Measurement the Employee Satisfaction of Exim Bank Limited

Measurement the Employee Satisfaction of Exim Bank Limited

 Executive Summary

At first I have been placed in the General Banking Department. General Banking department performs the majority In fact; bank operates with the people’s money. And this process starts with the General Banking department. The activities of the General Banking Department of PBL are mainly divided into the following categories

(1) Account Opening Section is the first step to make customer relationship with the bank.

(2)  Local Remittance section is one of the main components of general banking Section, In remittance section Telegraphic Transfer, Demand Draft issue, Saving Certificate Issue, Pay order such types of activities are performed.

(3) The Bank has set up a Wide Area Network (WAN) across the country to provide Online Branch Banking facility to its valued clients. Under the Scheme, clients of any branch shall be able to do banking transaction at other branches of the bank.

(4) With this end in view, Prime Bank Limited has introduced a Scheme entitled “ONE STOP UTILITY SERVICES SCHEME”. The scheme is designed to provide all the required services to the customer in making payment of their following bills on their behalf from the counter of the Bank:

(5) Deposit Schemes Section works For poverty alleviation, we need self-employment, for self-employment we need investment and for investment we need savings. In the other words, savings help capital formations and the capital formations help investments in the country. The investment in its turn helps industrialization leading towards creation of wealth of the country. And the wealth finally takes the country on road to progress and prosperity. As such, savings is considered the very basis of prosperity of the country. The more the growth of savings, the more will be the prosperity of the nation.

(6) In Clearing Section the scheduled banks clear the cheque drawn upon one another through the clearinghouse. This is an arrangement by the central bank where every day the representative of the member banks gathers to clear the cheque.

(7) In Collection Section, Checks, drafts etc. are drown on bank located outside clearing house are sent for collection. Mirpur-1 Branch collects its client’s above-mentioned instruments from other branches of BL and branches other than PBL.

(8) Cash section is a very sensitive organ of the branch and handle with extra care.  Operation of this section begins at the start of the banking hour. Cash officer begins his/her transaction with taking money from the vault, known as the opening cash balance.


In today’s world, education is the imperative tool for understand the real world and apply knowledge for betterment of the society as well as in Business Sector. From the education session the theoretical knowledge is obtained from various courses throughout the programs, which is only the half way of the subject matter. Practical knowledge has no alternative. The perfect coordination between theory and practice is of paramount importance in the context of modern business Graduates to get 12 weeks practical experience, which is known as “Internship Program”.  That program is taken when the student is at the leg of his/her Bachelor Degree. Internship program brings student closer to the real life situation and thereby helps to launch a career with some prior experience. Department of commerce has the goal to produces world class graduates within the local environment with knowledge and skill to provide leadership in enterprise, public service and welfare of our society. Internship placement of this department is a step towards fulfilling this commitment by giving students an opportunity to get ready for the real world before they enter their practical life. Involvement of the banking sector in different financial events is increasing day by day. At the same time the financial arena is becoming faster, customer focused and its involvement got unavoidable in our everyday life. Now a day, it has become essential for every person to have some ideas on the economics and mostly on banking procedure. For the internship program, each student is attached with an organization. My internship placement was at Human Resources Department of Exim Bank Limited.


Internship report is the outcomes of perfect coordination between theoretical and practical experience throughout the session of 12 weeks. This report is on Human Resources Department of Exim Bank Limited generated based on author’s 12 weeks practical experience with Human Resources Department of Exim Bank Limited.

This report mainly consists of two parts, are; organizational part and learning part. The organizational part consists of various aspects of Exim Bank Limited (EXIM BANK) as, mission, vision, historical review, financial condition, various departments and divisions, management aspects, branches, products and services, social responsibilities etc. The later part focuses the department author worked with and the learning experiences he gathered during the session as, functions of the department, policy and practices, objectives, mission, vision, SWOT analysis, structure, activities performed by the author etc.

Objectives of the study

  • § To familiarize with practical job environment
  • § To have an exposure on the financial institutions such as banking environment of Bangladesh
  • § To gain experience on different functions of banking business in Bangladesh
  • § To examine the Human Resource practice in Banking Business
  • § To examine the Human Resources Policies and practices at EXIM BANK
  • § To acquire in–depth knowledge over EXIM BANK’s Human Resources Department’s work flow

    and their inter division dependencies

  • § To gather the actual knowledge about the HR operations in the organizations
  • § To Measure the Employee satisfaction level in EXIM BANK


The first step of this project was problem identification and deciding on the topic. This was achieved through consulting with the faculty advisor and the supervisor in EXIM BANK. Next the particular objectives of the project were set. Based on these objectives, the necessary data for completion of the project were identified. Next, those internal sources were identified who would be able to provide the necessary information.

After this, the data collection process began. Both primary and secondary sources were used. The primary sources of information were the concerned officials of EXIM BANK. Data were collected from them through interview. The sources of secondary information were various publications, board memos, Annual Report and other reports on EXIM BANK. After data collection was complete, the data was analyzed to find out their implications. Based on those findings, the final report was completed.


The major limitation of this report is that no previous study is done beforehand on EXIM BANK’s Human Resources Department. So, secondary study material was scarce. The study is heavily relied on observational method, which has its own disadvantages, and not a very effective method. The Human Resources division was not so structured and has anomalies in practices among the branches. Standard method was not yet set in all the major segments in HRD of EXIM BANK.

 Organizational Part


The emergence of Exim Bank Limited in the private sector is an important event in the banking industry of Bangladesh. Exim Bank Limited started its business as a public limited company on August 08, 1992 with the primary objectives to carry on all kinds of banking business in and outside of Bangladesh and also with a view to safeguard the interest of the depositors of erstwhile BCCI [Bank of Credit and Commerce International (Overseas)] under the Reconstruction Scheme, 1992, framed by Bangladesh Bank.

In 19991, when BCCI had collapsed internationally, the operation of this bank had been closed in Bangladesh. After a long discussion with the BCCI employees and taking into consideration the depositors’ interest, Bangladesh Bank then gave the permission to form a bank named Exim Bank Limited which would take over all the assets, cash and liabilities of erstwhile BCCI in Bangladesh, with effect from August 16, 1992. So, it can be said the EXIM BANK is a successor of BCCI.

