Format for Show Cause Notice

Format for Show Cause Notice

Format for Show Cause Notice

Date: xx-xx-xx


Name: XYZ


(Company/Organization Name)

Subject: Show Cause Notice

Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter is to inform you that management has come to know about scamming in the donation amount. As you deal the associated section, it comes over you. A donation cheque of (Amount of Money) was received by you in last month, Cheque Number: xxxxx on (DD-MM-YY). According to the policies of our company/organization the cash and cheque amounts has to be submitted in the Accounts Department within a day.

As per Accounts Department report no cheque or cash till now has been submitted by you. Whereas the receipt of (amount of money) is sent to the donor, by you as it is to be sent by Accounts.

This is a serious issue and you are hereby given a period of three days in order to explain your conduct related to amount of donation which is not submitted yet. If you were not able to give a satisfactory explanation, it will lead towards your suspension from employment in this firm along with a fine of (Amount of Money) and Company/Organization will not issue your experience or character certificate either.


HR Manager,


Contact No: 000-0000-000