Internship Report on Competitors’ Advantage of Banglalink

Internship Report on Competitors’ Advantage of Banglalink

The internship made on Banglalink and its competitor’s advantages. I have tried to cover external and internal factors of Banglalink compare to other telecom companies. This will help company to make strategies to compete with upcoming market competitions. I have chosen this point by counseling with my scholastic chief. The starting some portion of my report contains the brief presentation of the chose organization and the targets, degree, philosophy and confinements of the study. I have chosen this point by counseling with my scholarly boss. The starting some portion of my report contains the brief presentation of the chose organization and the targets, extension, technique and impediments of the study. In second ,I have mentioned about my working experience on Banglalink Digital Communication Ltd. My job responsibilities and briefings are mentioned . Besides my job responsibilities what I have done and learnt there, those were mentioned in second chapter. Recommendation and observation were mentioned. In third and final part I have mentioned and analysis my project. I have compared different type of offers of Banglalink and it’s competitors . What steps are Banglalink taking for cost minimizing, what offers are providing , ARPU ratio of years 2014 and 2015 for telecom industries for comparison. There are digital marketing initiatives, budgeting, and network tariff are mentioned. Findings and recommendation are mentioned with every point I have discussed. Final step, I have discuss some recommendation about possible future steps Banglalink can take for welfare of it’s own. Lastly conclusion and references are there.

History of Company:

A few years ago, we all knew a telecom company named Sheba. In September 2004, Orascom Telecom Holdings purchase 100% of the shares Sheba Telecom (Pvt.) Limited (“Sheba”). Afterward it was rebranded and launched its services under the “Banglalink™” brand on February 10, 2005. When Banglalink™ entered the Bangladesh telecom industry in February 2005, the scenario changed overnight with mobile telephony becoming an extremely useful and affordable communication tool for people across all segments with innovative and attractive products and services targeting the different market segments; aggressive improvement of network quality and dedicated customer care; and effective communication that emotionally connected customers with Banglalink™. The Objective of the company is to ensure telecom facility for all people of Bangladesh with minimum cost.

About Banglalink:

Banglalink as a brand dependably attempt to accept on potential results and consequently after ground propelling in February 2005, its effect was felt quickly. Overnight versatile telephony turned into a moderate choice for clients over an extensive variety of business sector fragments. The achievement of Banglalink depended on a straightforward mission: “Conveying portable telephony to the masses” This was the cornerstone of its methodology. With this mission available Banglalink adjusted the cellular telephone status from extravagance to a need prerequisite for the basic individuals of this nation and brought cellular phone to contribute in every last period of their job accordingly making a spot in their souls. The cellular telephone has turned into the image for the positive change in Bangladesh. The mission that is effectively certified to Banglalink has turned into the corporate situating of Banglalink administration and is deciphered in their trademark “Making a Difference “or “Din bodol”. This trademark is relevant in the telecom business, as well as each different angle through its items and administrations, to the lives of its clients. This corporate position of “having any kind of effect” has been reflected in everything Banglalink does.

Banglalink’s New Slogan:

Banglalink as a pioneer in the telecom business tries to contribute with different Perspectives. As we probably are aware the telecom business is completely immersed with various portable Administrators. To keep hold of the business sector position and match with changing wave Deliberately, Banglalink has changed its trademark to “Making a Difference ” in October 4, 2013. The motto was time demanded and upheld by the dispatch of 3G (third era) versatile system. New Slogan is “Hello Notun Kichu koro” (Social Media Bd , 3rd October ,2013).

Transformation of Ownership:

There has been an adjustment in the responsibility for in the principal period of the year of 2011. Already it was completely possessed by telecom wander Orascom Telecom Holding (presently, known as Global Telecom Holding) yet as of the date Vimpelcom Ltd. purchased 51.92% shares of Banglalink computerized interchanges restricted. Vimpelcom is one of the world‟s biggest incorporated information transfers administrations administrators giving voice and information administrations headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and recorded as an advertisement on the New York stock trade under the image “vip”. An extensive variety of topographical presents of this organization through a scope of conventional and broadband portable and settled innovations in Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Algeria, Pakistan, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Central African Republic, Canada and Bangladesh.