EXIM BANK started its business as a scheduled bank with only four branches, which included Pincipal Branch, Dhaka; Motijheel Branch, Dhaka; Agrabad Branch, Chittagong and Khulna Branch. EXIM BANK started its business with motto to grow as a leader in the banking arena of Bangladesh through better counseling and efficient service to clients. EXIM BANK resumed its operational activities initially with an authorized capital of Tk. 1000 million, divided into 10 million shares of Tk. 100 each and paid up capital of Tk. 310 million. The initial shareholders were the NCBs, various govt. agencies, and some of the depositors who had agreed to accept shares in the new bank in lieu of their deposits. The first Board of Directors of EXIM BANK constituted under govt. supervision, consisted of 7 directors from various business and professions. Exim Bank Limited was under government control until the end of 2000 and therefore, there were lots of deficiencies in the Bank’s management. In 2001, the board of directors brought in new professional management from various foreign banks who have been trying to modernize the bank ever since.


      EXIM BANK will deliver service excellence to customers, both internal and external.

      EXIM BANK will constantly challenge their systems, procedures and training to maintain a

      cohesive and professional team in order to achieve service excellence.

      EXIM BANK will create an enabling environment and embrace a team based culture where

      people will excel.

      EXIM BANK will ensure to maximize shareholder’s value.


The vision of Exim Bank Limited is to become the bank of choice by transforming the way they do business and developing a truly unique financial institution that delivers superior growth and financial performance and be the most recognizable brand in the financial services in Bangladesh.


            Service excellence





            Responsible corporate citizen

EXIM BANK see their customers’ trust as the lifeline of their business, control and compliance as their license to operate, dynamic and motivated people as their strength to multiply and technology as their weapon to service excellence.

Objectives of Exim Bank Limited

Maximization of profit along with the benefits of employees is the main objective of the bank. In addition, the other objectives are:

  •       To be one of the leading banks of Bangladesh in terms of ROE and ROE
  •       To be the market leader in high quality banking products and services
  •        Achieve excellence in customer service through providing the most modern and
  •        advanced state-art technological in the different spheres of banking
  •       Cater to a broader and differentiated segment of retail and wholesale customers.
  •       To grow its credit extension service to the commercials as well industrial sector;
  •       To increase its diversification of loan portfolio and geographical coverage
  •       To curd present operating expenses further so as to increase earning before tax
  •       To reduce the burden of non performing assets

Historical Review and Different Milestones of EXIM BANK

In the year of 1992 EXIM BANK started their banking operation in the country. Within these 15 years EXIM BANK became one of the successful banks in Bangladesh. They are able to gain this huge success because of their employee’s honesty, integration and hard work.

EXIM BANK dreams to be the bank of choice of the general public which includes both the consumer and the corporate clients. It has adopted the tag line “simple math”, the philosophy of Easy Banking while celebrating the 10th anniversary in 2002, EXIM BANK’s logo was changed to reflect the restricting and the transformations it is going through; the colors of the new logo signify the vibrant green of mother earth, a blue sky full of possibilities and a yellow rising sun of hope.

In order to achieve superior growth and financial performance for its shareholders, EXIM BANK is radically transforming the way it dies business .The bank has already restructured from the traditional geographic matrix (branch based banking) to business unit matrix. The bank is also centralizing most of the business functions in the head office to ensure greater control and efficiency.

EXIM BANK wanted to stand up in the crowd. For moving out of the ramshackle, EXIM BANK management under the dynamic leadership of the honorable Directors of the Board switched over to a centralized platform using a world renowned banking software (Flexcube) which was the no one most popular software in the world for the year 2003. The bank also centralizing most of the business functions in the head office to ensure greater control and efficiency. The result has been incredible. List of few benefits from centralization are mentioned below:

At a glance – Benefits from Changes

• Standalone systems= > Centralized system
• Branch Banking= > Anywhere Banking
• EOD at Branch= > EOD at Data Centre
• Telegraphic Transfers= > Online Inter-branch transfer
• Hold accounts= > Online Inter-branch transfer
• Produce MIS at Branch= > Centralized MIS
• Poor ‘Control’ reports= > Improved ‘Control’ reports
• Audit needs branch visit= > MIS available at Head Office
• Information on paper= > Information in CIF
• On Card Signature/Pix= > Digital Signature/Pix
• No Funds Management= > Automatic Sweep-in/Out

 EXIM BANK is a leading private sector bank in Bangladesh offering full range of Personal, Corporate, International Trade, Foreign Exchange, Lease Finance and Capital Market Services. At present, this can be said; Exim Bank Limited is the preferred choice in banking for friendly and personalized services, cutting edge technology, tailored solutions for business needs, global reach in trade and commerce and high yield on investments, assuring Excellence in Banking Services.

Within very short span of time EXIM BANK is going to open five more branches in the country. EXIM BANK is start strengthen their consumer products along with their corporate products; as they lunched “Simple Credit Card” in the market recently.

Current Profile of EXIM BANK

At present, the bank has 32 branches throughout the country with about 850 employees. The existing Board of Members is 12. Mr. A. Q. I. Chowdhury, OBE is the Chairman of Board and Mr. Ali Reza Md. Iftekhar is the Managing Director & CEO. EXIM BANK is currently going through a restructuring stage where the traditional ‘Branch Banking System` is gradually discarded and being replaced by a Centralized System till 2000. The bank has been restructured into five main businesses which is responsible for earning the revenues of the bank. These are:

      Corporate Banking

      Consumer Banking

      SME Banking



All other departments of the bank act as support for these five units and help them in every possible way. Under this arrangement, the responsibilities and functions of those branches have been reduced dramatically. Many of the activities like credit evaluation and approval, monitoring of loans, trade services activities etc. are now centralized in the Head Office. The branches of the bank are now termed as the “Sales & ServiceCenters” which are solely concentrated on delivering services to the corporate and consumer clients and maintain relationship with them.

2006, last year was another year of continued success of EXIM BANK across all the business units. The Bank has made an Operating Profit growth of 28.6% to BDT 1,358 million during the year but suffered a decline of Profit after Tax by 6.1% to BDT 513 million mainly due to increased general provisioning requirement by BB and disallowance of specific provision in tax computation. Therefore EPS dropped to BDT 61.98 in 2006 against BDT 66.00.

Corporate Banking remains the major bread earner with largest volume of loan portfolio and fees income. Adding 3 more branches at strategic locations, Consumer Banking supplied the major part of funding assets of corporate and SME, one of the potential business segments. EXIM BANK Treasury has passed a superb year 2006 by achieving an extraordinary growth of FX income by 130% to the tune of BDT 434 million by exploiting market volatility. Investment income also grew by 47.48% due to govts increased borrowing at higher rates.

