Importance Of Politeness

Importance Of Politeness

Politeness is a way of being polite. It is a great virtue. It is a mark of discipline. It is behaving in a respectful and considerate manner towards other people. Every person wants to hear good things and see good behaviors towards themselves. Therefore it’s important to behave in a polite and pleasing way towards others. The politeness does not necessarily mean kind words towards others but also how we deal with the environment and animals around us. Mostly, people show courtesy to senior personnel, this is a dangerous trend in a civilized world.

In the world today, we are supposed to appreciate each and everyone, and therefore politeness is essential e.g. in class civility should be shown between students and also to their professor. We’re to learn that every senior person is like others and we need to practice daily to be polite. We must swallow our pride to be polite; with pride, no one can be polite. Pride is a dangerous trend and always points to one’s downfall.

To be polite in one’s behavior costs him nothing. Rather It brings many benefits. It will indicate that he is a well-bred man and no one will find any reason to hate him. People will love and respect him. A polite man must be above all meanness. He will be refined in manners, tolerant in views, and supportive of the truth. He will never offend others. Rude behavior is totally unknown to him. He must respect his parents, teachers, and others. Hypocrisy, cruelty, jealousy, and falsehood all are avoided by a polite man. Actually politeness is a spontaneous trait. It can never be artificial. It is ever unchangeable under any circumstances.

Politeness should be applied in the way we act, in our speech and our way of thinking. Politeness is an important skill that will make us achieve our objectives in life as people will always take us seriously and deal with us in the right way. Showing politeness to other people enlightens and brightens their day, this can be essential if we are to achieve our objectives at an individual or organizational level. It’s a skill that shows humility and everyone admires the humble for they do things logically with a lot of insight. Politeness can help us achieve and protect our features. People will always like working with us and in this way our career is on a safe path.

The persons who behave politely have already made themselves and their lives so precious. But those persons who show rude and disobedient behavior towards others gradually spoil their lives.  Politeness has the power to make a rude person polite. First of all, we should show our politeness in our family.  When our parents come from their work, they may be tired as well as in a kind of tension. At that time, if we show polite behavior and caring nature to our parents, they will be very happy. They will look very fresh and tension-free because of our behavior. Similarly, we should never forget to greet our teacher at school. Obeying them is also a good habit of a good student.  Doing the given work in time and always respecting them are some good manners of a student at school.

There are some magic words that really reflect politeness in our behavior.  Some of them are: ‘sorry,’ ‘excuse me,’ ‘thank you’ and ‘please’. If we break something or hurt someone, we should apologies by saying sorry. If someone helps us in difficult situations, we should express gratitude by saying thank you. Before we take someone’s belongings, we should seek permission by saying please. So these are some of those magic words which help us become a better person and make our life precious.

Politeness is essential in all walks of life. In short, a polite man is an ideal of humanity. The particular actions in which politeness is manifested differ according to circumstances and according to the customs of dif­ferent countries. As long as society recognizes distinctions in rank, politeness requires us to show marks of respect to our superiors that are not expected in the presence of our equals and inferiors. Politeness, besides being a duty that we owe to others, is a valuable possession for ourselves. It costs nothing, and yet may in many cases bring much profit.