My Favorite Personality My Father

My Favorite Personality My Father

My Favorite Personality My Father –

There are many people all around the world who are very famous and celebrities. But my favorite personality is my father. My father is my hero and an awesome father. He always helps me a lot in any difficulty. He teaches me about how to get fit, healthy, happy and a peaceful person all through life.

He is kind, polite and really friendly to everyone. He is a very intelligent man and always helps others in their problems. He is a (Job type) by profession and is very good at teaching to his family and congregation. He solves problems with the neighbors.  He is always ready to help and support the needy and helpless. He is a God-fearing person and always teaches us to remember God’s gifts and God’s love for the world. I am so proud to have a father like him and I pray that He may live long. He is a pillar and a strong hand for his family.

He is a good adviser in my family, every family member takes advice from him whenever they get a problem. He is a simple man with kind rules. He never refuses anybody if someone comes to the door asking for help. He has a loving and soft-hearted. I haven’t seen a man like him. Whenever I am in a difficulty my father helps me out with love and affection. Everybody likes him when he goes to his people and congregation.

I pray for his life and health. He is not so white, not so handsome, maybe not so good appearance but he is my hero, my favorite and my ideal man. The best in the whole world and nobody is like him I ever have seen.  He teaches me “the ways” to be a better person and to be a better citizen in life. He has always taught me good values & not spoiling me by buying me all the things that I wanted. But at the same time, he has gifted me many things that I always wish to have.

A father is a male parent of the family who guides, loves and cares about his children all through life. He is my friend and always ready to encourage, appreciate me for success and always ready to help me wherever I need a friend or support of my father. He always acts as the pillar of strength and support for his children. I proud of my father and wish him good health, age.


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