 Management Aspects

The EXIM BANK Management Team comprises of a group of people and each of them comes with an international working background and is committed in leveraging their experiences to take EXIM BANK to greater heights by ensuring top line revenues with dynamic capabilities. This Management Team is unique in being able to envision the need of the business by bringing in admixture of advanced technology solutions know-how and revamping the organizational make-up for maximum profitability. Other than the CEO, the remaining Management Team Members each lead a functional department.

This mix of people is persistent to provide unparallel services to its customers, come up with timely and innovative products and services and to enhance the capabilities of its people of its people while emphasizing on the latest technology. This they believe will take the Bank to a foremost position in the country by the turn of the year 2007. This team is to drive the business to maximize the operational excellence and efficiency through acquisition of talent, developing systems, processes and people and through blending of these to let customers revel in with fulfillment and permanency.

Like any other business organization, all the major decisions in EXIM BANK are made by the top management Committee. The board mainly establishes the objectives and policies of the bank. There are three (3) committees of the board for different purposes:

Executive committee

In compliance with the BRPD circular no. 16 dated July 24, 2003 the board of Directors of EXIM BANK has reconstituted its Executive Committee in its 352the Board Meeting and was duly confirmed by the Board. This committee is comprised of four non-executive Directors and Managing Director of the bank and the functions and responsibilities of this committee is to Establish and periodically review the bank’s overall credit and lending policies and procedures, develop and implement uniform and minimum acceptable credit standards for the bank, new credit proposal assessment and approval etc.

The Audit Committee

The main objective of this committee is to assist eh Board of Directors with regard to the audit of financial reports, management reports by external auditors, internal controls and internal audits.

 Management Committee

The main objectives of this committee is to ensure business operations are in line with the Bank’s policies, strategies and objectives, the bank has set up. This committee consists of the CEO, COO and different business unit heads. The honorable members are:

Mid and lower level employees get the direction and instruction from the top executives about the duties and tasks they have to perform. Management of Exim Bank Ltd. assumes that; active employees are the inputs to achieve the organization goal. The manager provides the guidelines and broad directions to the subordinates but delegate responsibility for determining how tasks and goals are to be accomplished.

 Management Hierarchy at EXIM BANK



Board of Directors


Managing Director


Deputy Managing Director



Senior Executive Vice President


Executive Vice President


Senior Vice President


Vice President


Senior Assistant Vice President


First Assistant Vice President


Assistant Vice President


Senior Principal Officer


Principal Officer


Management Trainee (Entry Level)


Senior Officer


Officer (Entry Level)


Contractual Officer (Entry Level)

Figure: Management Hierarchy of EXIM BANK

Current Banking Scenario of BD and EXIM BANK’s Position in the Market

From the beginning of the year 2004, the entire banking industry in Bangladesh started facing stiff competition to procure business, under the changed circumstances of the policy of BB to lower the rates of interest in lending and to go for syndication against large loan portfolios with the objective to ensure better operation and control of all functions of the bank.

Despite such situation the year was a remarkable on for EXIM BANK when the bank finally completed the introduction of a state-of-the art IT technology platform of Flex Cube, a world class banking software. All of bank’s 25 braches were connected to this IT platform giving an enviable opportunity to all the EXIM BANK customers to obtain the most coveted services that no other bank could offer them yet.

Customers of new century are self-motivated, vigilant and informed about the market conditions, further more development of information technology and telecommunication systems created an environment whereby customers demand convenience, reasonable priced better quality financial products and personalized services. Customer demand together with technological advancement created new challenges and opportunities in the banking sector in Bangladesh. Adapting realistic and timely business policies, investments in IT are now prejudicing to stay at the edge of this assertive and competitive banking business of the country. Invention of new financial products and services and introduction of new delivery methods are the key concern of staying close to customers.

To cope with the status quo, Exim Bank Limited welcomed these developments and restructured the bank to meet the challenges in future. The branches of the bank are now termed as the “Sales & ServicesCenter” which are solely concentrated providing service to the corporate and consumer clients and maintain relationship with them.

2006, last year was another year of continued success of EXIM BANK across all the business units. The Bank has made an Operating Profit growth of 28.6% to BDT 1,358 million during the year but suffered a decline of Profit after Tax by 6.1% to BDT 513 million mainly due to increased general provisioning requirement by BB and disallowance of specific provision in tax computation. Therefore EPS dropped to BDT 61.98 in 2006 against BDT 66.00.

Corporate Banking remains the major bread earner with largest volume of loan portfolio and fees income. Adding 3 more branches at strategic locations, Consumer Banking supplied the major part of funding assets of corporate and SME, one of the potential business segments. EXIM BANK Treasury has passed a superb year 2006 by achieving an extraordinary growth of FX income by 130% to the tune of BDT 434 million by exploiting market volatility. Investment income also grew by 47.48% due to govts increased borrowing at higher rates.

 Credit Risk Management [Portfolio Diversification]

Comprehensive risk management is a core competence of EXIM BANK. EXIM BANK take a prudent and conservative approach to risk that is fully aligned with their long-term strategy. The risk framework combines centralized policy setting with board oversight supported by risk execution and monitoring. It provides management with the ability to oversee the bank’s large and highly diversified portfolio effectively and efficiently.

EXIM BANK’s risk management systems are designed to identify and analyze risks management processes by establishing a credit risk management policy, credit underwriting standards, and credit risk rating methodology. It also established a Credit Risk Management Division, which is independent from relationship management units to ensure proper controls on its lending.

 Departments and Divisions of EXIM BANK

These are the main divisions; the structures and functions of each of these divisions are given below:

Serial No

Name of Departments


Audit & Compliance Division


Finance & Accounts Division


Human Resources Department


Corporate Banking Division


Treasury Department


Consumer Banking Division


Brand Management Division


SME Banking Division


Credit Risk Management Division


Credit Administration Department




International Division


Information Technology Division

Products and Services of Exim Bank Ltd.

a)Consumer Products

Loan Products

  • EXIM BANK Jibandhara Loan
  • EXIM BANK Utshab Loan
  • EXIM BANK Home Loan
  • EXIM BANK FastCash
  • EXIM BANK FastLoan
  • EXIM BANK Executive Loan
  • EXIM BANK Auto Loan
  • EXIM BANK TraveLoan
  • EXIM BANK Parseloan
  • Education Finance Pack

Deposit Products

  • Interesting Account
  • Campus Account
  • High Performance
  • EXIM BANK Repeat
  • EXIM BANK Confidence
  • EXIM BANK Just Double

