Mother’s Bouquet

Mother’s Bouquet

Mother’s Bouquet

On Mother’s Day, Boy and Bear walked to the woods,

To the magical, marvelous forest.

To the wood that was wild, with orange crocodiles,

And a dazzling blue dove named Dolores.

They all called her Dee; it was her job to see

All visitors through their vast wood.

She showed folks the sights and steered them from frights,

And did the best job that she could.

Dee sat high above them, that lovely blue dove,

And cooed, “Boy and Bear, come along.

“For now that it’s spring, though this wood you, I”ll bring,

“If you follow me, you won’t go wrong.

“Hurry up, Boy and Bear, we’ve so much to share!”

And into the forest, they strolled.

Dee flew on the wing, and started to sing,

“Come quickly, boys! See our marvels! Behold!”

They walked along swiftly, right into the woods,

Past a creek full of darting pink herring,

“Be careful not to ramble too long in our bramble,

“In our woods, there’s a croc who is daring.

“This orange Croc, I have a hunch, is partial to lunch,

“So when we cross streams, please be quiet.

“For its boys’ and bears’ toes Croc is likely to munch,

“Yes, I’m certain you’re part of his diet.”

“Be quick, climb this mountain, just past Fizzy Fountain,

“I can see that you two are quite brave.”

They climbed ever higher, their fears growing lighter,

And as they ascended, they waved.

They waved at the monkeys, at sunbathing donkeys;

They waved at fat apes and red ants.

They waved at a rabbit whose favorite habit

Was tailoring bell-bottom pants!

Now Dee was a smart dove, her heart full of love,

And she knew this was Mother’s Day.

They would now take a hike to find what moms like;

Yes, a gift that would make their mom say:

“Oh, dear Bear and sweet Boy, you give me such joy,

“But where did you manage to find,

“A bouquet so rare, one smelling so fair.

“Where on earth are there plants of this kind?”

Right there was a rose that grew up to Boy’s nose; Gladioli glowing in the light;

Dahlias bigger than cars and azaleas like stars,

And everything of such a height!

And besides all of these, as tall as the trees,

Grew pink, red and yellow foxglove,

And daylilies blue, a most marvelous hue,

And lilacs, whose smell we all love.

Boy and Bear were amazed by the orchids,

By the peonies, the roses, and phlox.

“We ought to come here more than once in a year,

“And next time we’ll bring a big box!”

And when they had gathered a big, bright bouquet,

Dee led them down to a swan boat.

For Monkey had come, paddling under the sun,

To carry them across the Green Moat.

They climbed in with Monkey, sat right beside Donkey,

They sang as they paddled with purpose,

But suddenly, sadly, the water churned madly,

And an orange crinkly head came to surface!

“Oh no, look who has come to ruin our fun!”

Monkey shivered and quivered and shook.

“Oh, now what will Croc say? This is not a good day!

“He may not like what you two took.”

“Wait for you!” Orange Croc said, and nodded his head,

Then he sniffed at the lovely bouquet.

“You have come here to see all these blooms meant for me,

“Ha! But now I’m here right in your way!”

“Oh please,” Bear cried bravely, and Boy tried a wave. “These flowers are for our dear mother.

“Don’t harm us, kind Croc, for we did take your stock,

“But there’s plenty for you and your brothers.”

Croc grinned and said, “For Mom? Did you say that?

“Well, why didn’t you ask me the question?

“I wished you’d asked! Drat! You see, I’m no brat,

“Though I do have fragile digestion.

“Now celebrate, enjoy, give Mom a big kiss!

“Say it’s for mother I yearn.

“And tell her my wish is that she finds bliss,

“And invite all of you back — to return!”

Boy and Bear went back home that very same day.

And Mom said, “How I love you, I do!”

They happily gave her the glowing bouquet;

“Here, Mother, these blooms are for you!”

So thank you, Dee, thank you, Croc, you’re really a pair,

To create such a tribute to moms everywhere!