Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management Practice on Monno Ceramic Industries

Human Resource Management Practice on Monno Ceramic Industries

The vital objective of this report is to analysis Human Resource Management Practice on Monno Ceramic Industries Limited. General objectives of this reports are to know the human resource management (HRM) and identify the various avenues for improving the HRM policies of Monno Ceramic Industries. Here also analyze about the management ability of Monno Ceramic Industries and Suggesting strategies to improve the HRM policies of Monno Ceramic Industries.



Today Human Resource Management is important to both small and large business, because today, s small firm will be large firm tomorrow. Small firms need all the advantage they can get, and for them effective Human Resource Management is a competitive necessary. But in our country HR are not practiced properly. Most countries undergo three phases (a) early entrepreneurial zeal and great early promise (b) difficult of putting professionalism in place in terms of structure, culture, people practice and tools to reach a potential winning proposition and (c) global presence in terms of a few practices and a niche market outside the immediate boundary. In Bangladesh we found most of the organizations practice nepotism and do not placed right person to the right place. Sometimes they do not care about academic qualification. For these reasons they can not give best output and can not satisfy employees. Actually organization should focus on building an exciting working environment and a lot of opportunities to attract the best talents. The working environment should be open and transparent.


Scope and Objective of the Study

As a business expectative in future, we should have to gather experience beside our survey. We should not concern our lesson only in classroom but to implement it in practical life that will help us in our future life. A clear objective help in preparation of well decorated report in which other take the right type of decision. So identifying objectives are very much important. Our purpose of preparing the report is:

  • To know the human resource management (HRM) practice of Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd.
  • To identify the various avenues for improving the HRM policies of Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd.
  • To know about the management ability of Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd.
  • Suggesting strategies to improve the HRM policies of Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd

This study covers the HRM policies of Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd. along with some recommendations to improve the HRM policies of Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd.


Methodology of the Study

This report is based on both primary and secondary data. Initially the work is started with data those were available at Company’s Annual Report and company’s news letter. Moreover, it becomes helpful to gather some more information from the website of the company.

Later on, the work progressed through some depth interviews of good range professionals trying to heat some expected area of the study. After that, an effective questionnaire is designed to collect data.

Then we analyze those data from many angles, in different aspect and present the information in different segment according to their category, in compact way. We highlight different important things, which we found during our survey. After doing all of those we submit the report to the proper authority.


Company Chronology

Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd is a Manufacturing company which is established in 1982 by MD. Abdur Rashid Monno. The overall management of Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd is vested in a board of director which is accountable to the shareholders and entrusted with the responsibility to guide the company towards realizations of its objectives in order to maximize shareholders’ wealth. Monno’s state-of-the-art technology and creative designs gave Monno an edge ocher its competitors not only at local but also at global market.

The strength of Monno rests with its skilled manpower there is a touch of ingenuity, creativity, technical deftness, craftsmanship. Salesmanship of many is just even labor, the congenial working atmosphere of Monno caters the potentials of its employees and brings the best out of them. Besides, under the human resource development plan Monno sends its staff to different industries to better their skill and knowledge of manufacturing from such visits. At local level also there are staff training programs. Monno is an equal-gender employer and does not employ and child laborer.


Human Resource Management

HRM is the process by which people in an organization effectively and efficiently utilized to achieve the organization goal. When managers engaged in human resource activities as a part of their job, they seek to facilitate the contribution; people make to achieve an organizations strategies and plans.

Human resource management encompasses those activities designed to provide for and co-ordinate the Human efforts, so that they can contribute to achieve the goals of the organization. Human resource department of Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd follows the following steps for managing the human resource.

Human Resource Planning of Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd.

Human resource planning is the process that ensures organization has sufficient number of people to the right place to the right time and they are utilized effectively and efficiently to achieve the goal. It is the process by which organizational goals are translated into objective. Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd believes that their Human Resources give the company a significant competitive edge in terms of knowledge and experiences.

The company continued to draw talented and dynamic professionals of the industry, as well as, taking constructive steps for developing the skills of the human resource pool.