Cards Products

  • Simple Credit Card
  • LifeStyle Card
  • Cool Car

b)SME Banking Products

Loan Products

  • EXIM BANK Agrim
  • EXIM BANK Uddog
  • EXIM BANK Asha
  • EXIM BANK Puji
  • EXIM BANK Banijjo
  • EXIM BANK Mukti

Deposit Products

  • EXIM BANK Subidha

Corporate Products






PAD– Payment Against Document– Advance against Sight L/C
– Forced Loan
– Recourse on title to Import document– 21 days per BB
LTR– Loan Against Trust Receipt– To finance import L/Cs– Recourse on Sales
– Clean finance
– 180 days
CC (HYPO)– Cash Credit Against Hypothecation of inventory Debts– To finance Inventory
– Other business operations
– General purpose
– Recourse on pledged Inventory
– Ever green
– 12 months
CC (PLEDGE)– Cash Credit Against Pledge of Inventory and Hypothecation of Book Debts– To finance pledged Inventory– Recourse on pledged Inventory
– High monitoring risk
– Ever green
– 12 months
ACCEPTANCE– Acceptance against ULC-To finance assets thru Banker’s Acceptance– Resourse on sales– 12 months
OAP– Own Acceptance Purchase– To refinance Bank’s Acceptance
– Forced Loan
– No recourse
– Clean finance
– Ever green
– 12 months
LBPD– Local Bill Purchased Documentary-To purchase/discount against Local usance L/C
-Upfront interest to be realized
– Recourse on Banks thru acceptance
– Residual on client
– 180 days
FBPD– Foreign Bill Purchased Documentary-To purchase/discount/negotiate export doc. against Sight/Usance Export L/C
-Upfront interest to be realized (diff. in FX rate)
– Recourse on Banks
– Residual on client
– 45/180 days
LAFB (CLEAN)– Loan Against Foreign Bill Clean– To finance Export Contract– Clean finance
-Performance risk
– 120 days
LAFBD– Loan Against Foreign Bill Documentary– To finance export doc. against Export Contract Sight/Usance– Recourse on export doc
– Payment risk
– 45/180 days
SLC– Sight Letter of Credit– For importation– Resourse on title to import document– 12 months
ULC– Usance Letter of Credit– For importation– Recourse on sales– 12 months
LG– Letter of Guarantee
-BB/PG/APG/RB/Pay. Gtee
– For Contractual Obligations– Performance risk
-Ever green
– Specific Period
– Open ended
SOD– Secured Overdraft– General Purpose– 100% cash covered
– No Credit Risk
– Ever Green
– 12 months
OD– Overdraft Against Other Collateral– General Purpose– High Credit Risk
-Recourse on Sales
– Ever Green
– 12 months
Import Loan (Hypo)– Import Loan Against Hypothecation of Inventory and Book-Debts– To finance Import L/C or against contract– Recourse on Sales– 180 days
Import Loan (Pledge)– Import Loan Against Imported Merchandise pledged and Hypothecation of Book Debts– To finance imported merchandise under pledge– Recourse on pledged inventory
– High monitoring risk
– 180 days
Demand Loan (Hypo)– Demand Loan Against Hypothecation of Inventory and Book Debts– To finance Inventory procedured locally
– To finance duty/tax
– Recourse on Sales– 180 days
Demand Loan (Pledge)– Demand Loan Against Pledged Inventory procured locally and Hypothecation of Book Debts– To finance Inventory procured locally under pledge– Recourse on pledge Inventory
– High monitoring risk
– 180 days
Time Loan– Time Loan against Other Security/Collateral/Support– To finance fixed/other asset– Recourse on Sales
-Collateralise by fixed/other assets
– 12 months
Term Loan– Term Loan against fixed assets– To finance fixed asset– Recourse on fixed asset
-High risk
– Over 12 months
– Max 7 years
PC– Packing Credit against Export L/C & Export Order– To finance Export L/C
– Pre-shipment Finance
– Performance risk
– Lien on Export L/C
– 180 days
BCP (Foreign)– Bankers Cheque Purchase (Foreign)– To purchase/discount foreign currency Drafts/Payment Order
– Upfront interest to be realized (diff. in FX rate)
– Recourse on Banks
– Residual on client
– 30 days
BCP (Local)– Bankers Cheque Purchase (Local)– To purchase/discount Bank Draft and Pay Order
– Upfront interest to be realized
– Recourse on Banks
– Residual on client
– 30 days

Services offered by Consumer Banking Division

  • Locker Services
  • EXIM BANK 5 to 9 (Evening Banking)
  • Online Banking
  • EXIM BANK Visa Electron Card
  • Utility Services Bill Collection
  • Tuition Fees Collection
  • Student File
  • Simple Credit Card
    • Local Classic
    • Local Gold
    • Dual Classic
    • Dual Gold

Services offered by SME Banking Division

 Debit Card (Visa Electron) Facility

 Online Banking

 Internet Banking

 Bill Payment Facility

Corporate Social Responsibilities of the Exim Bank Limited

In this 21st century, the social responsibility of an organization is unavoidable. The societal marketing concept holds that the organization should determine the needs wants, and interests of target markets. It should then deliver superior value to customers in a way that maintains or improves the consumer’s and the society’s well-being. In this concept the marketers will maximize the consumers’ value in the long run rater than short run to maximize their profit.

The bank realizes the importance of contributing to the public, community, and society as a whole as well as participating in environmental protection and conservation for a sustainable future. EXIM BANK ensures that the customer already having production facility that is susceptible to damage environment has due environmental clearance certificate from the concerned ministry while granting or renewing credit facility.

Every year EXIM BANK contribute their in various types of social activities, are; awarding the talent student through “talent hunt”, monetary contribution in the disable fund, contribute increasing public awareness about the social ills and the most recently EXIM BANK contributed BDT 320 million in the Chief Advisors fund for the flood affected people.  No one in society can avoid the due responsibilities, EXIM BANK’s position is positive in this regard and they wish to find a suitable segment to work with in future to meet the corporate social responsibility.

Human Resources Department of Exim Bank Limited


Like any organization Exim Bank Limited also believes, Employees are the most valuable asset in the organization. Human Resources Department is responsible for the people dimension of the organization. It is responsible for hiring competent people, training them, helping them perform at high levels and mechanisms to ensure that these employees maintain their productive affiliation with the organization. Human Resources Department of Easter Bank Limited is solely responsible mainly for recruitment, training and development, ensuring compensation and benefits of staffs, performance appraisals and rewards. With all those core functions Human Resources Department linkage its operations meet the organization’s main objectives.

