Internship Report on An Analysis of Marketing Activities of Global web outsourcing Limited

Internship Report  on  An Analysis of Marketing Activities of Global web outsourcing Limited

Executive Summery

To complete bachelor’s degree in DaffodilInternationalUniversity it is compulsory the internship. Internship helps us to get the practical knowledge of the field and we get a chance to implement our knowledge, which we have gotten from our sixteen years of education. It makes awareness from the filed and its requirements that which types of abilities we should have so that we can perform well in the filed. My Internship was in Global Web Outsourcing Ltd”.

Global Web Outsourcing is a full service web design company providing web design and development solutions for companies or individuals interested in outsourcing their web design and website development needs. Global web outsourcing team is highly qualified, motivated, experienced and technically skilled whose main objective is to keep the project quality up to international standard and focused on exceeding clients’ expectations every time.

Our world class web application development and Internet solutions strengthen the business capabilities of our client company’s vision.

Global Web Outsourcing is committed to providing consistent levels of high quality products and services to our customers, driven by our effective Quality Management System. Certified to ISO 9001:2008, and CMMI level 3 we follow many Industry best practices. Our experienced team of Quality professionals continually improves our process framework that strengthens our ability to deliver superior quality products and services.

Subject Matter Experts, QA Analysts and Process Auditors perform Project Audits on a regular basis for all projects, to ensure that processes, tools, technologies and individuals are being utilized optimally. The Project audits enables us to realize high quality, adhere to schedules and deliver competitive products to our customers by identifying improvement areas and initiating appropriate actions

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The final project is the analysis that is related to the marketing. This is the work that I did by myself; first analysis that I did is related to the marketing strategies that which one strategy is applicable in the global web out sourcing Ltd. After some time the recession start and their sales start increasing.

In the last, it has given the conclusion about this final project and my internship in global web out sourcing Ltd.  What is the thing that I learned from this internship in report and what are the skills and strategies that I should implement in my life and personality so that I can achieve my goals and objectives. At the end of this report I gave the references of all the data and information that I have included in this report.



The term marketing has changed and evolved over a period of time, today marketing is based around proving continual benefits to the customer, these benefits will be provided and a transactional exchange will take place.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing defines as ‘The management process responsible

for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitability’.

Philip Kotler defines Marketing as ‘satisfying needs and wants through an exchange processes.

Is a process by which

One identifies the needs and wants of the people.

One determines and creates a product/ service to the meet the needs and wants. [Product]

One determines away of taking the product/ service to the market place. [PLACE]

One determines the way of communicating the product to the market place.[Promotion]

One determines the value for the product. [Price]

One determines the people, who have needs/ wants. [People]

And then creating a transaction for exchanging the product for a value and thus creating satisfaction to the buyer’s needs/ want

The report is based on the information, which is gathered during the internship period.

The report titled “An Analysis of Marketing Activities of Global web Outsourcing Limited” is a collaboration reorientation of my internship program at Global web Outsourcing Limited. The topic of the report was assigned by the respectable supervisor of the organization and was approved by the faculty supervisor to satisfy both organizational requirement as well as the fulfillment if internship program. This report has been prepared under both of their supervision.

Origin of the Report:

The Internship program of BBA students of the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Business and Economics, DaffodilInternationalUniversity is an integral part of the BBA program. After successfully completion of the Internship program, a student must submit the report on the assigned topic to the Supervisor and the Department as well. There are (6) credit hours for this internship program out of one hundred and twenty six (126) credit hours in BBA program. The program is of three months duration.

I was assigned to Global Web Outsourcing Ltd” to complete the program. The period for this program was from 16th November to February 16th 2011. During this period, I worked with the employees of the company in Marketing Department. The Faculty Supervisor of the internship program has selected this topic. The topic of the internship report is “Marketing Activities of Global Web Outsourcing Ltd”.

Scope of the Study

The internship report was in the marketing department of Global Web Outsourcing Ltd.and got a lot of knowledge from my boss. My duties during the internship were assisting the marketing executive and do the survey market about the marketing and sales of Global web outsourcing limited. In spite of the report is based on my educational learning part and experience.

The scope of the organization part covers the organizational structure, background, objective, function of Global web outsourcing limited as a whole. The main part is Marketing activities, and performance.

 Objective of the Report:

The main objective of the study is to analyze the marketing strategies of Global Web Outsourcing Ltd”. The specific objective of the study is as follows:

  • Deliver the highest quality products and services to our clients.
  • Provide a superior user experience for our clients.
  • Help our clients grow in their key markets period.
  • Achieve the highest level of integrity in all that we do for our clients.
  • Focus on delivering profitable growth.
  • Provide the best and brightest IT employees around the world for our clients.