Vision Of Banglalink for future:

The solid key vision is produced with a reason to soak the entirety telecom market .To comprehend people‟s needs best and create proper correspondence administrations to enhance people‟s lives and make it simple‟. It speaks to make telephony accessible to mass individuals. Banglalink has their ceaseless development of business, setting up new systems, and associating individuals along these lines building breezes towards effective vision.

Mission Of Banglalink:

The telecom company has set their mission is as targets or tasks those are adaptable according to the market need and structure. Employees pursue those set of targets in order to sustain and compete in the market. Latest set of responsibilities of Banglalink are:

  • Achieve a leading position in the Bangladesh mobile market in terms of net additions and ARPM (Average Revenue Per Minute)
  • Segmented approach in terms of products and services
  • Delivering superior benefits in every purchase of the customers‟ experience (before, during and after sale)
  • Creating optimum shareholder value

Job Description

Banglalink Finance Department is the one of the finest departments in Banglalink. Amount of employees are lower in finance department than other departments. There are different sections on finance department. Specific and specialized works are distributed among the sections.

Sections Names:

  1. Accounts Payable
  2. Treasury
  3. Procurement
  4. Budgeting
  5. Fixed Assets

These five sections handle works which are related to individual sections .

I have worked on Fixed Assets section under Finance Department. My role was changing, modifying and cross checking fixed Assets of Banglalink. I have worked on special project which main objective was to establish proper verification and register of fixed assets. We worked as a team where we need to cover 1.5k sites of Banglalink. We covered around 1.5k sites.

Name of the Job:

I was a trainee in Finance Department in Banglalink . My Internship duration was 01 December, 2015 to 28 February, 2016. I worked there for 3 months. I did finance related work there.

Specific Responsibilities of the Jobs :

“Housekeeping of Fixed Asset ” was my main duty and responsibility . Attending short trainings :

Since we worked on a project of Fixed Assets . We needed specific trainings which were beautifully and professionally trained by Finance Department of Bangla link. Training about Fixed assets of telecom company, PITS of the sites (introduction of pits, how are records put in, which records are important), MS excel advance works, Idea about Total Fixed Assets Register (how to change in master file, what things to change, how it shows result)

 Site Visiting of Stations:

We visited two sites of Dhaka in Gulshan area with auditors and technical officers where BTS equipment‟s was set up with essential other equipment. As a result we gained basic ideas about all the fixed and necessary assets of Banglalink.

Updating of Fixed Assets:

Updating fixed asset according to physical verification of fixed assets was our responsibility. Equipment change with the modern technology and demand of network. As a result we need to do certain changes on the total FAR with the physical changes of assets on sites. Registration of Fixed Assets:

Vendors and models of equipment are changed with the time. Some assets did not register on Total FAR but were situated on sites. So we had to register those assets on the Total FAR. Cross-Checking of Assets:

We need to cross check every single PITS with the changes we made on Total FAR . We checked three times of all the sites. The purpose was to do accurate registration and changes of all fixed assets on master file.

Achieving goals with deadline:

We had a target to do 1,500 sites within three months . We did our goals within two months. Last one month we rechecked all the PITS.

Reporting about project works to supervise:

We reported weekly to our supervisor about our performances how many sites were done in every week On the basis of that our supervisor and sub-ordinates gave us training improving our works.