 Human Resources Department of Exim Bank Limited

Human resources Department of EXIM BANK is one of the most valued departments with the responsibilities of staffing, training and development, organization development, performance appraisals, rewarding, control and maintenance etc. With the start of EXIM BANK’s banking operation the Human Resources Department (HRD) was not as strong and structured as it is now. The Human Resources Department of EXIM BANK consists of nine valuable and experienced executives to carry out the whole responsibilities. The Human Resources Department of EXIM BANK stands in its Head Office at Jiban Bima Bhaban under the direct supervision of the top management. The mission statement of HR Department is; “Employee of Choice, we will inculcate high performance culture where we will fun and pride”.

 Objectives of the Human Resources Department of EXIM BANK

  Creating an enabling environment through information sharing

  Introducing a better pay package

  Build up “ belief in self” by reducing unneeded steps usually rubber stamped by superiors

  Encouraging cross functional teaming as and when possible

Why Internship Report on Human Resources

The internship placement in EXIM BANK is performed by the training and development unit which is based on the vacant position available in different branches and departments. As it is; my placement was done in the HR department stands in Head Office. As a business graduate I believe it was an immense opportunity having placement in HRD for experiencing the perfect combination between previous theoretical and the real practices in the organization. There was a paramount impact of studying Human Resource Management in the program while working with HR Department of EXIM BANK.

Recruitment and Selection

Authority of Recruitment

As per Bangladesh Bank BRPD Circular No. 16 dated July 24, 2003, “Appointments to the services of the bank up to the two levels below the rank of the Managing Director shall be made by the Board of Directors of the Bank. All other appointments shall be made by the Managing Director of the bank as required under the organogram of the bank duly approved by the Board.

Career with Exim Bank Limited

                                    Deputy Managing Director

                                    Senior Executive Vice President

                                    Executive Vice President

                                    Senior Vice President

                                    Vice President

                                    Senior Assistant Vice President

                                    First Assistant Vice President

                                    Assistant Vice President

                                    Senior Principal Officer

                                    Principal Officer

                                    Management Trainee (Entry Level)

Senior Officer:

                                    Officer (Entry Level)

                                    Contractual Officer (Entry Level)

                                    Direct Sales Executive (Entry Level)

                                    Subordinate Staffs

Recruitment / Appointment

Recruitment and selecting are some of the importance inputs to healthy organizational activities. Recruitment procedure commences within the bank due to turnover, promotion, retirement, new business strategy, etc. Bank’s philosophy is to retain and develop the in house talents and hire the best performers in the industry. The recruitment procedure includes Internal Job watch and from external sources. Set of skills, need availability, education, job description are the prerequisite criteria for a successful recruitment. For sustenance and growth of business the Bank will recruit at three levels:

Junior Levels (Officer to Senior Officer)

On need basis, whenever a vacancy arises by various reasons or new business need; recruitment will be made through a basic job related written test and an interview session commanding by the Head of Human Resources. Suitable candidates are selected from the dropped application for various posts and high recommendations. Minimum qualification for this level is Graduation from any reputed University.

Management Trainees

Management trainees are recruited on planned basis to develop a team of young potential fresh graduates to develop them as future leaders of the bank. The numbers of selection determined every year depending on the changes in business and turnover. The selection process done through a stiff competing method. The candidates are expected to be with high academic performance from any reputed foreign or local University. Written exam covers information technology, mathematical aptitude, English, General Knowledge, Economics and general questions. After primary selection candidates have to face a long interview session with the top management. After all procedures there are few candidates can convince the higher management and appointed as Management Trainee of EXIM BANK.

Lateral Entry

External recruitment at any level made only when, internal successor is not available or totally a new position created for the business need or/and a technical job arises. This may done by publicizing the position opening through newspaper advertisements in leading national dailies or through out the online job portal as EXIM BANK is the corporate client of “Bd Jobs”.

 Employment Offer

After finishing all the selection procedures duly approved by the Managing Director or Board the Employment Offer is made. Employment offer consists joining open period, particulars of salary, position etc. With the employment offer the required documents and pre-medical tests report are asked by the HR to bring in the day of joining.

Probation Period

Employees appointed from Officer to Senior Officer level shall be on probation; normally for a period of six months. The probation period for the Management trainee is One year form the date of joining. During the probation period the new incumbent’s suitability for the job will be appraised. This period will also provide the new employees the opportunity to appreciate whether the job is suitable for him/her. The probation period may be extended if the Management thinks additional training or period is required to review the performance of the incumbent.


On satisfactory completion of probation period and recommended by the functional head the incumbent will be confirmed as the permanent employee of Exim Bank Limited.


A confirmed employee may resign from the services of the bank giving 3 (three) months’ notice in writing through a proper channel or 3 (three) months’ basic salary in lieu thereof. The Management may also ask to resign an employee giving him/her a 3 (Three) months’ notice or 3 months’ basic salary in lieu.

Any Partial or full waiver of notice period will be at the discretion of the Managing Director.

 Termination of Employment

The Bank may terminate the services of a permanent employee by giving him/her notice in writing or salary in lieu thereof for the period as under:

120 days notice in case of Subordinate-staff or salary in lieu thereof;

  90 days notice for all other grades or salary in lieu thereof;

During probation, the Management may terminate the employment at any time without notice. Similarly, an incumbent may terminate his/her employment with the Bank at any time during probation on intimation in writing to the Management.

The authority to terminate an employee of the Grades from Junior Officer to Executive Vice President lies with the Managing Director while that of Senior Executive Vice President and above can only be exercised by the Board of Directors.


An  employee  shall  be  dismissed  from  the  Bank’s  service  if  he  is  found  guilty  of

misconduct  or  whatsoever  according  to  the  reports  of  the  Enquiry  Committee. The

concerned dismissed employee will get only the own contribution of his Provident Fund.

Discharge on Medical Ground

If an employee is incapable to continue his/her service for continued ill health, mental abnormality and disorder, then the Management may discharge him/her from service on medical ground. He/she may be paid as ex-gratuity with other benefits with the approval of the Managing Director.


A member will normally retire on the day in which his/her 56th birthday falls. The Management may in the interest of the Bank, advice an employee to retire after he/she has completed 25 years of continuous service in the Bank.

Exit Interview

Any employee leaving EXIM BANK has to fill up a Exit Interview form and forward to Human Resources Department. Exit Interview form is the source to HR for reducing retention and further development in the policy.

