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Internship Report on An Overview of BRAC Bank LTD

Internship Report on An Overview of BRAC Bank LTD

Executive Summary

This report contains the overview of the bank & banking systems of Bangladesh describing the current structure of banking institutions in Bangladesh and various functions of central bank i.e. Bangladesh Bank, central bank’s policies, interest rate polices, capital adequacy of the Bank, loan classification & provision, foreign exchange system, exchange rate policy, bank licensing and commercial banks, specialized banks, financial institutions with its lists.

The birth and evaluation of Brac Bank Ltd (BBL) institutional shareholdings by BRAC, International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Shorecap International, has been the fastest growing Bank in 2004 and 2005. BRAC, a national, private organization, started as an almost entirely donor funded, small-scale relief and rehabilitaton project initiated by Fazle Hasan Abed to help the country overcome the devastation and trauma of the Liberation War and focused on resettling refugees returning from India. International Finance Corporation (IFC) is the commercial wing of World Bank. ShoreCap International Ltd. is an international private non-profit, equity company seeking to invest in small business banks and regulated micro finance institutions in countries with developing and transitional economies.

BBL Mission, vision and corporate values Company’s present financial resources and status has also been sketched by some quantitative dimension which includes number of products the company deals with, number of employees, physical facilities, sales outlets possessed by the company. Company’s competitive advantages are analyzed in view of corporate image. BBL loan and advantages has got an extra emphasis in this part of the report.

BBL loan and advances product are mainly based on five broad head i.e. SME Banking, Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Probashi Banking & Internet Banking. BBL operates SME Banking offering through various types of products i.e. Prothoma Rin, Annano Rin, Aporba Rin, Supplier Finance, Digon Rin, Arogga Rin, Patshala Rin etc. Each & every SME products eligibility, maximum sanction limit, repayment installment, product features are described and network coverage map also shown in this repot. BBl operate three types of product in Retail Banking i,e. Loan Products, Cards Products & Deposit products. Eleven Loan Products, Ten Deposit Products & Four Cards Products are briefly describes in the report with its eligibility, maximum sanction limit & features. Corporate Banking, Probashi Banking & Internet Banking Product also include this report in the same manner.

01. Introduction

1. Objective of the report:

The report has two objectives:

A) Broad objective
The first objective to prepare of this report is to fulfill the requirements of EMBA Program. Other objectives of the report are to familiarize with the operation in different section and to grasp an idea about bank involvement in Commercial banking.
B) Specific objectives:
The specific objectives of the study are;
• To observe the overall banking system.
• To find out the different types of credit facilities of Brac Bank Limited.
• To explain the credit procedures of Brac Bank Limited.
• To exponent the problems & prospect of branches of Brac Bank Limited.

2. Research methodology:
Methodology is a systematic description of the sequence of activities required to solve a problem.
In order to prepare this report, information was collected from both the primary & secondary sources. The information for the organization part of the report was collected from secondary sources like books, published reports & annual reports of the Brac Bank Limited. For general concept development about the bank short interviews & discussion session were as primary source.
The relevant data are to be collected from the primary as well as secondary sources.

3. Limitation of the study:

The major limitations faced in preparation of the report are-

• The customers are sometimes unable to provide information because of their busy time.
• The bank has naturally shown me some indifference connecting its most confidential information.
• Some site is restricted for everyone, so I am unable to find all the document.

02 About Bank

2.1 Over view of the Bank:

The word ‘bank’ comes from the Italian word ‘Banco’ or ‘Banque’. Banco or Banque means a bench. In early stage money transaction activities was generally done by sitting on the benches in a market. Some body says, the word ‘bank’ comes from the German word ‘bank’ that means the joint stock fund. But now this word ‘bank’ deals with the money transaction that made in an institution by following some prescribed rules.

The development of a country depends on the economic condition of the country. Attainment of the desired level of economic development is targeted by the developing economics for a number of reasons viz. increasing population, scarce resources, high rate of unemployment, technological backwardness, low level of standard of living, etc. the process of economic development needs capital formation besides other structural changes like improvement in skill and efficiency of manpower, better organization, health and education system, etc. Capital formation is deemed as the most significant variable of economic development. An efficient and well-organized financial system contributes to the much- desired economic development through capital formation, which can be divided into three stages viz., savings, financing and investment.
Banks play a dynamic role in the economic development of a nation. Schumpeter regarded the banking system as one of the two key agents (the other being entrepreneurship) in the whole process of development.

Historically, the focus of the commercial banking system was entirely short term, providing only working capital and trade finance. But the areas of commercial banking have been expected over time. In the universal banking system of Germany, commercial banks are also an important source of investment finance. They function like investment banks and provide underwriting and brokerage, and they also have considerable control over firms both through their own equity holding and proxy votes for private investors, and by appointing representatives on the boards of firms.

2.2. Banking System in Bangladesh:
Bangladesh inherited its banking structure from the British regime and had 44 banks and other financial institutions before the partition of India in 1947. Till liberation of Bangladesh all banks were privately owned and thus the benefits / facilities of banking were enjoyed by only a small elite group of persons and the banks in private sector played a traditional role without fulfilling socio-economic objectives of a welfare state.
The Dhaka bank established in 1806 was the first commercial bank in the Bangladesh region of British India. Bengal bank, the first British-patronized modern bank established in India in 1784, had opened its two branches in 1873 in Sirajganj and Chittagong of Bangladesh region. Later in 1862, the Bengal Bank purchased the Dhaka Bank and opened its first branch in Dhaka in the same year by reconstituting and merging the Dhaka Bank.
Thereafter, another branch of Bengal Bank was opened in Chandpur in 1900. A number of other branches of Bengal Bank were opened in this region and some branches had been closed in course of time. There were six other branches of Bengal Bank in operation in the territory of Bangladesh until the partition of British-India in 1947 and these branches were at Chittagong (1906), Mymensing (1922), Rangpur (1923), Chandpur (1924) and Narayanganj (1926).