Different aspects for Job Performance:

As I hired for doing a project and project was CFO‟s project. I had the opportunity to work under Accounts payable and Fixed Assets Associate General Manager and Fixed Asset Manager. My main duty was to keep proper verification of fixed assets. There I used to check about value of fixed assets and compare fixed assets with pictures of physical verification. All the verification was done and there was a Master file for fixed asset. So used to attend training for MS excel and time to time attend short briefing during work. I had to go to site visit for better understanding with team. We met auditors for working purpose in office. We got to know about how auditors maintain physical verification of fixed asset. I had to organize some important papers also such as journals of all transactions. Credit cards papers of employees. Some payments paid for different rent such as car rents. I also got opportunity to learn corporate behavior and culture. I needed to adjust with time table of the office. Office time was 9 am-10 pm in the morning for December „15– January ‟16. From February I had to go to office within 8:30 am because office starts at 8am -8:30 am. We had chance to learn about professional MS Word and excel works. We learned about advantages of housekeeping fixed asset registration. Moreover we learned about others sections of Finance department. We worked hard for Fixed Asset project. Our supervisor, executive officers and others of Fixed assets section inspired us to work hard and achieve the daily target. It was a good practice for us. Our Fixed Asset team taught us how to work like a family. Our learning skills enhanced by working as a team. We learned to cope up. Efficiency and punctuality are polished by performing our duties.

Critical Observation and Recommendation

Within 3 Months experience in Banglalink, I have found that organization is I have found that the organization is very organized at accomplishing the tasks, it is very much focused at doing fair business and the corporate environment is really safe and friendly. Banglalink truly follows the code of conducts which established by its parent company. All the employees here try to maintain integrity in their every task. All the departments are here properly co ordinated which fosters the organizational performance a lot. Here the importance of human asset is truly realized and all the employees are believed as the heart of the organization and that’s why the employees work here with true motivation and sincerity. As I worked in Finance department, there were many works I had to do. As a result I could not have much experience and idea about other departments. From my observation I have found many advantages and facilities which I am mentioning below:

Banglalink is providing excellent working environment for its employees. There are meeting rooms for any discussion or meeting with external people or business delicate. Their seating places are in a matrix shape. So that all employees can communicate and work together .Even CFO does not seat with an individual room. He has his desk with other employees for discussing about work and others. Every floor has refreshment corner and kitchen. So that employees can feel like they are in home and work with comfort. There are facilities of fine lunch in 1st floor. Lunch hour is 12:00pm – 3:00pm. This timing is flexible for all the departments. They can do their lunch on their free time. Employees are dedicated with new employees and interns. It was a pleasant to work in Finance department. We had opportunity to learn work and interact with employees of department. Moreover they helped for preparing this internship report. They were motivated and suggested about career which was beneficial for us. Every section has very specific and particular works in finance department. So it was easier to captures the briefings for our job responsibilities. Internship package was good. We could have 3 days leave in 3 months. We had good payment, free lunch and mobile facilities. Behavior of the HR and other department were good. I had flexibility to visit my university during work break. Besides my department I like Human resource department of Banglalink . Our orientation program was taken by Khaled Bin Obaid (organizational department senior executive). It was a friendly welcome for four of us. He gave us idea and present achievements of Banglalink. He gave us idea about working courtesy, timing and corporate behavior of Banglalink. Every company has its own pros and cons. Though Bangalink is developed enough but still It can improve more. Those are mentioned below: Interns from different department should have an introductory section with CFO and CEO of the company. So that we can hear some motivational speech from them which will help our further career and internship report. Banglalink can give opportunity to interns to work in different departments. So we can have experience about departments.

Project Summary:

Project part is the most important part of my report. I have collected information from Banglalink finance department, internet and other internship report. I have compared about market condition of telecom companies. Their revenues , ratio of ARPU , network tariff, Profit gaining ,Cost minimization, automation , Global sharing network , data and call packages of different telecom industries and findings from that . This project is about how Banglalink is offering for their customers, what strategies Bangalink is applying for staying in the market , how it‟s maintaining it‟s position in the market .How many subscribers Banglalink and it‟s competitors have .Digital marketing initiatives for marketing virally for the customers. 3G data services and offerings telecom companies for their customers. How Banglalink prepare it‟s budget . How many sites telecom companies are covering for network. I have described about Banglalink‟s inventory management system for minimizing cost. Finally network tariff cost and budgeting are described . Banglalink cannot minimize external cost and BTCL‟s rules and regulations. It can minimize internal cost and can increase it‟s revenue.

