Dissimilar Variety of Frustrated Behavior

Dissimilar Variety of Frustrated Behavior

Dissimilar Variety of Frustrated Behavior

Frustration is a negative behavior which arises when a motivated drive is blocked due to various reasons. It is one of the causes of stress. When a motivated drive is constrained by obstacles or barriers before it reaches the desired goal, the situation is called employee frustration. Frustration occurs due to internal conflict in individual goal and objectives.

The frustration follows a defense mechanism. Different forms of frustrated behaviors are as follows:

  1. Aggression

Aggression means expressing a negative behavior. It leads to an unpleasant behavior of the individual. Sometimes it may be the physical and mental attack upon his/her boss. The employees try to hurt their bosses mentally or sometimes physically also. It includes different behaviors such as displacement, negative and fixes action.

  1. Withdrawals

Under this behaviors, the frustrated employees try to avoid the root cause of frustration. He/she wants to separate him/herself from the frustrated behavior. It includes fantasy, regression, resignation, fight etc.

  1. Fixation

Under fixation, the frustrated employees show repeatedly the same behavior time and again, even though there is no possibility of achieving any output or accomplishing his/her goal. For instance, driving the machine continuously without any work.

  1. Compromise

It is concerned with searching for an alternative so that the goal can be achieved. Under it, the frustrated employee may select a different way to compromise the situation. It includes different behaviors such as rationalization, projection, identification etc.


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