Following the emergence of Pakistan in 1947, State Bank of Pakistan, the Central Bank of the country, came into being in July 1948. Later, the National Bank of Pakistan, a strong commercial bank was set up in 1949. In all, 36 scheduled commercial banks were in operation in the whole Pakistan until 1971.
Pakistanis owned most of these banks and only three of them namely, National Bank of Pakistan, Habib Bank Ltd. And the Australasian Bank Ltd. Had one branch of each in East Pakistan in 1949. During 1950-58, three other Pakistani-owned banks, Premier Bank Ltd., Bank of Bhowalpur Ltd. And Muslim Commercial Bank had opened their branch in East Pakistan. Four Pakistani-owned banks, the United Bank Ltd., Union Bank Ltd., Standard Bank Ltd. And the Commerce Bank Ltd.

Conducted banking business in the province during 1959-1965. But all of them had their headquarters in West Pakistan. East Pakistan had only two banks owned by local business groups with headquarters in Dhaka. These were the Eastern Mercantile Bank Ltd. (presently Pubali Bank Ltd.) and Easter Banking Corporation Ltd. (presently Uttara Bank Ltd.) established in 1959 and 1965 respectively.

In the decade of seventies, in an atmosphere of fully regulated banking, the nationalized
Commercial banks played the active role in intermediation and allocation of credit along
With the specialized financial institutions. In the beginning of 1971, there were 1130 branches of 12 banks in operation in East Pakistan. The foundation of independent banking system in Bangladesh was laid through the establishment of the Bangladesh Bank in 1972 by the Presidential Order No. 127 of 1972 (which took effect on 16th December, 1971).

Through the Order, the eastern branch of the former State Bank of Pakistan at Dhaka was renamed as the Bangladesh Bank as a full-fledged office of the Central Bank of Bangladesh and the entire undertaking of the State Bank of Pakistan in, and in relation to Bangladesh has been delivered to the bank
Bangladesh Bank has been entrusted with all of the traditional central banking functions including the sole responsibilities of issuing currency, keeping the reserves, formulating and managing the monetary and credit policy, regulating the banking system, stabilizing domestic and external monetary value, preserving the par value of Bangladesh Taka, fostering economic growth and development and the development of the country’s money market.
After liberation of the country, all the banks were nationalized with a view to utilizing the services of the banks in conformity with Government policy for achieving socialistic pattern of society.

The main objectives of nationalization of banks was to ensure that the banking system serves a much wider section of the community by dispensing credit to the poorest and the weaker section of the society and also to remove the regional disparities and help in development of backward areas and serve better the needs of development of the economy in conformity with national policy and objectives formulated by the Government,
That means a society with wealth distributed as equitably as possible. The Bangladesh Banks (Nationalization) Order enacted in 1972 nationalized all banks except foreign ones.

Four nationalized banks were formed through merging the existing banks of that period, which is shown in table:

New Banks Original Banks
Sonali Bank The National Bank of Pakistan
The Bank of bahowalpur Ltd.
The Premier Bank Ltd.
Agrani Bank The Habib Bank Ltd.
The Commerce Bank Ltd.
Janata Bank The United Bank Ltd.
The Union Bank Ltd.
Rupali Bank The Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd.
The Standerd Bank Ltd.

During eighties, the banks operated under strict regulatory framework. The Bangladesh Govt. appointed a National Commission on Money, Banking and Credit (NCMBC) to undertake a major study of the financial sector in late 1984, which submitted its report in 1986 suggesting the reforms to be brought about for addressing the problem of loan delinquencies and restoring the financial stability. Banking Reform Committee (BRC) was constituted in order to carry forward the reform process in the financial sector. The Committee submitted its report in December 1999 and their recommendations are under active consideration of the Government.

3.1 Brac Bank Limited An overview:
BRAC Bank Limited, with institutional shareholdings by BRAC, International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Shorecap International, has been the fastest growing Bank in 2004 and 2005. At the year end of 2005, BRAC Bank had recorded a 103 percent growth in assets, and a 65 percent growth in liabilities, with an operating profit of 84 percent over the previous year 2004.
A fully operational commercial bank, BRAC Bank focuses on pursuing unexplored market niches in the Small and Medium Enterprise Business, which hitherto has remained largely untapped within the country. In the last four years of operation, the Bank has disbursed over BDT 1200 crore in loans to nearly 32,000 small and medium entrepreneurs. The management of the Bank believes that this sector of the economy can contribute the most to the rapid generation of employment in Bangladesh.
BRAC, a national, private organization, started as an almost entirely donor funded, small-scale relief and rehabilitation project initiated by Fazle Hasan Abed to help the country overcome the devastation and trauma of the Liberation War and focused on resettling refugees returning from India. Today, BRAC has emerged as an independent, virtually self-financed paradigm in sustainable human development. It is one of the largest Southern development organizations employing 97,192 people, with 61% women, and working with the twin objectives of poverty alleviation and empowerment of the poor.
The International Finance Corporation (IFC) is a member of the World Bank Group and is headquartered in Washington, DC. Established in 1956, IFC’s mission is to promote sustainable private sector investment in developing countries, helping to reduce poverty and improve people’s lives.
IFC is the largest multilateral source of loan and equity financing for private sector projects in the developing world. The organization promotes sustainable private sector investment in developing countries that is economically beneficial, financially and commercially sound, and environmentally and socially sustainable; as a way to reduce poverty and improve people’s Lives.
It is the belief of the organization that sound economic growth is the key to poverty reduction; that it is grounded in the development of entrepreneurship and successful private investment; and that a conducive business environment is needed for the latter to thrive and contribute to improve people’s Lives.
IFC promotes sustainable private sector development primarily BY
1. Financing private sector projects located in the developing World
2. Helping private companies in the developing world mobilize financing in international financial markets.
3. Providing advice and technical assistance to businesses and Government