The study requires a systematic procedure from selection of the topic to final report preparation. To perform the data sources are to be identified and collected, they are to be classified, analyzed, interpreted and presented in a systematic and key points are to be found out.

Nature of the study: This is an exploratory type of research.

Sources of data:

v  Primary sources:

  1. Officers of Global Web Outsourcing Ltd”.
  2. Customers

v  Secondary sources: Secondary data are collected from different sources which are as follows.

  1. Journal of Services Marketing, Journal of Product and Brand Management.
  2. Global Web Outsourcing Company website (

Target population: All officers & customers of Global Web Outsourcing Ltd”.

Sample size: 100 respondents have taken to collect their evaluation through questionnaire; 30 of them ore officers of Global Web Outsourcing Ltd”. And 70 of them are customers.

Sampling Technique: judgment sampling has been used to select sample.

Data collection Methods:

  • Telephonic surveys
  • Opinion Surveys
  • Face to face interview


This report was not free from limitations. Moreover the topic is so much vast, so it is faced some problems while preparing this report. The limitations acquainted with this report are as the following:

v  Time limitation: There was time limitation because the firms were so busy persons, so they tired to give me enough time but they were undone. If I get more time than the report would be more wealthy.

v  Limitation of data: I really unable to collect enough information because of highly of restrictions. Many things are confidential that I did not entitle to access there. Their marketing plans are not available for public use. I did not get all strategically information that was required for analysis purposes. Despite this limitation, I have incorporated some try aspects and models of marketing strategies that can be help for designing how to implement the marketing activities for their employees.

v  Real situation: The real situation is different from the bookish concept. Some concepts varied from industry, company to company. But it has been tried to incorporate with proper solution.

v  Regarding few issues, data sources sometimes are not co- operative.

To get appointment it took long time.

Company Profile

Global Web Outsourcing is one of the fastest growing IT Companies in the USA & Europe. We are primarily focused on Web Application Development for Companies and Individuals wishing to move their websites into the dynamic world of Web 2.0. The Global Web Outsourcing Team is highly qualified, experienced, and technically skilled, whose main objective is to keep the project quality up to international standards.

Global Web Outsourcing is an ICT outsourcing company providing high quality software and Internet services to clients around the world.

Our world-class web application development and Internet solutions strengthen the business capabilities of our client companies’ vision.
We provide web development services to our global clients 24 hours a day with our intensive R & D efforts, quality, and competitive cost-effective solutions.

To our clients:

Our vision is to provide our clients with innovative new features that enhance the relevance and effectiveness of our products and services through the use of the latest Internet-based technologies; and to maintain our position as an industry technology leader through robust investment in research and development.

To our employees:

Our vision is to offer employees the opportunity to be part of a dynamic, growing and winning organization, focused on providing clients and investor’s outstanding products, services and returns.


Global Web Outsourcing is an ICT outsourcing company providing high quality software and internet services to international clients.

Our world-class web application development and internet solutions strengthen the business capabilities of our client companies.

We have successfully completed virtually all kinds of web related projects for offshore companies.

Key Business Areas:

The company specializes in following areas:

ü  Web application development

ü  E-commerce

ü  E-learning

ü  CMS solutions

ü  Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

ü  Hotel & restaurant management software

ü  Healthcare & hospital management software

Market Focus

We are currently focusing on the following international markets:

EU countries including UK, Germany, Denmark And USA

Scandinavian countries including Sweden, Denmark and Norway

Our Expertise

Our main skills and expertise lie in the following technologies:

Programming Tools:

  • PHP, .NET, C#
  • Databases: My SQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle
  • Web Languages: PHP, ASP/ASP.NET, HTML

Mission & vision

The primary mission & vision is expanding our leadership position in the spice, not seasoning and flavoring market.


Always to be number one company in the Outsourcing company to serve quality product for the customer. The unabated success of the Company was due to innovative business approach and the ability of its management to concept the challenge of the free market economy. Global web Outsourcing limited not sale satisfaction to customer. They also prepare comprehensive plan for product diversification to face the market competition. Our plan and new techniques will earn more profitability  for the company and increase greater confidence of the prospective customers.


  • To provide quality services to customers.
  • To make quality investment.
  • To ensure sustainable growth in business.
  • Strong Marketing Activities
  • To right time delivery

Organization Structure


 Figure: Organization of Global Web Outsourcing Ltd.