Lastly findings and recommendation are explained for Banglalink‟s betterment.

Objectivity of Report:

Objectivity of the report is to understand recent changes Banglalink makes or taking initiatives to compete with other leading telecoms . Moreover how Banglalink is adopting with recent and near future market. Objectivity of the report is describing bellow:

  1. To find Banglalink‟s initiatives to cope up with future changes in market
  2. To find Banglalink strategies to compete with Competitors
  3. How Telecom companies are growing in Digital Marketing field
  4. To know how Banglalink will survive in upcoming business market
  5. Strategies to hold its present position.
  6. To learn about telecommunication market in Bangladesh


I have used qualitative research method for doing this project. Every research method has advantages and disadvantages. On the basis of research nature this method was appropriate according to me. Most of the information is are collected from employees, journals, Annual reports (which are available on internet), journals ( published on newspapers ) , other sources on internet and other internship reports .

Sources of Data:

For doing the authentic and accurate project I have collected data which can divide into two ways :

Primary Sources of Data

Project is done mostly on the basis of primary data collection. I have collected data by taking interviews of my supervisor, other employees and our honorable CFO.

Secondary Sources of Data

 I have collected information from Banglalink website,Annual reports, Journals (daily start and Financial express), Internship report of my university and other.


Every research has certain limitations. I have faced certain limitations too. Those are described below:

  1. Balglalnik does not publish it‟s Annual report of 2015 yet .Since I am working on it so it is bit difficult to compare with other telecom companies.
  2. Some information are not clear to mention or describe .As a result I had to erase those information.
  3. I found much information about Telenor and other telecom companies through newspaper (January- February) than Banglalink.
  4. It was tough to collect data from other departments during internship. I did not have access to take interviews on other departments.
  5. Since I worked on finance department. Information were very sensitive there. As a result they couldn‟t share much information.


Banglalink is offering best packages of data than it‟s other competitors. Moreover Banglalink gave free internet on new year festive where other operators charged on discounted price . Bangalink is offering consultant for choosing which package customer should use . Other operators still don‟t have this kind of services .


Banglalink should improve it‟s call packages. It should focus on free minutes packages instead of call rates . GP, Airtel and Robi are providing package of free minutes which customers can buy in any amount of minutes at different prices . So Banglalink should start promoting these kinds of services for keeping old customers as well as increasing their customers .

Base Transceiver Station Services of 4 leading companies:

Grameen phone: Once upon a time when GP served the best network in the Bangladesh for it‟s customer. It charged the highest call rate than other operators. Now-a-days GP‟ s network is falling. BTS equipments are old of GP and these BTS don‟t cover large area of network. As a result the network quality is falling. Moreover there are many places in Bangladesh where GP‟s towers are still not available. As a result network cannot find those places. GP is working to rebuilt it‟s network . GP covered 64 districts for 3G network.

Airtel: Airtel mainly focused on Chittagon , Dhaka and all the cities network rather than village networks. Since It is merging with Robi so now it can cover whole network hopefully.

Robi: Robi is providing best network now-a-days . They are offering smart and flexible data packages, call rates for their customers. Moreover it‟s covering more network with it‟s upgraded BTS equipments. They are keeping fixed assets registration and upgrade it whenever necessary. AS a result it is providing good network. Robi is covering 3G and 3.5 G networks in Bangladesh.3G are covered on 64 districts in Bangladesh but 3.5 G is covered on specific places of districts.

Airtel: Airtel is covering 24 districts of 3G coverage in Banglaldesh (Collected from airtel website) . Ariel‟s BTS equipments are not upgraded and cannot cover much areas.