3.2 Corporate Mission, Vision & Values

Corporate Mission
» Sustained growth in ‘small & Medium Enterprise ‘sector.
» Continuous low cost deposit growth with controlled growth in Retained Assets.
» Corporate Assets to be funded through self-liability mobilization. Growth in Assets through Syndications and Investment in faster growing sectors.
» Continuous endeavor to increase fee based income.
» Keep our Debt Charges at 2% to maintain a steady profitable growth
» Achieve efficient synergies between the bank’s Branches, SME Unit Offices and BRAC field offices for delivery of Remittance and Bank’s other products and services
» Manage various lines of business in a fully controlled environment with no compromise on quality
» Keep a diverse, far flung team fully motivated and driven towards materializing the bank’s vision into reality.

Corporate Vision
“Building a profitable and socially responsible financial institution focused on Markets and Business with growth potential, thereby assisting BRAC and stakeholders build a “just, enlightened, healthy, democratic and poverty free Bangladesh’’

Corporate Values
Our Strength emanates from our owner – BRAC. This means, we will hold the following values and will be guided by them as we do our jobs:
» Value the fact that we are a member of the BRAC family.
» Creating an honest, open and enabling environment.
» Have a strong customer focus and build relationships based on integrity, superior service and mutual benefit
» Strive for profit & sound growth
» Work as a team to serve the best interest of our owner
» Relentless in pursuit of business innovation and important
» Value and respect people and make decisions based on merit
» Base recognition and reward on performance
» Responsible, trustworthy and law-abiding in all that we do

» Fastest growing bank in the country for the last two Years
» Leader in SME financing through 300 offices
» Biggest suit of personal banking & SME products
» Large ATMs (Automated Teller Machine) & POS (Point of Sales) network

3.3. Orgonogram of Brac Bank Limited:

3.4. Financial Resource:
Shareholding Structure
Shareholders Percent
BRAC 31.74%
IFC 9.50%
Shore Cap International 8.76%
General Public through IPO 40%
Non-Residents Bangladeshi’s 5%
Mutual funds through IPO 5%
Total 100%

Figure: Share holder of Brac Bank Limited

3.5 Brac Bank’s products:
3.5.1 SME Banking
The most valuable natural resource of Bangladesh is its people. As a nation we struggled for our independence and now the attainment of economic uplift is the main goal. Micro lenders are working here in the financial field, providing very small amount and on the other hand regular commercial banks have been providing bigger amount of loans to larger industries and trading organizations. But the small and medium entrepreneurs were overlooked. This missing middle group is the small but striving entrepreneurs, who because of lack of fund cannot pursue their financial uplift, as they have no property to provide as equity to the commercial banks. With this end in view-BRAC Bank was opened to serve these small but hard working entrepreneurs with double bottom line vision. As a socially responsible bank, BRAC Bank wants to see the emancipation of grass-roots level to their economic height and also to make profit by serving the interest of missing middle groups. 50% of our total portfolio usually collected from urban areas, are channeled to support these entrepreneurs who in future will become the potential strength of our economy. We are the market leaders in giving loans to Small and Medium Entrepreneurs. We have been doing it for the last five years.

• SME Network Coverage
• SME Products

Brac Bank’s SME products:
1. Prothoma Rin 2. Annano Rin 3. Aporba Rin 4. Supplier Finance
5. Digon Rin 6. Arogga Rin 7. Patshala Rin

1): Prothoma Rin
“PROTHOMA RIN” is a loan facility for small and medium sized trading, manufacturing, service, agriculture, non-farm activities, agro-based industries etc. which are operated by women entrepreneur. The product offers terminating loan facilities for the purpose of working capital finance and/or fixed assets purchase.