  • The effective working days of this organization is 6 days per week and each employee will work 8 hours in a day.
  • If it is required to slot in them for overtime duties then the duty time will be utmost 60 hours/ weeks.
  • Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd usually paid their salaries to employees within 07 days of the next month.
  • They try to maintain continuous development of the human resource through appropriate training and motivation.

Leave Management

The employees of Monno Ceramic get 20 days casual leaves with payment. They have also seek leave and earn leave facilities. Earn leave means if any employee does not use his /her total casual leave in current year then he/she will get unused leave for the next year. Seek leave is given for 10 days. If any employee used more then 10 days then his/her earn leave is deducted (if available). But if earn leave is not available then his/her salary is deducted according to the per day salary.

Recruiting and Selection Process of Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd.

Recruiting is the process of searching the potential job candidates in order to fill up the vacant position of the organization and selection is the process of choosing the best candidate among the available candidates who are successfully perform the job. Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd follows both the internal and external sources of recruitment. In case of internal source they mainly follow promotion, transfer and job posting and in case of external source they follow – advertisement both in newspaper and internet.

In case of recruitment and selection Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd considers their needs.

Need assessment

At first Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd identify in which sector they needed to recruit the employee for achieving their goals. In their assessment they found that they need human resource (HR) in the following situation- vacancy in existing post(s), increase production and increase in service capacity, launching new product or service, introducing new system checking the recruiting options.


Recruitment processes followed by Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd.


Current employees are a major source of internal recruits the employees but entry-level position. Internal source are included- promotion, transfer. In Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd promotion and transfer are typically directed by Manager with the involvement of HRD.


When job opening can not be filled internally, the HRD must look outside organization for expert employees. Usually Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd considers the advertisement for their external recruiting. They mainly provide the notice of available job in both Bangle and English dailies.

Screening and Short-listing Applications. The responses to the advertisements are sorted and screened. The CVs as well as the covering letters are judged. Experience, educational degree, computer literacy, etc are the basis of judging the candidates application.


Selection process:

Written test

It is the most important and effective tool for judging the candidates. The written test includes IQ test, behavioral competencies, and communication skills.

Viva Voce

Viva Voce is most widely used and face to face selection technique. They judge candidates from different points of view. Here Chief of HR department with some expertise of Monno Ceramic judge candidate wither he/she has capability to get and to hold the job or not. They also allow two-way to exchange information: interviewers learning about the applicant and the applicants learning about the interviewers.

Reference checking

Reference and background checking are important, which refers the process to undertake of those applications that appear to offer potential as employees. Reference check is indented to verify that was state on the application from correct and accurate information. Some question are arises through reference checking. Those are:

  1. Is the applicant a good, reliable worker?
  2. Are the job accomplishments, titles, educational background, and other facts of the Resume or application true?
  3. What type of person is the applicant?
  4. What information id relevant to match the applicant and the job?


Offer letter: When the candidates satisfy the interview board, then the broad provide offer letter to the candidate.

Orientation /introduction

Through orientation Monno  Ceramic Industries Ltd thy to introducing the new comers or new employees with its work unit, rules and regulation, culture, norms, value, believe and exposure to all important functions and locations of the company and so forth.

Follow up

For making the employees more effective and efficient Human Resource Department of Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd continuously interacts with the new entrants assisting to cope up with the work environment, work culture, peer groups etc. In this stage the management tries to help the employee to get settled her/his problems in the job, work environment and workplace-culture.


Training Policies of Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd

Training is an extra effort given by an organization to create future leader. It is a learning process that involves the acquisition of skills, concepts, rules, and attitudes to increases the performances of the employees in the organizations. Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd gives emphasis both for internal and external training. Any new service or product is marketed, they gives training to the employees attached to the operations. Development helps the individuals to handle future responsibilities, with little concern for current job duties.