Banglalink: Banglalink is recently upgrading and fixing it‟s BTS tower because Banglaink has already covered 64 districts of Bangladesh with 3G coverage .Bagnlalink‟s bts equipments are updated for 3G.


Since Robi is providing 3.5G in many places in Bangladesh so Banglalink is covering only 3G like Gp and Airtel . Airtel is only covering 24 districts where Banglalink is covering 64 districts. BTS equipments are upgraded than GP and Airtel .


Since Robi and Airtel merges but still it cannot Banglalink and GP . Robi needs to upgrade Ariel‟s BTS equipments. As a result it is an advantage for Banglalink. Banglalink should take step to cover 3.5 G like Robi and can elaborate their capacity of covering network.Banglalink is waiting for any direction from government to bring 4G in Bangladesh. As a result Banglalink will not elaborate or set up new towers on the places till 4G‟s upgrading .

Revenue Growth of Banglalink:

Banglalink’s gross income rose 8 percent year-on-year to Tk 4,710 crore in 2015, said VimpelCom, the administrator’s guardian organization, in its yearly proclamation on Wednesday. In any case, Amsterdam-based VimpelCom did not say Banglalink’s net benefit. VimpelCom has distributed its working and budgetary results and that spreads data on Banglalink’s monetary execution too, said Mamun Ar Rashid, the administrator’s partner general supervisor of open connection and correspondence. In an examination on October 21 a year ago, Banglalink’s then ex CEO, Ziad Shatara, recognized that the telecom administrator was on course to post its first benefit. The administrator, which is the nation’s second biggest after Grameenphone, saw great development in dynamic endorsers’ number and information use, the report said. As of December 2015, Banglalink’s client base remained at 3.23 crore, up 5 percent year-on-year. “Be that as it may, the presentation of biometric personality confirmation of both new and existing clients keeps on backing off client development in the business sector,” VimpelCom said.

Banglalink growth is happening where GP is facing loss in Bangladesh. GP has to pay poundage of tk 168 crore to the Government for their illegal VoIP Operation .Moreover The Daily start published a journal on 09 february,2016. Grameenphone signed in Tk 1,970 crore in net benefit in 2015, a decrease of 0.51 percent from a year prior. As net benefit declined somewhat, profit per share likewise came down to Tk 14.59 from Tk 14.67 in 2014. Grameenphone additionally pronounced 60 percent last money profit to take the aggregate profit to 140 percent for the year.

After the second quarter, the administrator conveyed 80 percent interval money profit. With a 2 percent year-on-year development, Grameenphone’s income remained at Tk 10,480 crore in 2015. Income from information, be that as it may, rose 66 percent to Tk 850 crore in 2015, and income from quality included administrations expanded 31 percent – which were the principle givers to the aggregate income, Sethi said. Information supporters grew 45 percent to 1.57 crore and information volume nearly grew three times. Moreover Robi‟s cost is raising after mergering . Robi’s net benefit declined 8.96 percent yearon-year a year ago, in spite of the fact that its income crossed Tk 5,000 crore surprisingly, its guardian organization Axiata Group said in a report. Robi’s net benefit declined to Tk 400.3 center a year ago from Tk 439.7 crore in 2014, as indicated by Kuala Lumpur-based Axiata’s monetary articulation. The principle purpose behind the decay is an ascent in its working costs, Axiata said. What’s more, an ascent in deterioration and amortization has likewise affected the organization’s benefit. Robi will arrange a question and answer session in the main week of March on the issue and will answer to inquiries, said Ekram Kabir, the organization’s VP for correspondences and corporate obligation. Robi, the second biggest administrator as far as income and the third by endorsers, recorded that its gross income rose 6.01 percent year-on-year to Tk 5,239.50 crore a year ago. Preceding Robi, the main telecom administrator in Bangladesh to have accomplished this milestone was Grameenphone. A year ago, Grameenphone, the biggest transporter, recorded Tk 10,480 crore in gross income. Robi’s overall revenue declined to 7.64 percent in 2015 from 8.89 percent a year prior. The administrator saw 78.9 percent development in the information portion a year ago, in spite of the fact that it didn’t specify the precise figure in its announcement. It said information income represented Tk 523.95 crore or 10 percent of gross income a year ago, contrasted with Tk 296.54 crore or 6 percent of its aggregate receipts in 2014. Robi’s information development would have quickened further if the legislature had not banned Facebook and some other correspondence applications from November 18 to December 10. Regardless of elevated rivalry in Bangladesh, Robi conveys endorser development of 12 percent year-on-year to 2.83 crore as it tries to be a pioneer in the information market through gadget deals and co-marking. Robi saw improvement in cell phone entrance under its system in 2015: 20 percent of its supporters are utilizing cell phones now, which was 12 percent a year prior.