• Entrepreneurs aged between 18 to 55 years
• Entrepreneurs with minimum 2 years experience in the same line of business
• Minimum 1(One) year of continuous business history
Maximum Amount
• From minimum BDT 3 lacs up to maximum of BDT10 lacs

• In case the tenant borrower cannot obtain trade license showing her name as owner of the business, loan can be sanctioned in the personal name of the borrower
• For excellent borrowers who have paid or are paying in due times, we offer discounted rates
• Repay the loan in the method and time period that suits you the best
• Borrower availed any loan in the name of his/her sister concern business loan may be approved if the loan is regularly repaid from the sister concern business

Loan Term Installment (Principal) Repayment Interest Repayment
3 months-9 months One single payment at maturity Monthly
12, 15, 18, 21, 24,
27, 30, 33, 36 months Monthly installment Monthly with installment

2) Anonno Rin
This is a small-scale loan designed to finance small scale trading, manufacturing and service ventures, especially to aid the purchase of fixed assets, and to finance working capital.
• Entrepreneurs aged between 18 to 60 years
• Entrepreneurs with minimum 2 years experience in the same line of business
• A business which must be a going- concern with more than 1 year in operation

Maximum Ammount
• From minimum BDT 3 lac upto maximum of BDT 8 lac
• Loan without mortgage
• For excellent borrowers who have paid or are paying in due times, we offer discounted rates
• Quick, quality banking throughout the country
• Potential women entrepreneurs will also get the facilities of this loan.

Loan Term Installment (Principal) Repayment Interest Repayment
3 months-9 months One single payment at maturity Monthly
12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27,
30, 33, 36 months Monthly installment Monthly with installment

3) Apurbo Rin
In order to help our SME borrowers for financing working capital or to purchase fixed assets, BRAC Bank offers APURBO. It caters to the need of entrepreneurs who are operating in trading, manufacturing, service, agriculture, non-farm activities, agro- based industries and other sectors of our economy.
• Entrepreneurs having a minimum of 3 years of some business activities
• A business which must be a going concern for 3 years
• Age minimum 25 years and maximum upto 60 Years
Maximum Amount
• Starting from BDT 8 lac to maximum of BDT 30 lac
• Without mortgage for loan below 10 lac
• Simple loan processing for expanding your business
• Quick disbursement
• Disbursement in one or two installments
• Flexible monthly repayment plan

4) Supplier Finance

SUPPLIER FINANCE is a loan facility for the enlisted Suppliers of various large retailers, marketing companies, distributors, exporters etc. This product’s main objective is to help various Suppliers to meet their short-term cash flow shortages or bridge the fund-flow gaps.

• If you are an enlisted supplier of a corporate house with which BRAC Bank has a corporate tie- up
• Have minimum 3 years of continuous operation
• Have 1 year continuous relationship with the purchasing firm

Maximum Amount
Minimum BDT 3 lac up to maximum BDT 30 lac

Equal monthly installment and revolving loan facility 1% of loan amount as the processing fee.

5) Digoon Rin
DIGOON RIN is a loan facility for Small and Medium enterprise. This product’s main objective is to help various Small and Medium entrepreneurs to meet their short-term cash flow shortages or bridge the fund-flow gaps.

Double loan on your deposit. For your business expansion, you do not need to encase your savings rather you can take double amount of loan on your deposit.

• Entrepreneur having minimum 2 years of business activities
• The business which must be a going concern for 2 years
• Aged between 18 years to 55 years

Maximum Ammount
• Minimum of 5 lac to maximum of 30 lac BDT

• Double amount of loan on your deposit
• Attractive return against the deposit
• Flexible repayment plan in monthly installment and single installments
• Quick disbursement

6) Aroggo Rin
This loan is suitable for private clinics, diagnostics centers and doctors’ chambers to purchase fixed assets under equated monthly installments.

• Institutions with atleast 2 years in operation & a profit making concern
• Doctors having 5 years of experience
Maximum Amount

Minimum of 3 lac to maximum of 30 lac
• Loan without mortgage upto 8 lac
• Easy loan processing
• Loan repayment schedule is spread upto 3 years
• 1% loan processing fee
• Flexible interest rate based on security

7) Pathshala Rin
This is a loan designed to meet the needs of small and medium sized private educational institutions, such as kindergartens, schools and colleges etc.
• A small & medium educational institution that is in operation for minimum 3 years
• The institution should be sole proprietorship, partnership, Private Limited Company, or Society
• The educational institute must be a profit making concern
Maximum Amount
• Minimum BDT 3 lac to maximum BDT 30 lac
• Without mortgage for loan below 10 lac
• Loan for fixed assets purchase & civil construction
• Loan repayment can be spread up to 4 years
• Minimum documentation
• Monthly repayment plan
• Quick disbursement
Flexible interest rate based on security

SME Network Coverage

3.5.2 Retail banking:
In retail banking Brac Bank has three types of products.
a) Loan Products
b) Cards products
c) Deposit products
In Loan products they have: In Cards products they have:
1) Doctors Loan 1) ATM card
2) Salary Loan 2) Alico Card ( co branded card)
3) Now Loan 3) Arong Card ( Co branded card)
4) Car Loan 4) Dia gold ( Co branded card)
5) Teachers loan
6) Study Loan
7) Travel Loan
8) Credit card loan
9) Top Up Loan
10) Hi Flyer Loan
11) Secured Loan
In deposit products they have:
1) Step up fixed deposit
2) Salary Account
3) Current account
4) Short term deposit
5) Saving Account
6) Ezee Account
7) DPS
8) Abiram account
9) Interest first
10) Fixed deposit

 Loan products
• Doctors Loan:
BRAC Bank introducing Doctor’s Loan, an exclusive loan facility for the Doctor’s fraternity. Now practicing Doctor’s can avail this loan very easily to meet their professional needs. So prescribe yourself a dream today. Anti-Headache solution for Doctor’s.
• Having M.B.B.S. with 2 years of experience
• A salaried or a self employed Doctor’s
• Aged between 25 to 55 years
Maximum Amount
• Taka 15 Lacs
• Loan from BDT 2 Lac to BDT 15 Lac
• No Security Required
• Loan in 48 Hours