End of Service Benefits (EOSB)

This is the mix of benefits he/she will gain after leaving the company normally. It will be the blends of provident fund, gratuity, loan deductions, service excellence etc. After resignation HR Department takes one month to calculate and issue EOSB to that Ex-official.

Training and Development

Bank’s policy is to train and develop managers at all levels so that they contribute towards the organization’s growth and also enhance their own development. Development is seen as a joint responsibility of the individual and his/her manager.

Training needs will be identified and individuals during the Performance appraisal process and the employees will be nominated to various programmes of the following types.

Induction (to orient the new entrant about the organization).

On the job training

Function based skill training

General Management Training

Training and development program in Exim Bank Limited is limited and HRD is going to take immediate measures for developing its Training process, orientation, career development etc. Provided that EXIM BANK has its training academy stands in Shantinagar, Dhaka.

Performance Appraisal System

Performance Appraisal System (PAS) is the tool by which we measure the performance of an individual and identify the gaps and plan future developments in order to enable a better fit between the jobs & the incumbent.

It is an HR process for driving business results.  It is defining in advance what we must do as an individual to win in the marketplace and later on assessing the performance based on the extent to which we achieve results.

Performance Appraisal System is quite structured that it can measure or assess both goals (what) and the management competencies (how).

Goals/ Key Result Areas (KRA) are the specific major objectives to be set at the beginning of the year through consultation with the reporting manager. These need to be aligned to the objectives of the function and consequently to overall objectives of the Bank.

A management competency is a skill, ability or trait that predicts success to perform a job.

The Performance Appraisal needs to be implemented as per the PAS format which will be circulated by HR at the beginning of the year. The definition of rating in Performance appraisal is given below for reference:

1= The individual who has exceeded 125% and above of his target in all of his key result

areas is eligible for rating 1.

2 =  The individuals who has exceeded 105% – 110%of his target in all of his key result areas is eligible for rating 2.

3 =  The individual who has achieved 90%-100%  of his target in all of his key result areas is eligible for rating 3. The employee achieved the essential requirement of day to day job.

4 = The individual failed to perform within the set objective.

5 = The individual who has failed to demonstrate his performance in all of his key result areas to be rated  5 and he/s  will be treated as non performer.

Those who are rated 1 to 3 are eligible for incentive bonus:

If any appraisee feels that his/her performance evaluation by the line manager is influenced by discrimination or unfair and biased judgment the appraisee may appeal to Head of HR with his/her grievance in writing. In such cases the HOHR will be the first point contact. If the issue remain unresolved than it will referred to the MD for his review and decision and in that case the decision of MD will be final.

Compensation and Benefits


Salaries are confidential between the employees concerned and the Management. Employees joining against a post will be receiving the salary as per the grade they join in. The employees who are in probation will be eligible to join the PF only after their confirmation. Management Trainee alone will receive a monthly consolidated salary during the probation period.

Salaries increase which is linked with the performance of the individual employee per calendar year takes effect from 1st March of every year.

The annual salary revision is decided by the Managing Director with approval of the Board of Directors based on:

  • Individual Performance
  • Market Movement
  • The Bank’s affordability
  • Individual’s relative position in a particular salary range
  • COLA (Cost of living adjustment)

Any request for information relating to salary should be directed to the Human Resources Department.

 Promotional Benefits

In the event of Promotion/Up-gradation to a higher Job Grade, the employee will receive an increase of 10% of his/her previous basic salary and all other allowances applicable in the higher grade. However, the promotee will receive the minimum range of the level where he/she has been promoted.

In case the revised basic salary still remains below the starting scale of the new Job Grade, the employee is then given the differential needed to place him/her at the starting basic salary of the new Job Grade.


Salary increases are awarded once a year on the basis of Increment Policy to all employees who have performed satisfactorily in the given year for a minimum period of 180 days after confirmation of service. One may not receive any increment on a given year as a penalty on account of any offence/disciplinary measure. The confirm employee who is in service with the Bank less than 180 days will receive the COLA portion of the increment, Which is determined by rate of inflation and CPI (Consumer price Index) during that financial year. The portion of COLA in each year increment will be decided by Management Committee of the bank.

Increments are awarded to the employees as per Rating of the Annual Performance Appraisal at variable percentage of their existing respective basic salary as under excluding the COLA portion.


Excellent (Rating 1)*

Very Good (Rating 2)*

Good (Rating 3)*

Average (Rating 4)

Below Average

(Rating 5)







Subordinate Staff





Promotion depends on the availability of a position in the higher grade and a proven track record of an individual’s capabilities of taking over higher responsibilities. Promotion may also take place if the job size increased and the Management committee decides to upgrade the job.

Promotion to the rank and status of Senior Executive Vice President and above lies with the Board of Directors of the Bank.

All promotions, other than the above, have to be recommended by the function heads and shall be approved by the Managing Director. A minimum service of two (2) years in a similar position is the prerequisite for promotion, but for any exceptional case the promotion may be awarded at the full discretion of the Managing Director.

However, there is no guarantee that all recommended cases will be promoted and the Managing Director may at his discretion promote a few exceptional cases.


Subject to other provisions of the terms of service guidelines declared by the Management from time to time Bonus shall only be payable to the employees who would, at the time of declaration of Bonus, be in the service of the Bank and entitled to the same at that time.

 Festival Bonus

The following Employees normally to receive festival bonus as under:

 Employment Category Payment System
1.All regular  Officers and Staff:One month’s basic pay both in Eid-ul-Fitre & Eid-ul-Azha.
2.All regular Officers and Staff (non-Muslim):One month’s basic pay both in Eid-ul-Fitre & Eid-ul-Azha or two months’ basic pay at the time of the main festival with the approval of the management.
3.Officers  on Contract/(In Bank’s Pay role): As per contract/50% of monthly consolidated pay
4.Officers/employees on probation or who have not completed six(6) month’s service:50% of basic.
5.Executives’ personal Drivers/ outsourced employees/workers :Monthly consolidated wages

 Officers and employees under any disciplinary action will not receive any festival bonus.

Performance Bonus

The Bank may award performance bonus from time to time depending on the actual profit made in a given year. This bonus is subject to payment only upon Board approval.

This bonus will only be awarded to those who have completed 180 (one hundred and eighty) days’ confirmed service with the Bank and made significant contribution towards achieving the profit target over and above the normal target. The contribution measurement will be coming from the Performance Appraisal System.

The employees who are rated four (4) in the appraisal process are not eligible for Performance Bonus.