Banglalink revenue growth is increasing in every year . Robi is facing loss but still it‟s revenue is more than Banglalink in amount. In 2012 Baglalink‟s revenue was more than Robi. Gradually Banglalink falls .Now Banglalink is growing again.


Banglalink should increase its investment on other fields, Also they should utilize and expand their sources of income . So that Banglaink can reach to revenue amount of Robi. Robi and airtel are merged now. Robi will develop eventually . Robi might face short -term loss but it will grow gradually. So Banglalnk should take initiatives now before it‟s too late.

Banglalink , GP and Robi are ganing profit on 3G data service:

Information income of Grameenphone, Banglalink and Robi, the three versatile administrators dynamic in Bangladesh, expanded by around 69 percent year-on-year to Tk 1,699 crore in 2015. The three administrators who together hold 90 percent of the piece of the pie encountered a major bounce in information income taking after dispatch of 3G administrations. The income from information administrations of these three versatile administrators in 2015 was 10 percent of their aggregate income, which was 5 percent in 2014 and 2 percent in 2013. Bangladesh has around two crore Facebook clients who have a place with the top income producing section, industry insiders said. Regardless of a lack of nearby substance, some new activities are being taken for diversion and training, which are helping administrators, create more income.

Global Sharing Service (Automation):

Global Sharing Service is the technology which is following by many companies in Bangladesh nowadays. Grameen Phone has been already started automation process for running it‟s daily works and services . Moreover Prime Bank, Eastern Bank and others are taking initiatives to apply automation process. Already process has been started. Banglalink has been started to work on automation process . Engineers are working on this project . Project has been started on February . Automation process will minimize working load and maximize the working error.

How Automation will run:

Global service sharing software will be installed in every branch in every country. So that branches can have platform to share data with each other. Those branches whatever will do or work, every single thing will go to mother computer (hub) in the main branch. So that all works will be saved on main branch as a backup. That information will work in desire platforms for processing data. Automation process will speed up day to day work and accurate processing of works can be possible . Hopefully this project will be a great success. Banglalink can speed up all the processing and works. A lot of time will be saved for other works.

Cost Minimizing Strategies:

Banglalink is taking initial cost minimizing steps for upgrading revenue. Cost cutting strategies mostly common to follow in any companies for maximization of profit and revenue. As I mentioned above that Robi‟s revenue is falling for high operating cost so it‟s a good strategy for Bangalink to minimize cost.

Optimization of Fixed Assets:

There are BTS equipment are installing that are capable of running 2G and 3G. Just need to able what equipment will be in use. It will reduce network jam as well as it will beneficial for consumers. Internet speed will be faster than now because 3G and 2G can be switch.

Inventory Management System:

  • Banglalink is maintaining inventory in a manner so that idle assets cannot increase. Inventory Management system can helps to calculate accurate asset value and forecasting or set up assets in a right time.
  • Banglalink‟s economic order quantity is maintaining fluently. Forecasting of fixed assets can be done accurately with it. As a result if there is any fault on any item it can return fastly and can replace item very easily.
  • Faster Allocation of equipment is possible through inventory management. How many assets are available in inventory and how many needs to place .All information can easily get by inventory management. Banglalink is maintaining good inventory management system in house. As a result faster allocation of equipment is possible.

