolidation project is to be benefited from economies of scale. Whatever the economic conditions, it makes good commercial sense to drive down costs with well-designed business processes and best practices.

Dhaka Office Consolidation project was started with the consolidation of the Banglalink Headquarter Tigers’ Den. The main objectives of this consolidation project were –

  • Reducing the number of branch offices.
  • Minimizing the monthly rent cost for the total office space.
  • Improving communication and cooperation among the employees of different offices.
  • Making best use of available resources to meet current and future requirements.
  • Introducing Open and hot desk system to increase the bonding among the employees.

Results and Discussion

The results of office renovation project are-

  • Employee satisfaction.
  • Developed work environment.
  • Similar to Headquarter.
  • Organized workplace.
  • Increase of effectiveness and efficiency.

Under the DOCP project, there are plan for separate areas for smaller, unplanned meetings, as well as space for individual employees who need to concentrate. Through this renovation a good number of work stations and meeting rooms have been increased in Tigers’ Den. Different types of meeting rooms will be available so that there are less noise in the workplace. While increasing productivity, these solutions provide the opportunity to extend business network and introduce new cost-saving practices. Often, properly consolidating operations gives an organization the opportunity to start new.

Banglalink has followed some Strategies for consolidation of the office. It has introduced a new type of work station through the implementation of hot desk system. This unique system promotes positive energy, mobility, direct communication, transparency and enables us to live the values and an environment that will create excitement and encourage innovation. Some of Its benefits are being more social, spontaneous and productive. It enhances the flow of information and teamwork and make easier for employees to interact with each other on a regular basis, dissolving barriers across hierarchies. Renovating tigers’ Den helped Banglalink to be more efficient, realize economies of scale, reduce costs, improve internal communication and standardize operational processes. After renovation, Banglalink consolidated their three offices Hosna center, Uttara Call Center, BNS Tower. Through this renovation project they became able to reduce cost. The main outcomes of this project are-

  • Large number of WS has been increased in Tigers’ Den
  • Number of Meeting room had been increased in Tigers’ Den


Banglalink is the second largest telecommunication service provider of the country that is serving millions of subscribers with its innovative and high quality service. Infrastructure and corporate culture is two important asset for the company through which it has reached in this position. The Administration Division plays an important role in the success of the organization and this department ensures involving experienced people for the facility and maintenance tasks.

The internship experience at Banglalink Digital Communications Limited had been a great learning point for me. I have experienced every moment here and learned so many new things. According to me, I was actually not assigned with very critical type of work. But still I am glad that it added value to the organization. Throughout the program I was able to observe and gain knowledge about the work of my team members which diversified my learning experience. I will always cherish the memory of my internship experience in Banglalink.