Memo Format for Marketing Persons

Memo Format for Marketing Persons

Memo Format for Marketing Persons




(Designation/ Position),

(Company/ Institute Name).


Subject: This is with reference to daily schedule of late coming / early leaving /during working.


It is ordered by administration/ management for marketing employee to come office at time and mark their attendance, make their daily schedule of submit in front of administrator/ manager. If any employee will not follow time schedule he/ she have to pay penalty & notice will be issued to him/her one have to tell his visit and meeting schedule by phone call, and should strictly achieve target given by management.


This order is hard & fast rule and must be obeyed. A proper daily visit plan must be submitted. One have to mark attendance even before taking off should have to be present in office before half an hour of office off timing. Three (3) late coming & leaving attendance will be considered as one leave. Strict action will be taken in case of any ignorance regarding memo.


(Designation/ Position).