What is Learning Curve

What is Learning Curve

The learning curve shows that if a task is performed over and over than less time will be required at each iteration.Learning curves are also known as experience curve, cost curves, efficiency curves and productivity curves. These curves help demonstrate the cost per unit of output decreases over time with the increase in experience of the workforce.

Learning curve is relevant in taking following decision:

  • Pricing decision based on estimation of future costs.
  • Workforce schedule based on future requirements.
  • Capital requirement projections
Assistance Score Learning Curve

As the name suggests an assistance score is the number of help, hint, wrong attempts recorded for a given opportunity at the given task. From detailed research and analysis, it has been observed that for the 1st opportunity at an average error of 1.3 times is made.

Error Learning Curve

Error learning curve depicts the percentage of assistance asked by the respondents on the 1st opportunity.

Predicted Learning Curve

Predicted learning curve is derived from learning factor analysis, which has the capability in measuring student proficiency, knowledge component difficulty and knowledge component learning rates. This analysis helps in quantifying the learning process.

What is Learning Curve