Salary Loan:
Keep an extra 15 month’s salary in your pocket. You can get BRAC Bank Salary loan, Loan against your salary. If you are a salaried individual working in Bangladesh, Please read on. Because Salary Loan from BRAC Bank has been designed with just you in our minds.
• Employed as a regular salaried staff
• Have minimum age of 25 years
• If you earn a gross monthly salary of Tk. 10,000
Maximum Amount
• From maximum of BDT 10 lac
• Loan upto 15 times of your Salary
• No security required
• Loan processed just within 24 hours
• Flexible repayment Equal Monthly Installments (EMI) over a period of 12 months to 48 months
Documents required
• Last 3 month’s bank statement
• Last salary slip/Letter of introduction
• Proof of identity
• Proof of residence
• Proof of employment of minimum 2 years

• Now Loan:
You choose while we pay’!! Life is good making it better when you can enjoy BRAC Bank Now Loan. In case you need to purchase home appliances, furniture’s, computer or other consumer durables for personal use, we offer you the most appropriate solution with our Now loan.
• BRAC Bank account holder aged from 25 to 55
• A salaried employee with minimum monthly income of TK 10, 000
• Employed in your current organization for two years
Maximum Amount
• 15 times of gross monthly income
• No Security
• 48 Hour Processing
• Small Monthly Installments

• Car Loan:
Why toy with your dreams when you can own one’, BRAC Bank Car Loan can stop your dreaming and Start driving Whether you want to purchase a brand new car or a reconditioned one, we have the most customer-friendly car loan scheme availa you.

• Both salaried executives and business persons
• Age between 21 at the time of application to 60 at the time of maturity
• Minimum monthly income BDT 25,000
• Length of service/Age of business: Minimum 2 years
Maximum Amount
• 100% of the vehicle price
• Maximum BDT 5 million
• 100% Car value financing
• Loan approved in 48 hours
• Both Brand New/Reconditioned car finance
• Loan term: 12-60 months
Monthly installment schedule for Tk. 1 lac loan
Months 12 24 36 48 60
Amount 9120.48 4944.23 3565.27 2885.50 2485.26

* This figures are indicative and can change over time
• Teachers Loan:
It is a flexible loan for the teachers for any purpose
• Loan amount 10 times of monthly salary
• Maximum amount TK. 300,000
• Term 1 to 4
• Security Personal guarantee from spouse/parents
• Documentation Letter of introduction/ undertaking

• Study loan
Your gateway to the world’ BRAC Bank Study Loan gives your child deserves the best education and you have planned it ahead. But worried about financing? BRAC bank has the perfect solution for your child’s future.
• Parent/ financial guarantor of the student pursuing higher education locally and abroad
• Earning TK 25,000 per month
• Aged between 30 to 60 years
Maximum Amount
• 15 times of your gross monthly income
• No security required
• Small Monthly Installments
• Repayment scheme up to maximum of 4 years
• Multipurpose facility to meet living expenses, airfare, personal expenses beside tuition as well

• Travel Loan
‘It’s time to fly’, BRAC Bank Travel Loan opens the door for planning to take a trip abroad and worried about financing? Before you start packing your bags for vacation abroad, you have too many things to take care. Leave your money- matters to us while you pack your bags. Our fast and easy loan processing will simply add excitement to your travel plan.

• An individual with minimum monthly income of TK 15,000
• A salaried or a self employed person
• Aged between 25 to 53 years
Maximum Amount
• 8 to 10 times of gross salary
• No security
• Small Monthly Installments
• 50% off on Foreign Currency Endorsement Fees
• For Salaried and self-Employed individuals
What do you need to apply?
• For ” For salaried employees, tourist visa of the traveling country, last 3 month’s bank statement, last salary slip/ letter of introduction showing salary, proof of ID, proof of residence, business card, photocopy of passport, quotation from travel agency regarding airfare, proof of employment of minimum 2 years, applicant’s & employer’s name in the address field
• For ” For a self- employed person, tourist visa of the traveling country, last six months bank statement, copy of trade license, TIN Certificate, proof of residence, spouse guarantee, business card, photocopy of passport, quotation from travel agency regarding airfare

• Credit card loan
When you have a credit card sky is your limit with BRAC Bank. Now, a credit card is all you need to get a loan from BRAC Bank. Loan can be used for any reason from buying consumer goods, automobile to vacation expenses. Just decide what to do and start planning for it.
• A one-year-old credit card with any institution
• A minimum of 12 months of satisfactory credit card relationship with any credit card issuer in Bangladesh
Maximum Amount
• 5 times of credit card limit with a maximum of TK 1,000,000

• Any Purpose Loan
• No proof of the income or security required
• Loan in just 24 hours
• Flexible repayable plan in equal monthly installment
What do you need to apply?
• Copy of credit card
• Last 3 month’s credit card statements
• Proof of 1 year of credit card history

• Top up loan
Is your loan track record playing smooth? BRAC Bank top Up Loan is easy loan for good borrower. This unsecured loan is designed to meet various personal needs without mentioning the purpose at all. Just apply according to your requirements
• An existing retail borrower of a reputed financial institution with good repayment history
• A salaried or a self employed individual
• Aged between 30 to 55 years
Maximum Amount
• Taka 10 Lacs
• No cash security required
• No tiring paper work

Loan in just 48 hours
• High flyer loan
Enjoy life to the fullest and take benefit of the varied opportunities it offers you. BRAC Bank’s HighFlyer Loan is for airline, GSA & Travel Agency professionals is to makes your long cherished desires an absolute reality.
• Maximum 20 times of your net monthly salary.
• Minimum loan size is BDT 50,000; loan is available
• Up to BDT 500,000.

