Letter for Consumer Motivation Program Announcement

Letter for Consumer Motivation Program Announcement

Date: dd/mm/yy

Customer name…


Dear Sir/Madam,

With respect to say that, like a valued customer of (name of the company…), we couldn’t wait to bring you the good news. This letter is for you to announce the incorporation individuals new customer incentive system. Well, maybe we haven’t regarded a great logo correctly yet, but if you continue reading I think you’ll agree that no matter what we call it, it is marvelous!

Starting up on (date….), an archive of your account with our store will be maintained on a cumulative basis for a period of one year. Once your purchases reach (money in amount…), you will be automatically eligible for a ten percent discount on any order placed, including orders for sale items. When your orders have reached the (money in amount…) mark, your discount raises to fifteen percent. A (money in amount…) accumulation of orders will entitle one to a twenty percent discount and once you’ve reached (money in amount…) you may receive twenty five percent to thirty percent off just about all products orders. We think it’s a great idea and hope that you have the same opinion.

Would not you send us a new purchase order today to obtain you started along? If you think of your good name for you to tag onto this kind of new discount program, please contact us and let us know.

Faithfully yours,

Name of store/company owner….

Store/Company name…