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Fat Bear Week 2022 Winner Wins Despite Scandal of Voter Fraud

Fat Bear Week 2022 Winner Wins Despite Scandal of Voter Fraud

The results are in, and because to bear 747’s hefty folds, he has been declared the victor of Fat Bear Week 2022. This particular unit is a seasoned champion, having claimed the crown in 2020, as is to be expected. Nevertheless, 747 almost lost this triumph since a wave of ill-intentioned voter fraud nearly cost him the semi-final title.

747 has controlled the Alaskan feeding grounds of Katmai National Park and Preserve ever since he claimed his first victory there two years ago. With an estimated weight of 636 kg for this year, he is currently regarded as one of the largest brown bears on Earth (1,400 pounds).

Despite defeating his rival by a commanding 11,229 votes, the relatively small 901, 747 had a difficult road to the top. The results of the semi-final contest between 747 and 435 were tainted by bogus votes, according to a tweet from the Katmai National Park official account on Monday. 435 was declared the winner instead of 747.

While the Fat Bear community was alarmed, Katmai Nation Park resolved the bogus entries and gave 747 his legitimate place in the championship after tally-ing the updated data.

The annual celebration of brown bears’ extraordinary capacity to gain weight prior to their lengthy winter hibernation is known as “Fat Bear Week.” In this competitive sport, the audience gets to decide who is the biggest and best by voting for their favorite famous chonks and fan favorites in a chow-down to see who can acquire the most weight.

747, who was first discovered in 2004 as a juvenile bear, has grown into one of the park’s most successful adults. After an altercation in 2021 between 747 and 856, the river’s former most dominant bear, 747’s status as the top bear was restored.

Unlike most hierarchies, which are maintained by aggression, this one is ruled by sheer bulk alone, and as a result, it gets all the finest feeding places.