Meet the LatinX Startup Alliance and Start out founders from TC Include at TC Sessions: Justice 2021

Meet the LatinX Startup Alliance and Start out founders from TC Include at TC Sessions: Justice 2021

We like nothing more than highlighting startups at a significant early stage, and you will find them in abundance in the spotlight at the March 3 TC sessions: Justice 2021, a virtual conference that explores human labor that supports diversity, inclusion, and technology. All participants in the TC Inclusion Program – you do not want to meet and learn more about this fascinating early-stage founder not familiar with TC inclusion. TechCrunch collaborates with various founding organizations that act as consultants and nominate founders at an early stage who are committed to participating in the program. In collaboration with VCs such as Cleaner Perkins, Salesforce Ventures and Initial Capital and founding companies, TC provides educational resources and mentors over the years to help program participants develop and succeed.

You will have plenty of opportunities to meet and network with the founders including TC and you will not want to miss their live pitch feedback session. The founders who include each TC get a 60-second pitch to a TechCrunch staffer. A great opportunity learns how to shape your pitch and how to choose a few tips and techniques. Who knows? The pitch you have developed can be your own. We have already announced startups that include TCs affiliated with the partner organization Black Women Founders (here) and the Women Founders Alliance (here). Today, we are excited to share with you some of the early stages founders approved by StartOut and the LatinX Startup Alliance. 

Start Out: Endo Industries: Endo Industries sells cannabis plants and is collaborating with farmers to create a platform that helps operators scale brands based on equity, diversity and wellness founded by Nancy Dr.

Kyndoo: Kyndoo is a data platform for solving the biggest problems of social media – fraud, quality in addition, content protection. It helps brands avoid working with #FakeFamous helps them find companies that share their mission and values Founded by Kelly MacDonald.

Thimble: Thimble is a monthly subscription service that teaches kids robotics and coding skills through a curated STEM course, robotics and coding kits and live, build-along classes founded by Oscar Pedroso.

LatinX Startup Alliance: High Health: How Health is a digital health, organization with a bilingual platform that provides access to low-cost primary care products and services to underworld communities Founded by Mario Anglada.

Caribu: Caribu‌ Help.kid has a virtual plaid with family and friends to play games, read and color together to ‍NA Interactive‌ ‌video-call Founded Max Tuchman.

Pandocap.co: Pandocap is a financial media company around the capital market. The bilingual content focuses on easily understood information and highlights different voices through different techniques Founded Laura Moreno.

TC Session: Justice 2021 March Held March View the event agenda, buy your pass today, and discover opportunities to build a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable industry.