Love of Jim and Della

Della and Jim were a young couple who loved each other very much. Their love had no limits. Though they were very poor, they were proud of their two possessions. Della had long hair and Jim had a gold watch. Out of their true love, they had sacrificed their dearest possessions in order to buy Christmas presents. Delia sold her beautiful hair to buy a platinum fob chain for her husband’s watch. Jim on the other hands sold his gold watch to buy a set of beautiful combs for his wife.

But it was an irony of fate that their presents became useless. When they go to present their gifts to each other, they can only look at each other in amazement. The worldly-wise men may think that Jim and Della sacrificed their treasures most unwisely. They may call them fools. But actually, Jim and Della are the wisest of all who give and receive gifts. They are the Magi of the day.