Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) and the Beggar

One day a beggar came to Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) and asked for alms. But he was strong enough to work. So Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) wanted him to be self-employed. He asked the beggar, “Why do you beg instead of working?” “I want to do work. But nobody engages me in work”, the beggar replied. Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) then asked the beggar, “Have you anything in your house that can be sold.” The beggar replied, “I’ve nothing but a blanket.” Muhammad (Sm) requested the man to bring it to him. The beggar brought the blanket from his house and gave it to Muhammad (Sm). He sold it to one of his ‘sahabees’. Then he bought an axe and gave it to the beggar. He advised the beggar to cut wood with it and to sell the wood in the nearby market. The beggar followed his advice.

Every day he cut wood from the nearby jungle. Then he sold it to the market and earned money. In this way, the beggar became self-employed and solvent and he did not need to beg any more. It is evident that if a person tries heart and soul, he/she will get his/her reward.