Maximum Amount
• 15 times of your gross monthly income
• No Security
• Fastest Processing Time
• Loan up to 5 years
• Attractive interest rate

• Secured Loan/ OD
A special scheme that allows you to avail cash at nominal interest rates. Your security is kept untouched in the Bank’s custody as the value grows.
• All BRAC Bank account holders aged from 21 to 65
• People from all income groups – salaried employees and self-employed business people with security in their possession
Maximum Amount
• Maximum amount can go up to Tk 5 crores. We even allow loans up to even 100% of the value of your securities (conditions apply)
• Features
• You repay only interest at quarterly intervals
• You are allowed to choose between the quarterly repayment option and the monthly installment option
• You can avail the facilities in single or in joint names
• Your interest will be calculated using reducing balance method
• A wide range of security is acceptable to the Bank. These are: Fixed Deposits at BRAC Bank and other Banks, ICB unit certificates and Wage Earner Development Bonds (special cases)
• Employer’s Guarantee can be the security.
 Cards products:
In the cards product they have 3 types of cards:
• ATM card
• Arong card ( co branded)
• Dia gold card ( co branded)
• Alico card ( co branded)
1. ATM

Features of Brac Bank’s ATM card: ATM Machine
• Draw money up to BDT 20,000 per day
• Check balance statements of your ATM and POS transactions
• Get a Mini Statement
• Change PIN number
• Use it in BRAC Bank POS outlets to pay
• 24 hour hotline available to resolve querie
• Features
• Save 5 % on every shopping at Aarong
• Get cash back straight into your account and earn interest
• 24-hour access to ATM’s across Bangladesh
• Access to countrywide designated POS (Point of Sales)
Alico Card:

• Free Life insurance Coverage upto BDT 200,000 with world’s leading insurance company ALICO
• No premium payment hassle
• 24-hour access to ATM’s across Bangladesh
• Access to countrywide designated POS (Point of Sales)
Dia gold co branded card:
• Save 10 % on Diamond jewelries
• Save 8% on the making charge of Gold jewelries
• Get cash back straight into your account and earn interest
• Facilities
• 24-hour access to ATM’s across Bangladesh
• Access to countrywide designated POS (Point of Sales)

Deposit Products
Brac Bank has huge products in the deposit scheme. These are described below:
A) Savings Account
A regular savings account offering you interests on your deposit amount.
• No restriction on the number of withdrawals
• No restriction on the amount or size of a withdrawal
• No forfeiture rules or hidden costs
• No requirement for notices to be given before making a withdrawal
• Use our network of ATMs for easy cash withdrawal
• Get mini balance statements from our ATM whenever you want.
How to open a Savings Account
• Primary Account opening balance – 15,000 BDT
• No minimum balance required
• Photocopy of your valid passport
• 3 copies of your recent photograph
• Valid photocopy of you ID Card/Driving License
• Photocopy of your Trade License
• Nominee’s Photograph
BRAC Bank’s Deposit Premium Scheme is a savings plan that adds value to your hard earned money.
• Monthly installments can be as low as Tk. 500 or any multiples of it
• Choose any day as your installment date
• Receive a Savings a/c with a personalized cheque book
• On-line banking facilities
You don’t need to stand in a long queue to deposit your DPS Installments. You can always deposit more than one installment in your savings account and we’ll automatically transfer the installment to your DPS account on due date
Monthly Installment
Amount (BDT.) Maturity amount after completion of all regular
installments payment*
4 Years 7 Years 11 Years 14 Years
500.00 28,667.00 58,650.00 116,603.00 179,550.00
1000.00 57,334.00 117,300.00 233,207.00 359,101.00

C) Interest First Fixed Deposit
This time you don’t have to wait till maturity to receive interest on your Fixed Deposit. BRAC Bank Interest First Fixed Deposit lets you draw the interest instantly at the time of your deposit. Believe it. A deposit scheme where the client receives interest in advance.
• Instant interest on fixed Deposit
• Interest reinvestment opportunity
• Attractive rate of return
D) Salary Account
BRAC Bank Salary Account is a payroll account for Employers and Employees. As an organization, you can opt for our Salary Account to enable easy disbursements of salary & enjoy numerous other benefits.
The organization needs to have a minimum of 10 employees and a payout of Tk. 1 lac per month and an average salary per employee of Tk. 10,000 per month.
Zero Balance
There is no minimum balance required to open Salary Account. Your employees can open Salary Account with zero balance

Non-Checking Account
Salary Account does not have a cheque book. Hence, your employees don’t need to worry about any fraud. It ensures complete peace of mind.

ATM Debit Card
your employees will be provided with ATM Debit Cards to allow them to access to 24 hour banking. These ATM Debit Cards can also be used for retail purchases at various stores all around the country.

Saving Interest
The account also accrues interest on deposits. No minimum balance is required to earninterest on the account.

