Eerie Footage Appears to Show Triangular UFO Hovering Over Shanghai

Eerie Footage Appears to Show Triangular UFO Hovering Over Shanghai

Over the last few days, some very moving footage has been released from Shanghai to show an unknown flying object (UFO). Unlike most UFO footage, it is clear, crisp, and captured by multiple witnesses. The footage shows a triangular object that is present in the clouds across the Chinese city. Witnesses recorded it there for a few minutes, overhead. So far, so terrible, the videos imagined speculation about motherhood from the type of UFO conspiracy.

“A small version of my triangle badge held over my head for two minutes when I went out into the world with my girlfriend. 5 years ago there was a huge red circle in the middle of it,” wrote Redditter. “I’ve got a very similar look and I live in NY, a pale white light in every corner and a weird almost” vibrating “orange-red light in the middle of the night sky. Slowly running towards the friend,” We stared at it for a minute before it disappeared in front of us. It was insane.”

The video caught the attention of more suspicious people. The YouTube channel Burbex visited the site where a video was recorded to see if they could crack the case. Heading towards the building, they saw that the police would not let them pass. It became a gas leak rather than a cleanup than Man in Black. They finally got there because they believed the footage was depicted, due to the noise and angles of other buildings in the vicinity. 

Here, the presenter begins to try to pinpoint the exact location of where the UFO appeared and to mimic the movements of the initial cameraman. However, he was kicked out before taking the night shot and could take a look at the UFO once. However, while going to another place where the second part of the footage could be filmed, he got drunk with the local bar owner, who got his phone and provided a UFO shot that looks as interesting as all the reasons. Happened and clearly showed what the source was: a shadow. Yes