Master Database System:

Global sharing service will create Master database system where every entry or information will save. For example:

Finance Transformation

Compliance Transformation

Supply Transformation

Procurement Transformation

Finance transformation will be easier with global sharing network. Employees will be very few in number. Accounts payable and Fixed Asset department will not necessary when automation project will run. All the transaction will be calculated and convert into Balance Sheet and Income statement automatically. Automatically changes will happen in Income Statement and Balance Sheet If there any changes will happen on transection.

All the works will be computer based. As a result Banglalink will need a few employees than now to operate day to day operations. Human resource management cost will be decreased eventually.

Moreover other transactions will be monitored on computer in Master Database .As a result transection will be more accurate .Any changes in transection will be adjusted automatically. All the technics which are mentioned above will be reduce operational cost of Banglalink which will help to increase revenue and profit. Moreover information will be saved on the main device and there will be no mistake on calculations.

Bio-Metric Registration:

Banglalink and its competitors are giving offers for their customers for registering sims on biometric process. Government has created a policy to re-registration of all the subscriber. Otherwise connections need to be off . Reduction of customers is always a loss for servicing companies. As a result re-registering or new sim holders are getting bonus who will do registration on bio-metric process.

Average Revenue of Per User of 3 telecom companies:

ARPU/month = Total Revenue / Number of Subscribers

Telecom companies are still not published their 2016 Annual Report. I am analyzing ARPU on 2015 of 4 of these companies.


ARPU/ April of 2015 = 4710 (billion) /32.044 million = 146.985

ARPU/ January of 2014 = tk 4310 (billion) /28.932 million = 148.97


ARPU/ April of 2015= tk 5339.5 (billion) /26.630 million = 200.506

ARPU/ January of 2014 = tk 4942.3 (billion) /25.611 million = 192.976


ARPU/ April of 2015= tk 104.8 (billion) /52.354 million = 2.001

ARPU/ January of 2014= tk 102.663 (billion) / 47.642= 2.15

Revenue Growth of three leading telecom companies of Bangladesh. Revenue growth is increasing in Banglalink. Banglalink should take steps for growing revenue faster than its competitors. Massive growth on revenue can boost the company with new changes. Robi and Grameenphone are performing well. As I mentioned above about cost minimization of Banglalink for growing revenue. It can be a strategy for Bangalink.

Digital Marketing Initiatives:

Bangladesh is going ahead with technological advantages. Recently Digital marketing is getting famous on Bangladesh like Foreign countries such as USA, Australia, Canada etc. GrameenPhone, Robi and Banglalink are always dynamic with technological changes happen in Bangladesh. These three companies have its own websites and facebook pages. Facebook is more famous than any other social media in Bangladesh. All of them update their facebook pagesb, Daily offers, promotional activities . Videos of new Advertisements, data offers , website links, any good journals publish on newspaper or any achievements : these all are shared on facebook pages for the fans . Banglalink is emphasizing in Digital Marketing nowadays.” We believe that offering digital services is the path to the future,” explains Erik Aas, managing director & CEO of Banglalink, published on 23 feb,2016 on press conference. Now we can catch promotional ads on YouTube before loading any video we click for watch. Also any type of offers for data or call rate or music tune come at a glance when we browse facebook or google or any other site of internet. So yes we can say Banglaink is going to be full digital. Visiting Banglalink’s website:, we can see recent all the offers are featured there. We don’t need to call to customer care for asking what services are available in Banglaink or what package can we use. We can simply choose from it’s website. Most interesting part is Banglalink has package advisor on its website. So that we can find easily which package is suitable for whom. As a user I found Banglalink website is most eye catchy than others. All the features are beautifully mentioned on home page of the website with different icons, pictures and graphics designs. Icons of features are automatically changed in Banglalink’s website. Banglalink can also have authentic id on Twitter, snapchat and Instagram.