All an employer would require to do is to send BRAC Bank an advice (in the form of a cheque/debit instruction etc) for the total salary amount along with the salary details of the designated employees in a soft and hard copy format and we will credit the respective employees’ accounts as per your statement of advice.
E) Short Term Deposit
A deposit scheme to give returns on your savings.
• Minimum balance required is Tk. 100,000
• Interest paid twice a year but calculated monthly if balance is Tk. 100,000 or above
F) Current Account
BRAC Bank’s Current Account is a normal checking account, giving you the option to deposit and withdraw money for your day-to-day needs.
• ATM card for easy cash withdrawal
• Withdraw money from all our ATMS
• Deposit cheques at any of our branches and get the fund transferred to your account immediately
• Use online banking facility for free
• Easy access to our other facilities
G) EZee Account
‘Banking That Sets You Free’ BRAC Bank offers you EZee Account a non-cheque interest bearing account for small savers who are in frequent need of transaction. You don’t need to write a cheque or stand in a long queue to draw your own money from BRAC Bank. You can get an ATM card to operate your account round the clock.
• 24 hour access to ATMs and POS
• Interest on daily balance
• No minimum balance
• No ledger fees
H) Abiram Account
Your hard earned money is paying-off immediately; BRAC Bank ‘Abiram’ Account is a special type of Fixed Deposit scheme, which offers the flexibility & comfort of having a guaranteed monthly return on your investment. With BRAC Bank ‘Abiram’ Account, you can ensure a safe & steady return on your investment.
• Monthly interest on your deposit
• Attractive rate of return
• 95% loan against your deposit
I) Fixed Deposit
Opening Requirements
” A Current Account or Savings Account

General Features
” A term deposit with a guaranteed monthly return on investment
” Competitive interest rates
” Early encashment flexibility
” Secured Loan and/or Secured Overdraft eligibility

All rates will remain unchanged.

” Interest Calculation: on the basis of term (1month to 3 year) deposit amount
” Interest Accrual: upon maturity
” Interest Payment: upon maturity

Related Conditions and Charges
” Early Encashment Charge: no penalty charge; interest will be paid at prevailing Savings Account rate if FD is maintained for at least 3 months
” Secured Loan and/or Secured Overdraft eligibility: up to 95% of Abiram value

3.5.3 Corporate Banking:
In Brac Bank has three types of products. These are
• Corporate Loan products
• Corporate Trade finance
• Corporate cash management
Corporate Loan products
1) Overdraft
2) Term Loan
(Short Term Loan/ Revolving Loan)
3) Lease Finance
4) Loan against Trust Receipt (LATR)
4) Work Order Finance .
5) Medium Enterprise

The products offered under this sort of financing are versatile in nature and each product is tailored according to the need of the borrower, under certain parameters. The range of organizations this sort of financing caters to include proprietorship concerns, private limited companies, and educational institutions as well as NGOS.

The purpose of this unit is to serve medium enterprises having facility requirements like a large corporate in nature, but smaller in volumes. The facilities may range from a single-funded or non-funded limit to a composite credit facility that include various corporate products. We believe that the emerging medium enterprise of today are tomorrow’s large corporate that will facilitate the true growth of our nation.

Corporate Trade finance:

1) Letter of Credit (LC)/ Letter of Guarantee (LG)
Letter of Credit (LC):
This facility is related to import or local purchase of different items. It is also provided for the import and export of goods (such as raw materials, machinery, equipment, any trading item).
Letter of Guarantee (LG):
To meet different contractual requirement such as participating in Bid, Performance Advance Payment guarantee for different contractual requirements.
 Corporate cash Management
Advantages to Employers
Salary Upload
Salary upload through a single cheque.
All you have to do is give consolidated cheque of the total salary amount to BRAC Bank and a break-up Guarantee and of the disbursements to the employees in soft and hard copy format.
Multi-Location Salary
Multi-Location Salary Disbursal is possible within BRAC Bank Network:
With BRAC Bank, salaries of all employees located across Bangladesh can be uploaded from a single point upload.
Have you ever thought about how much time you spend managing payroll? This equates to time taken away from revenue-producing activities. Outsourcing with the right payroll service provider will save your time and money.
Even with the simplest of payrolls, it’s easy to make mistakes. Without current and on-going training in payroll compliance, your company could face unhappy employees to boot.
It can be embarrassing and detrimental if the wrong eyes fall on the salary cheques. Confidentiality is much easier to maintain when payroll is outsourced.

Payroll companies offer a wide array of standard reports along with these invaluable reports which are neat and concise.
what better way to show your employees that your company is professional and secure? By outsourcing your payroll coupled with all benefits of BRAC Bank savings accounts will enhance your successful image and will make employees happy.

 Advantages to Employees
Employees automatically become BRAC Bank Salary Account Holders with special benefits and privileges and receive instant salary credit. Here are some of the features of BRAC Bank Salary Account:

24 Hour banking
Our ever expanding ATMs are now available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Choose your own time to bank and you don’t have to stand in a queue.

Online banking
No need to visit the branch where you initially opened your account. Walk into any branch in the country and enjoy the benefits of a fully online banking facility.

Extended Banking Hours
Most of our branches feature non-stop banking till 8:00 p.m. every day except for Thursdays and Fridays. Employers and employees can avail this facility at their convenience and leisure.

PayDay Overdraft
Employees can get an emergency overdraft facility on request, based on their take-home salary. This would be adjusted in their following salary credit.