Corporate Information at a Glance

Name of the company                         Global Web Outsourcing Ltd”.

Legal From                                          A private limited company incorporated in Bangladesh

Registered office                                Bangladesh office (122, Bashir Uddin Road, Kalabagan, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh.

USA Office (4043 North Stare Drive #131Irving, TX75038,

Telephone No.                                     01730056712, 01711384152, +88-02-9135732,


Website                                               (

E-mail                                                  [email protected].

Chairman                                    Kurshid Haider

Managing Director                        Ms. Mary Karlyne Apollon

No. Of Branches                                 06

No. Of Employees                              35


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Marketing Activities

A Marketing activities is a process that can allow an organization to concentrate its limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Marketing activities is the way you make sure you’re getting the maximum impact from your limited marketing budget and time.

Undifferentiated marketing assumes everyone is the same and aims a particular product at everyone. Advantages: easy to plan, doesn’t miss anyone. Disadvantages: can be wasteful, ignores segmentation, can lead to disappointing sales.

Differentiated Marketing aims the product at specific segment in the market. The company may be trying to sell exactly the same product to deferent segments but it will change its promotional methods and the image it creates.

Advantage, separate mix can be developed for each segment, different market can be easily identified.

Disadvantage, Can be costly, message may by pass some customers.

Concentrated Marketing is when the message is aimed at just one small market.

Advantage, Small firm can concentrate their marketing, allows a specific mix to developed.

Disadvantage, Ignores other area of the market, can cause problems in future as may it more difficult for company to expand

Global Web Out Sourcing Ltd. follows Differentiated marketing policy

Market Segmentation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and E- marketing

Achieving a good search engine position for searches that are relevant to your business, results in greater exposure, more traffic to your website and ultimately more sales. The problem for many websites is that although they may look good on the surface, they actually present themselves poorly to the search engines. The Optimizer Report offers expert analysis of your entire website and delivers a step-by-step action plan to address any areas that need attention. Once implemented, most websites will experience a quick and lasting improvement on their search engine positions for the keywords important to their core business.

Basic strategies are given below:

  • Devise training programs that increase awareness about our service.
  • Network, either in person or electronically where our target markets congregate.
  • Direct marketing involves sending our proposal letters and prospectus. Direct marketing can only work if we contact them regularly.
  • Advertise in print media or directories, often with a offer to reap the benefits of an immediate response or sales. Advertising lends credibility (image advertising) and, like direct marketing, must be continuous.
  • Send out publicity and press releases through local newspaper, radio, and television station.

Target market

  • E-commerce
  • E-learning
  • CMS solutions
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Hotel & restaurant management software
  • Healthcare & hospital management software

Market Positioning

Our world-class web application development and Internet solutions strengthen the business capabilities of our client company’s vision.

Global Web Outsourcing is committed to providing consistent levels of high quality products and services to our customers, driven by our effective Quality Management System. Certified to ISO 9001:2008, and CMMI level 3 we follow many Industry best practices. Our experienced team of Quality professionals continually improves our process framework that strengthens our ability to deliver superior quality products and services.

Marketing Mix

Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and service to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organization goals. The marketing mix is probably the most famous phrase in marketing. The elements are the marketing ‘tactics’. Also know as the ‘four Ps’ marketing decision generally fall into the following four controllable categories:

ü  Product

ü  Price

ü  Place

ü  Promotion


The product is the most important aspect of the marketing mix. It is a outsourcing company and products various types of product and various attributes of the product. Product has tangible benefits. Tangible benefits include benefits, which can be measured such as the top speed of a car.

Here are some examples of the product decisions to be made:

ü  Branding

ü  Functionality

ü  Quality level

ü  Products line

ü  Packaging

ü  Repairs and Support

ü  Securities

ü  Accessories and Service

There are various type of the product are as follows:









TV Card

GPRS modem


Note Book


It is very important that the correct price is charged for a product. If the price is too high consumers will avoid the product, as they will believe it to be expensive yet if the product is price too low they may believe that there is something wrong with the product for it to be so cheap. Also if the company charges too low a price, it may not cover its costs. There are many different pricing strategies that companies can use to decide on a price for their product including market and psychological pricing methods.

Some examples of pricing decisions to be made include:

ü  Pricing strategy

ü  Suggested retail price

ü  Volume discount

ü  Price flexibility

ü  Price discrimination

Profitable price organization like outsourcing company must set prices on their products. An organization is bound to set its price thinking its costs into account. A price selection which dose not cover all the cost may lead the organization into a loss. While pricing its product global web outsourcing limited keeps the following factors into account:

ü  Concentration Cost

ü  Labor Cost

ü  Developing Cost

ü  Web developing Cost


The place where you can except to find your customer and consequently the sale is realized. Knowing this place, you have to look for a distribution channel in order to reach your customer.