 In years when the Bank does not declare any dividends no performance bonus will be awarded. This is in compliance with Bangladesh Bank Regulations.


Car Loan Scheme for the Employee

This facility will only for AVP to SVP level. The amount of loan is different based on the job grade. The amount will be repaid by the employee over 120 periods (20 years) of time in discounting method. The interest rate is 4-4.5% as per the company policy. The executives will retire/leave before the period have to repay the liability or have to repay over less than said periods. EVP to MD will have the car facility arranged by the bank.

House Building Loan

This facility also differs on different job grades. There are four purposes HBL for the employee as for own building on own land, new flat from builder, construction, etc. The interest rate of this loan is 3-3.5% as the bank policy.

There are some other loan facilities for the permanent employee of EXIM BANK processed by the Human Resources Department:

 Furniture and Equipment Loan

Loan against Monthly Salary

Loan against Provident Fund

Leave Fare Assistance

Organogram of the Human Resources of EXIM BANK

Manager-Human Resources

 Duties and Activities I performed with Human Resources Department

Allocating and arranging Personal Files

After having internship placement in Human Resources Division my first duty was to allocate and shape all personal file of 650 permanent employees and 148 contractual employees that any personal file can submit when required. Provided that before, all those Personal Files was scattered and halfhearted and it was so difficult to find any asked Personal File (PF) immediately. For this, I divided all the Personal File of the employees according to their existing branches and departments in Head Office. Personal File is the only most reliable source of any information about any employee of the bank required for various reasons as inquires, justifications, trend of service excellence, background, End of Service Benefits calculation etc.

 Updating Information in Personal File

When I joined Human Resources Department, there was thousands of office letters and Performance Appraisal Form of each employee was not updated to the personal file. My responsibility was to direct support staff to find the Personal File quickly and add the letters in the file. In case of Performance Appraisal Form, first I had directed the support staff  to make a photocopy of each form  for sending the photocopy to the employee him/her self and keep original copy in the personal file.

Calling the candidates for Written Test or Interview over Phone

Over the internship period I used to call the candidates over phone for scheduled written test or interview session. For this I used to collect the Resume of the candidates; finding her/his contact number in the resume and start calling. After receiving the call other end I used to verify the person I called for, introduced myself and let him/her know about the schedule and asked for a confirmation that he/she is interested to come in the scheduled time.  Invisilator

Invigilation in the written test examination taken by HRD

In my internship period several times I obtained the duty of invigilation in the written exam. Being invigilator I had the full authority to arrange the sit map, check the duration, deduct marks, and even take the exam sheet in case of any misconduct done by any candidate.

Joining of new Employee   

During the internship session, I used to go for joining of new employee. For that, I used to first greet him/her, take all the required documents, certificated, medical tests, clean release order from previous employer etc. and open a new personal file with all documents. Then I used to prepare a posting order based for the new joiner based on approval sheet.

 Upload personal information into the HRIS

I had the responsibility to input all the personal information into the Human Resource Information Database system called EZHR (a payroll & database software) according to the employee ID. The information I had to input was, Personal Information, Address and Contact, Educational Records, Training and Workshops Records, Experience information, photograph etc. Further based on this given ID and information,  the salary particulars are used to input in the software which is enable with the FlexCube-for transferring those amount in the employees bank account as monthly salary.

Assist Calculating Monthly salary of new joiner in EXIM BANK

This was the most responsible duty I have done in Human Resources Department in my tenure of internship session. I used to calculate the newly joined employees first month’s salary (arrear) depending on his/her availed days during the month. For calculating those salaries I developed a spreadsheet calculator using MS Excel once done by the help of calculator. Provided that the existing payroll management software has the limitation of calculating arrear salaries of newly joined employees automatically. The spreadsheet calculator is shown below:

Salary Sep 2007


ID            1456
Name       Mr. X
Desig.      Principal Officer
Dept.        Consumer Banking
Branch     Head Office
DOJ          24.08.2007
Days availed in Aug:


Aug       :





Total in Sep





Regular Salary :


House Rent




LFA (annually) :






Gross Salary :










Salary Sep :






For Aug (8 days)






Total in Sep:














* Red colored cell indicates the only values user have to input

 Provided that, LFA (Leave Fare Assistance) is given once in a year only after availing leave of minimum six days. So, in monthly salary calculation it has no effect. After calculation I used to input those particular amounts in the payroll software (EZHR) manually for further action taken by the Manager-Compensation & Benefits.

 Expected future look of Human Resources Department of EXIM BANK

It is to mention that the Human Resources Department of EXIM BANK is under massive reconstruction or development under supervision of new Head of Human Resources. This is expected that within the end of this year the HRD of EXIM BANK will get new look to its internal customers; strengthen on;

  Performance Appraisal Tool

  Training Need Identification

  Training Calendar

  On the Job Training

  In House Training

  External Training

  Hire of reputed faculty

  Overseas/Regional Training

  Long Service Awards

  Cultural Evenings

  Family Day

  Event based dinners/lunches

 In house magazine



  Electronic Bulletin Board

  Split-level Lunches with DG/ ED

  Internal Climate Survey

  Establishing an informal working relationship with having respect for corporate values etc.

SWOT analysis of Human Resources Department of EXIM BANK


Open HR Manual: The Human Resources Manual of Exim Bank Limited is open to all of its employee give total understanding of the terms and condition of the organization to its entire employees to assist the benefits and growth they can ever achieve and the role of Human Resources Department with all other departments/divisions of the organization. This HR Manual is uploaded in the internal website of EXIM BANK.

Empowered Work Force: The human resource of EXIM BANK is extremely well thought and perfectly managed. As from the very first, top management believed in empowered employees, where they refused to put their finger in every part of the pie. This empowered environment makes EXIM BANK a better place for the employees. The employees are not suffocated with authority but are able to grow as the organization matures.

Strong Bonding and Belongingness: EXIM BANK employees are one of the major assets of the company. The employees of EXIM BANK have a strong sense of commitment towards organization and also feel proud and a sense of belonging towards EXIM BANK. This strong organizational culture of EXIM BANK is a main strength of the organization.

Information Technology: Online Banking, email, Personal computer for all employee enabled the employees work easier and faster with full of professionalism. All kinds of Benefits, salaries, monetary rewards directly given to employees’ bank account through flex cube.

Different Staff Loans: There is a set of staff loans in Exim Bank Limited increase the employee satisfaction in terms of monetary benefits enabled them to work more stress free and put dedication.

