Human Resource Management

Importance of Human Resource Management in an Organization

Importance of Human Resource Management in an Organization

The main purpose of human resource management is to accomplish the organizational goals. The main issue behind human resource management challenges is the emerging trends in the organizational environment and policies/procedures to encounter such issues to achieve organizational objectives. It operates in a dynamic environment; hence, the change may create opportunities as well as threats to the organization. The primary concern of it is how to deal with people in the organization.

Therefore, the resources are mobilized to achieve such goals. Some importance of HR Management are as follows:

  • Effective Utilization of Resources

HR Management ensures the effective utilization of resources. A manager should have the ability to direct, supervise, encourage, inspire, and co-ordinate, and in doing so facilitate action and guide change. An organization aiming to utilize their resources efficiently invites the HR department to formulate the required objectives and policies.

  • Organizational Structure

Organizational structure defines the working relationship between employees and management. It defines and assigns the task to each employee working in the organization. HR professionals should understand the characteristics, benefits, and limitations of various organizational structures to assist in this strategic alignment. The task is to be performed within the given constraints. The HR Management system provides required information to timely and accurately. Hence, human resource management helps to maintain the organizational structure.

  • Development of Human Resources

HR Management provides a favorable environment for employees so that people working in an organization can work creatively. This ultimately helps them to develop their creative knowledge, ability, and skill. To develop the personality of employees, human resource management organizes training and development campaigns which provide an opportunity for employees to enhance their caliber to work.

  • Respect For Human Beings

Another importance of human resource management is to provide a respectful environment for each employee. HR Management provides with required means and facilitates employee along with an appropriate respect because the dominating tendency develops that will result in organizational crisis. Hence, all of them should get proper respect at work.

  • Goal Harmony

HR Management bridges the gap between individual goal and organizational goal-thereby resulting in a good harmony. If goal difference occurs, the employees will not be willing to perform well. Hence, a proper match between an individual goal and the organizational goal should be there in order to utilize organizational resources effectively and efficiently.

  • Employee Satisfaction

Human resource management provides a series of facilities and opportunities to employees for their career development. This leads to job satisfaction and commitment. When the employees are provided with every kind of facilities and opportunities, they will be satisfied with their work performance.

  • Employee Discipline And Moral

HR Management tries to promote employee discipline and moral through performance-based incentives. It creates a healthy and friendly working environment through appropriate work design and assignment of jobs.

  • Organizational Productivity

Human resource management focuses on achieving higher production and most effective utilization of available resources. This leads to an enhancement in organizational goals and objectives.


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