Some examples of distribution decisions include:

ü  Distribution channels

ü  Market coverage (inclusive, selective or exclusive distribution)

ü  Inventory management

ü  Intermediaries

ü  Distribution centers

ü  Order processing

ü  Transactions


In the context of the marketing mix, promotion represents the various aspects of marketing communication. That is, the communication if information about the product with the goal of generating a positive customer response.

ü  Promotional strategy

ü  Advertising

ü  Personal selling & sales force

ü  Sales promotions

ü  Public relations & publicity

ü  Marketing communication budget.

SWOT Analysis of Global Web Outsourcing Ltd.

The SWOT analysis commonly used tool for identifying gaps and potential for improvement. The SWOT analysis is very easy to conduct and the explanation of the whole exercise, which dose not consume much time.


ü  Strict Quality Assurance

ü  Timely Delivery

ü  Huge Cost Saving


ü  Technical employ of the company has the negative views about the management of Global Web Out Sourcing Ltd.

ü  There is shortage of skilled employ in the company due to which the company has to face a large of competition.

ü  The advertisement budget of the Global Web Outsourcing Ltd .Is very short comparatively other brands in the market.

ü  Most of the managerial staff is not well

ü  There is also very weak point in the management which is the over staffing. There is over staffing in the management.

ü  The salaries of management staff are very low and experience people dose not come for the job.

ü  The management staffs dose not has enough direct links with their clients.

ü  The company has not developed the promotional strategies for the international market


ü  Due to flexibility of government policy of the Global Web Out Sourcing Ltd. Has opportunities to increase their business.

ü  Due to the strong financial position of the company, the management can use the latest technology in their products.

ü  They can use brand name in the international market to increase their sales.

ü  As the company is financially very strong, so it can use electronic and the print media to increase their sales

ü  Global Web Out Sourcing Ltd. should appear in the national industrial exhibition. It is a big opportunities for the company to create the awareness of its brand in the national as well as international markets.


ü  A large number of the new incoming companies are increasing the competition in the market.

ü  Global Web Out Sourcing Ltd. are offering the same products at relatively lower price.

Problems Identified

ü  Global web out sourcing Ltd. Should not monitor their plan regularly.

ü  Most of the managerial staff is not well

ü  The company has not developed the promotional strategies for the international market

ü  The management dose not cheerfully encourages the employees on take training about software developer.

ü There is huge problem in pricing. As pricing is not fixed so customer get different price quotations from the employees for same product.


ü Global web out sourcing Ltd. Should monitor their plan regularly

ü Most of the managerial staff should be good skill.

ü The management can use the latest technology in their products promotion.

ü The management should be cheerfully encourages the employees on take training about software developer.

ü  Every employee should discuses about price margin among them as they can give same price quotation to customers.


Organizations exist when two or more people work towards achieving common goals. An organization can never be better then the people it hires. Hence we have to get the best to be the best because the performance of the employees reflects the company’s image and standing in the market.

Out of the three M’s i.e. Man, Money & Machine, probably the human dimension is of the utmost importance. Hiring employees is not the sole objective rather the primary goal is to devise a tool that can help the organization attract, maintain, retain and motivate them enough to give their best to organization. Training and development is therefore the first step towards success. Better the quality of the employees better the performance of the company.

An organization’s ability to meet the training and development challenges provides an opportunity to make significant contribution to the company. With better quality people executing the company’s operations the HR department can create a competitive advantage for the company. Here in the end I want to sum up my report of the internship in Global web out sourcing Ltd. In the few words. Again I would like to say thanks to Global web out sourcing Ltd. And it all employees for providing such supportive environment of learning. I must say that my three months internship experience in Global web out sourcing Ltd. Was a great learning time and I believe that it will be very helpful for me in future career.

During my internship in Global web out sourcing Ltd. There was a chance to particularly use my knowledge and skills, which I have gained during my study as well as gained and experienced different new skills on the job. It also helped to learn about the E- marketing working in Bangladesh, its procedures and products and service.

Here in the report it was tried my best to give very informative and useful details regarding my internship in Global web out sourcing Ltd. And I believe that by reading this one would agree with me that gaining practical experience of what we learn in books is as important and useful as any other thing. I was fortunate enough to secure a position as an entrance here and thereby able to do and in depth analysis of the working environment of this company from the inside and of the external environment.