Budget depends on the changes which will decide by the Government and BTCL . Telecom companies’ budget cannot be decided by their own. There are internal and external factors are mattered while they prepare their budgets. Some external factors are mentioned below:

Government regulations

Network Tariff

Competitors Offerings

Government regulations:

Time to time government regulations are changing . As a result telecom companies are adjusting according to those changes. Percentage of TAX, call rate, 3G initiatives, network establishment etc.

Network Tariff:

Network Tariff is the external factor. Once upon a time when Banglalink gave cheapest call rate, mobile data, sms rate. Now-a-days Network tariff is not low for any telecom company. As a result all the companies are customizing cost in different areas. For example Banglalink is giving good data amount in lowest price than its competitors. Airtel is giving free minutes in the cheapest rate than its competitors. Robi is providing free watssap and facebook or these kind of promotional offer. If network tariff can be reduced so that telecom companies could provide more facilities for customers. When network tariff costs high, the charges on services are high. As of now, the call charges are the most astounding Tk 2 a moment and the least Tk 0.25 a moment toward the end client level. The voice call end rate, which a portable administrator pays to another administrator for every call, is Tk 0.18. Tariff is decreasing day by day from 2010 to now .As a result call rate is also decreasing and sms rate. Once upon a time Banglalink gave the lowest tariff. Banglalink should set some strategy so that they can have competitors‟ advantages.

Competitive Offerings:

Every telecom company needs to have enough budgets to compete with its competitors. Budgets are more important for providing services. Prediction about a scenario of market growth and competitors offering are necessary. Now-a-days every telecom company wants to provide best services in the lowest rate. So Banglalink should improve more to provide the best services at the most cheap rate.

Results and Discussions:

I have mentioned results with findings below. I am mentioning further here. Banglalink is the second biggest largest telecom company in Bangladesh. Banglalink can improve more to compete with upcoming challenges. Banglalink can minimize its internal cost to gain more revenue. Revenue growth can save for further investment for the future.

Banglalink should execute it‟s cost minimization strategy as soon as possible. Technological improvement can make Banglalink more digital. Vimple has already telenor‟s share. So Banglalink can merge with Grameenphone and become the first biggest telecom company in Banglaldesh. Total users will be increased in number. Growth of profit will be occurred.

Baglalink can make deal with any famous brand of mobile. For example , Banglalink can bring Gionee mobile handset in Bangladesh with handsome packages or any other mobile hand se . Grameenphone and Robi are endorsing mobile handset. Banglalink can also do so. Banglalink should endorse mobile handset which has good ratings in market and not available in Bangladesh. As a result customers will have curiosity to buy handsets. After two years people can choose any telecom company for services and phone number will remain same. In present Banglalink is not increasing it‟s 3G network to many places. So Banglalink should work on it‟s network and BTS equipment on different places. As a result it‟s service for network will improve. Subscribers will interest to take Banglalink‟s service. Banglalink can also merge China Telecom company which is ranked in top 10 companies in the world . So that it can bring new company in Bangladesh . It will bring technological changes, equipment change and also network quality change will happen. Banglalink‟s BTS equipment and set up can have tremendous changes after merging with China Telecom. Moreover Robi , GP and Airtel have same vendor like Banglalink. After merging with China Telecom it can elaborate it‟s vendors and Banglalink‟s mother company Vimple can expand in Malaysia and USA . Banglalink can introduce a small number of shares in share market. So ARPU and AMPU will be available on it‟s website like GP. Shareholders will be interested to use Banglalink. As a result total subscribers will increase in number.


In conclusion I need to say, it was a joy for me to work in Banglalink. In my perspective, Banglalink and its representative group keep up corporate perfection and expert state of mind in each circle of its business operation which empowers Banglalink to manage and turn into a organization of individuals decision.