Salary Loan
Salary Account holders can get BRAC Salary Loan up to a maximum of 15 times of their gross monthly income. Salary Loan can be repaid in equal monthly installments from 12 months to 60 months.
Personal Loan
As a special offering, our Salary Account customers would be provided with personal loans such as:

Car loan
Credit Card Loan
Student Loan
NoW Loan ( Life Style Loan)
Travel Loan etc.

3.5.4 Probashi Banking:
In probashi Banking Brac Bank has various products. These are:
1) Probashi Savings Account
This account provides interest which is paid in June and December of each year. This account comes with a cheque book and ATM Card and is ideal for Probashi Bangladeshies who want to save.
2) Probashi Biniyog

Deshei Ani Deshei Gori
• Foreign Currency Term Savings
• Foreign Currency Current Savings
• Wage Earners Development Bond
• US Dollar Investment Bond
• US Dollar Premium Bond

3) Probashi DPS
To secure your hard-earned money, BRAC Bank introduces the ideal saving scheme for Probashi Citizens.
• Monthly installment from minimum Tk. 500 to any multiples
• A Savings A/C with a personalized cheque book
• Earnings remitted to savings A/C will be automatically transfer on the due dates
• Loans are provided against 90% of your deposited amount

Monthly Installment Amount after maturity
4 years 7 years 11 years 14 years
500 28,667 58,650 116,603 179,550
1000 57,334 117,300 233,207 359,101

4) Probashi Fixed Deposit
A fixed deposit account allows you to deposit your money for a set-period of time, there by earning you a higher rate of interest in return. Fixed Deposits can be made from 3 months to 3 years. Interest is paid on the maturity at a very attractive rate.*
* Accounts will be maintained in Taka.
5) Probashi Abiram
Probashi Abiram is a Fixed Deposit which is ideal for Probashies who want to get a return every month. If you have sufficient funds, this can be made into a fixed deposit from 1 year to 3 years and interest will be paid every month on your Savings Account automatically. This is ideal for customers who want to pay their DPS installments.*
* Accounts will be maintained in Taka.

3.7.5 Internet Banking:
This document gives the overview of Brac Bank Limited’s Internet Banking (IB) system.
On Internet Banking channel following features are available to the customer:
• Balance Inquiry
• Personal A/C Funds Tra

Information Security is Everyone’s Business:
The rapid expansion of electronic communication has revolutionized the way we work and deal with you, our customers. At BRAC Bank Limited, information security is of paramount importance and our employees are fully aware of their responsibilities to keep customer information safe secure and confidential. Whether you choose to deal with us online, over the telephone or in person, we follow rigorous security procedures and use state of the art technologies to protect your information and transactions against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and misuse.
In just a few short years, the Internet has revolutionized the way we do business. It allows us to interact with you personally across time and space to offer information and additional value, to listen to your opinions and to provide a host of banking and financial services that you can access from the convenience of your home or office. At the same time, it also brings legitimate concerns about privacy and security.
At BRAC Bank Financial Group, we are dedicated to protecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal, business, and financial information. In fact, it is one of our highest priorities and remains the cornerstone of our commitment to you.
3.9.6 Others facility of Brac Bank Limited:
Brac Bank gives his customer some extra services. These are:
• Student corner
Campus Account: ‘Study hard, Play cool Bank easy’ BRAC Bank helps you to its not easy managing money when you are a student that is why BRAC Bank has come up with this scheme especially for you.
• 18 years old or above
• Enrolled in a full-time higher education programme at degree level or equivalent in a recognized University
• An identity card, library card, passport or driving license has to be provided
• A letter of introduction from the University
• A minimum balance of TK 2000 to initiate the account
• ATM card for fast and easy cash withdrawal
• Request PINs, replacement cards etc.
• Place cheques at any of our branches and get the fund transferred to your account immediately
• Deposit cash using ATMs and Easy Pay machines (subject to availability)
• Withdraw a maximum of Tk. 20,000 per day from any of our ATMs
• Initiate the account free of minimum balance fee or even ledger fee
• Free online Banking Facility
• Earn quarterly interest on your deposit
• Campus Account ATM card can be used at various marchant outlets
• Pay-up phone bills or your snack bills using the Campus Account ATM card (subject to availability)
• Get balances and mini statements of the account

Study Loan
Your child deserves the best education and you have planned it ahead. But worried about financing? BRAC bank has the perfect solution for your child’s future.

• Parent/ financial guarantor of the student pursuing higher education locally and abroad
• Earning TK 25,000 per month
• Aged between 30 to 60 years
Maximum Ammount
• Maximum 15 times of your gross monthly income
• Repayment scheme up to maximum of 4 years
• Equal monthly installments
• Multipurpose facility to meet living expenses, airfare, personal expenses beside tuition as well
Student File
24 Hours banking
SMS Banking
» Instant Account Balance & Mini Statement » Fixed Deposit Maturity Alarm
» High Value Transaction Alert
For Account Balance:

For Last Few Transactions:

Simple & Convenient
With SMS Banking, you do have to sendyourstatementthrough mail or call up ourbranches. Once you become a member of SMS Banking, you will have 24-hours access to the key financial information of your account.
Push & PullThrough BRAC Bank SMS Banking, you will be able to access your account’s current information like balance, last few transaction and a range of other financial information by typing a pre-defined key letter ( Like ‘A’ for Account Balance and ‘T’ for last few Transactions).
This Service avaible for both Grameenphone and AKTEL subscribers.
Easy to Apply
To sign up for SMS Banking, all you need to do is fill-out the enclosed form and send it to your nearest branch or mail it to