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Marketing Strategies of CityCell

Marketing Strategies of CityCell

Prime purpose of this lecture is to present on Marketing Strategies of CityCell. Marketing is the social and managerial process, by which individuals or groups obtain what they need and want through creative and exchanging products and values with others by considering social well being.

Topic: Marketing Strategies of a small company

1.  Company  Profile

Name: Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited.

Mission Statement: “Because we care” (To connect people digitally).

Brand Name: CityCell Digital.

Total number of employees: Nine Hundreds and Fifty (950) approximately.

Total customers: 9,75,000 (9.5 lakhs) approximately.

Coverage areas: Six Divisions, almost 50 districts & 409 Unions.

Main Branch: Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd. Pacific Centre, 14 Mohakhali C\A, Dhaka-1212

2. Property Status

–   Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited.
–   Singapore Telecommunications Limited   (SINGTEL).

3.  Achievements

  • First to launch Mobile phone in the Sub-continent
  • First to adopt CDMA technology in the sub-continent..
  • First ever private wireless network in Bangladesh.
  • First to connect Cox’s Bazaar to rest of the world.
  • First introduced the SMS facility with other mobile company of Bangladesh.
  • They are the first introducer of Friends and family number in all the mobile phone service companies of Bangladesh.
  • First time introducer of one second pulse in a package for the better facility of the subscribers.

4.  Service categories


  • Alap 24
  • Alap A
  • Alap B
  • Alap Call Me.

Post Paid

  • CityCell Premium
  • CityCell 500
  • Shabar Phone
  • Amar Phone
  • Tellular – Tel – To-Cell

5.  CityCell Digital Their Marketing Strategies

  • The present situation and market share of the company.
  • Financial capabilities of the company.
  • Their previous & new product
  • The special features should be included in the new product.
  • How different product is from the competitors offerings.
  • Determining the products pricings.

6. CityCell Digital Their Marketing Strategies

  • Selecting mobile sets on the basis of market demand, their special features and prices.
  • Determine attracting customers on small or large basis.
  • Consider the economic condition and customer’s affordability, pricings and the competitors’ offerings.
  • Offer extra benefits to the customers.

7. City Cell Digital Their Marketing Strategies

  • Make R&D to find out new facilities and the companies weak ness.
  • Make R&D to find out what the customers really needs and their present satisfaction.
  • Let the customers know what the offerings are.
  • Distributing the products and its methods.
  • Best timing to launch the product.

8. CityCell Digital Their Marketing Strategies

  • Best timing to reduce prices.
  • Increase the market share and customers’ satisfaction.
  • Develop the existing products.

9. CityCell Digital Their Marketing Activities

  • Television Channels.
  • Newspapers.
  • Sponsoring Programs.
  • Roadside Billboards.
  • Bringing Celebrities.
  • Undertaking quiz programs.

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