Finally, PS5 and Xbox Series X Performance for this Long-Delayed Shooter Has Been Revealed

Finally, PS5 and Xbox Series X Performance for this Long-Delayed Shooter Has Been Revealed

The performance elements of Atomic Heart have been described by the game’s creator Mundfish, whose release is just one month away. The team has set up various modes that maintain a high framerate in order for the current-gen consoles to handle the sci-fi shooter’s violent action.

I’ve been watching Atomic Heart for a while since I think it has one of the greatest-looking forthcoming game designs in recent memory. The Russian equivalent of Fallout is expected to operate at “steady 60fps, 4K in dungeons” but “dynamic resolution, mostly 4K at 60fps in the open world” on Xbox Series X and PS5. Developer Mundfish recently confirmed this through Twitter(opens in a new tab). Performance information for PCs or prior generations has not yet been disclosed.

It’s heartening to learn that Atomic Heart on Xbox Series X will maintain a consistent 60 frames per second in 4K when playing in dungeons or smaller regions. However, I’m not as pleased with how Mundfish manages open-world performance. According to the dynamic resolution of “mainly 4K at 60fps,” the scaling could range from Full HD (1080p) to QHD (1440p) depending on the action on the screen.

When playing in open-world settings, which appear to make up the majority of Atomic Heart’s exploration, it doesn’t give players a lot of faith that the game will maintain a steady 60 frames per second. According to the teaser video, the game’s indoor and outdoor mission structures appear to borrow heavily from the Fallout and BioShock game series.

Atomic Heart, which was first revealed in 2017, has been in the works for a while. It caught my attention when it was used to demonstrate Nvidia’s RTX ray tracing technology. However, as launch day approaches, we are still unsure of the game’s full ray-tracing capabilities or whether they will be enabled on the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The performance numbers that Mundfish mentions may or may not take into account ray-traced shadows, ray-traced reflections, or global illumination. Given that visually demanding titles, like the upcoming Dead Space remake, will operate at 30 frames per second with these options enabled, we might also see Atomic Heart’s anticipated framerate drop by half.