Performance Appraisal: Though performance appraisal process is still under reconstruction, the existing method is satisfactory and motivated staffs toward accomplishment in the past.

Employee Evaluation: Employee evaluation process by Human Resources Department became strength for its fair judgment and put trust among the employees of other departments on Human Resources Department.

Centralized Banking: Centralized banking means the core functions of business coordinated by the head offce give an immense effect for reducing the internal conflicts among the branches and Head Office


Job Description: Job description is a necessary accomplishment should have for each position for recruiting the most suitable candidate on the basis of skill and experience required. Still hundred percent job descriptions is not prepared or collected by the HR department.

HR Accounting: Human Resource Accounting is a strong tool for matching the benefits of each new recruitment done in the organization, calculating turnover, etc. Human Resources Department of EXIM BANK is not yet established this practice.


Compensation and Benefits: Compensation and Benefits of EXIM BANK’s employee is provided by the Human Resources Department through two different software named EZHR and Flexcube. Both of those software is not flexible to use and has lot of limitations.


MIS: In recent business practices the importance of MIS is unavoidable; Human Resources Department is not out of it. HRD of EXIM BANK has every potential capability to establish new MIS and use it in various manpower reporting.

HRIS: Human Resource Information System is must for a corporate environment like EXIM BANK. EXIM BANK is going to establish a new HRIS very soon.

Research and Development: Though EXIM BANK has almost all due capabilities to command extensive research and development activities, EXIM BANK done a little in this.

Salary Survey: EXIM BANK is going to start its salary survey with the most reputed consultant of Bangladesh for its salary survey.

Training & Learning: Training & Learning is the core function for make the executives cope with the new scenario and make them update and knowledgeable. EXIM BANK is going to utilize its fullest capacity and enthusiasm in this regards by establishing a library, arranging extensive training module etc very soon.


Competitive Salary and Turnover: The salary package of EXIM BANK is not as competitive as the market demands, so the turnover of manpower is increasing day by day.

New/multinational companies/Bank policy: New multinational companies and bank policy got as threat to EXIM BANK in respect of increasing the salary expectation of the employees and new HR practices that turning the existing employees dissatisfied.

Bangladesh Bank Regulation/Legislation: The regulation and legislation of Bangladesh Bank is randomly changing the scenario of the Human Resource policy and scope suddenly.

Problem Identification

Standard is not yet set: First problem of Human Resources Department is the standard. The operation and workflow of the department is unstructured.

No proper Development: In HR Department there is the huge lack of development activities, the employee joining EXIM BANK should take under a cordial orientation is absent and activities of individual/career development are fewer.

Identical HR Policy: After its 15 years of business excellence, an identical Human Resource Policy is absent. The existing policy is under rapid reformation gives difficulties to set a unique standard.

Service Excellence: Employees code of conduct or service manual is governed solely by the service quality unit stands obstacles to measure the perfect evaluation of the employee’s performance.

Human Resources Impact: After passing its 15th anniversary of its service still Human Resource Department is acting as Human Resource Operational department than act as Human Resource Business partner.

Modern HRIS: A modern Human Resource Information System is not yet practiced in the HRD as the information required is scattered and reporting is in traditional method.

 Suggestions and Recommendations

Identical Human Resource Policy: There should be a unique HR Policy in the organization immediately, though the reconstruction of HR Policy is under progress supervised by the existing Manager and the Head of HR.

Human Resource Development: There should be all kinds of development activities as individual, career and organizational by the Human Resources Department for enhancing the employees growth as well as achieve organizational hierarchy.

Linkage among other Departments: A department like HRD cannot perform in isolation where Human Resources Department is in the core of all other departments with the responsibility of maximizing the employees’ benefits as well as achieving organizational objectives. For better services, HRD must establish a proper linkage within the other functional departments.

Reward and Recognition: Only higher salary package cannot satisfy a self motivated and exposed employee in higher level. The employee wants recognition and reward for their self actualization.  There are few reward and recognition options is available in EXIM BANK should review for deals with employee retention/ turnover.

The workforce should be structured and the standard functional designation should be in act.

Measuring Employee Satisfaction Level of Exim Bank Ltd.

Designing Questionnaire:

The survey questionnaire consists of 30 items covering the following dimensions reported to be of significance by the literature: Communication and Planning, Role at EXIM BANK, Corporate culture, Relation with supervisor, Training, Pay and Benefits, Special benefits, Overall. Each respondent had to rate each item on a 5-point scale from Strongly Agree (SA) to Strongly Disagree (SD), or Very Satisfied (VS) to Very Dissatisfied (VD).


The surveys were sent to all EXIM BANK employees, regular and contractual, (around 1650). 30 employee responses were received. A breakdown of the responses by grade level is provided in Table 1. The sample of respondents seems to be quite representative of the population.

Table 1.  Breakdown of the Employee Survey


Number of Items

Communication and Planning




Corporate culture


Relation with supervisor




Pay and Benefits


Special benefits




Total Scale


 Table 2. Response Rate by Employee type Level


 Table 3.  Breakdown of the Sample by Gender













Table 4. Breakdown of the Sample by Age




< 21












55 or older






 Table 5. Breakdown of Sample by Years of Employment

Years of Employment



< 1






5 < 10



10 < 20



> 20






 Table 6  EMPLOYEE SURVEY 2006  (Results for Whole Sample)



% Agree

% Disagree

Communication and Planning








Corporate culture




Relation with supervisor








Pay and Benefits




Special benefits




Graphical Presentation of Satisfaction of the Whole Sample:

Highest & Lowest Rated Items



Top for the Bank

I participate regular meeting

I believe my job is secure

I believe there is a spirit of cooperation at Exim Bank Ltd

My supervisor tells me when my work needs to be improved

Exim Bank Ltd. provided as much initial training as I needed

My salary is fair for my responsibilities

Amount of vacation

Leave fare

Bottom for the Bank

My supervisor treats me fairly

Skills and experience of the instructor is good

I am given enough authority to make decisions I need to make

Employee loan facilities

 Table 19 Percent Satisfied by Gender for 2003 & 2006 on Overall Items




Communication and Planning






Corporate culture



Relation with supervisor






Pay and Benefits



Special benefits



Average By Gender



 Suggestions for enhancing satisfaction

           To enhance the employees’ satisfaction the following suggestions were made:

1. More training should be given to develop employees’ skills and keep them up to date. Encourage staff to attend training sessions.

      2. Recruit more employees to lessen the work load

      3. Job rotation for every employee

      4. EXIM BANK’s  promotion policy should be transparent


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Exim Bank Limited