In order to excel in a competitive marketing environment there is no alternative to development knowledge and skilled level of people without training. Monno Ceramic gives training from their own training centre. They have own trainer who train the employees. Officer’s training duration is one year and worker’s training duration is six months. Sometimes they send their staff to different industries to better their skill and knowledge of manufacturing from such visits. At local level also there have staff training programs. Sometimes they arrange different seminar to give training.


Job Analysis and Job Evaluation Process of Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd.

Job Analysis

Job evaluation is the process of appraising the different positions of employees in the organization with a view to establishing a well conceived pay-structure. Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd follows the observational and functional method for job analysis. In this process they observe the individual or individuals performing the job and pertinent notes describing the jobs or describing the work.

This information includes such things as what was done, how it was done , how long it do, what the job environment was like, and what equipment was used.

Dispute settlement

Dispute or violence in the work place is serious problem. It hampers the whole organization’s activities. Basically dispute creates from injustice or unfair treatment with employees. Monno Ceramic has rules and regulation, code of conduct and a strong HR department with skilled persons. They are rigorous about their rules and regulation. They try to treat everybody equally. Nevertheless if dispute is created they settle it with discussion.


Safety and Hygiene


Providing a safe working environment is important for several reasons, one of those reasons is to reduce accidents in the workplace. In this case, Monno ceramic is conscious about employee’s safety. They have advance fire indication system and have skilled people to operate those. They provide fire safety training from worker level to supervisor level. These people know how to save company and themselves. Monno ceramic also given a heat protected wall build by Japan. This wall is capable to protect heat and reduce riskiness of fire. Nevertheless if any accident happens they have first aid box, three M.B.B.S doctors and medical assistants. Moreover they have own hospital, named “Monno General Hospital “. When any employee become seeks during office time he/she gets free medical treatment from that hospital.


A hygiene working environment helps employees to be dynamic in working. Monno ceramic have available cleaners who clean up Flores two or more times in a day. They have available ventilation system. They provide pure drinking water for their employees. They withdraw water from underground by their own instrument and purified by advance purify system. In the factory, Monno ceramic provides heat protected gloves for the employees. They also provide mask to wear. Moreover Monno ceramic also provide saline during summer season. Beside this when any fatal disease comes to our country their expert doctor’s brief about the fatal diseases (like swain flue).


Compensation and Benefit

Employee compensation refers to all forms of pay or rewards going to employees arising from their employment. It has two main component, direct financial payment and nonfinancial payment. Direct financial payment includes wages, salary, bonus, commission, provident fund, incentive, etc. Indirect financial payment includes insurance, vacation, pension plan, education plan, discount on company products etc. It is called Benefit. Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd provides both types of compensation forms. They have well pay structure that are consistent with job. They also provide two festival bonuses and profit incentive. In case of indirect financial payment Monno Ceramic provides health and life insurance, vacation, transportation and discount on company products etc. They also provide free of cost accommodation for the employee’s. Monno Ceramic has Welfare Foundation for employee’s by which they provide cook facilities.


Findings and Analysis

  • Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd beliefs that, in present competitive and dynamic environment human resource department are the most valuable department.
  • They consider their skilled people as asset for their organization.
  • Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd committed to draw the most talented and dynamic professionals from the available candidates.
  • Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd follows both the internal and external sources of recruitment.
  • Training and development programs of Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd include orientations, and socializations activities to inform employees about policies and procedures.
  • For job analysis Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd consider several common uses such as- job definition, job re-design, orientation, socialization, carrier counseling, performance appraisal and compensation.
  • Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd designed their job in such way, where is the right person at the right place at the right time to achieve their objectives and goals.
  • For evaluating the performance appraisal Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd mostly follows the rating scale method.
  • They have high safety and hygiene working environment.
  • Taking constructive steps they are trying to develop the skills of the human resource pool.
  • Their human resource department (HRD) trusts in team work and respect each other.




In present competitive and dynamic environment, human resource are now being viewed as the most valuable mean for gaining advantages over other. Competitive advantages can only be achieved by building up highly motivated and skilled employees. To fulfill the vision, mission, and core objectives of a company the management need to establish an effective and efficient human resource department and hired the confident, most promising and challenges professionals.