Formal Membership Letter Format

Formal Membership Letter Format

[A Membership Letter is typically prepared when a person wishes to join a certain place, club, society, or institution. A resident who has recently moved into society, an employee who has joined an organization, or a student who has enrolled in a school will frequently write such a letter. The letter outlines the applicant’s interest in the membership, as well as the benefits his involvement would bring to the organization. The newcomer is frequently compelled to provide identification to the higher authority. The letter’s tone should be kind and cheerful. Memberships are frequently accompanied by a subscription fee that must be paid in accordance with the institution’s instructions. Membership Letters are formal, polite, and show the seriousness of motive and interest.]


Sender/Your name…

Date: DD/MM/YY (Date on Which Letter is Written)

Address and contact info…


Receive name…

Home/Office address…

Subject:  Membership letter (Write your topic)

Dear (Sir or Madam),

I, Mr. (name of the sender), am writing this letter to you to grant me membership of the club located at (the venue of the club). (Describe in your words). As I have recently shifted to this complex, I would like to become a member of the club. (Write your wishes). I have seen many activities taking place there from time to time, and also I heard many people talking about how well everything is organized in there. (Explain your interests). You being the president of the club, I would like it if you would be so kind as to issue a membership card as soon as possible for me and also let me know the payment details of the same. (Cordially describe your greetings and expectations).

Yours Truly,

Your Name…

Sign and contact Info…

Another Format, [Email Format]

TO: receiver mail address, name.dfgf@email.com

From: Sender Mail address, name.fghf@email.com

SUB: Membership Letter.

Dear Mr./Ms/Mrs. (Name of the recipient)

I am a person who has recently shifted to this colony, and I realized just a few days back that there is a clubhouse located inside your colony. (Describe in your words). However, to avail of the facilities of the club, one needs to become a member, and hence I would like for you to grant me membership in the club. (Write your wishes). I want to become a life member of the club and request you to give me that as soon as possible. (Explain your interests). Also, kindly let me know the formalities that have to be done before gaining membership.

I heard that our club has lots of activities for youngsters, teenagers, and adolescents. I was thrilled by its actions. (Describe your expectations). Hence, I would like you to grant me membership in the club so that I, too, can avail of all its facilities from time to time. (Cordially describe your greetings). I would be awaiting your reply for the same till then and shall ever remain obliged.

Thanking You,

Yours truly,

(Name of the sender)

Contact Info…