Farewell Speech For Students

Farewell Speech For Students

A very good evening to all present here!

First of all, I thank our honorable Principal Sir, respected teachers, my seniors/juniors and my dear friends. I would like to speak at our farewell party on behalf of my class. Today is our farewell party and it is the last day of us in the school. We really enjoyed a lot in this school from the date we took admission to date. We have completed our 10th standard here and now need to go to get admission in the college to have some professional degree and make our career. We can never forget all the supports and care given by our respected teachers. We will always remember all the etiquette taught by our teachers and madam.

We joined the school many years back however it seems that it was yesterday and the time of departure has come very soon. The education environment of this school is very strict, cool and motivational. We liked it very much. We got many experiences together with a good education. I would like to share some funny moments with you. I was very mischievous in my childhood and generally used to tease my friends in the classroom. However, all the bad behaviors got changed into the good one just because of my class teacher’s nice way of teaching. I am very grateful to all the teachers who really made me a good student.

I still remember all the happy and bad moments with the friends like loud laughing, silly jokes, reading novels, eating other’s lunchboxes, running on the roads, competitions on stairs, making fun of friends and so many. All such memories are valuable for me and will be in my heart. The school was like our second home where we shaped for our future. I do not know that whether I will meet my friends in future or not but sure to get connected with them through social media websites like Facebook, email, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, and Google plus, etc.

I would like to say thank to the teachers for everything and my all the friends and juniors for their love and friendship. I also would like to say sorry for all the bad behaviors. I wish all the best to the juniors and my dear friends.

Thank you all