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Disadvantages of Job Analysis

Disadvantages of Job Analysis

A job is defined as a collection of duties and responsibilities which are given together to an individual employee. Job Evaluation is advantageous to management, workers, trade unions, and organizations as well. Management has the advantage of greater order in its pay arrangement and more stable wage structure. Job analysis is the process of studying and collecting information relating to operations and responsibilities of a specific job.

Disadvantages of Job Analysis:

The various drawbacks of Job Analysis are-

  1. Tiresome and lengthy:

The drawback which discourages most people from doing a job analysis is the lengthy procedure and unnecessary time-consumption and time-wastage during the interviews or observations. The biggest disadvantage of Job Analysis process is that it is very time-consuming. It is a major limitation especially when jobs change frequently.

The prolonged time required for completing a job analysis is a major drawback and becomes more of a hindrance as the employee can change the job before the manager or supervisor has completed the job analysis.

  1. Involves Personal Biases:

If the observer or job analyst is an employee of the same organization, the process may involve his or her personal likes and dislikes. This is a major hindrance to collecting genuine and accurate data.

Though job analysis is a very efficient method of understanding the job requirements when done properly; but most often the analysis is distorted by personal likes and dislikes. If the manager likes one worker more than the other his personal opinions will influence the job analysis and it will not be a genuine analysis.

  1. Source of Data is extremely small:

The size and source of the data is mostly insignificant and small as the sample size is small. This makes the source of data small and only the information collected from a few workers who may even be influenced by their own personal opinions is recorded and analyzed. Then this information of job analysis is portrayed as significant and consistent. Because of small sample size, the source of collecting data is extremely small. Therefore, information collected from few individuals needs to be standardized.

  1. Need immense amounts of hard work and dedication:

The methods for job analysis require immense dedication and hard work for the proper completion of the analysis. The process involves lots of human efforts. As every job carries different information and there is no set pattern, customized information is to be collected for different jobs. So the same method of job analysis and the same questions and evaluation systems will not suffice for the different jobs; tailor-made questions are required for the different jobs for their proper job analysis.

  1. Job Analyst May Not Possess Appropriate Skills:

If job analyst is not aware of the objective of job analysis process or does not possess appropriate skills to conduct the process, it is a sheer wastage of company’s resources. Often it occurs that the analyst himself is not worthy of doing the analysis work; with an unworthy analyst, a proper job analysis is impossible to do.

He may be unaware of the goals and aims of the job on which the job evaluation is being done. If this is the case then the job analysis is nonsense and misuse of time, effort, and money. It will never be any good for the organization or the workers.

  1. Mental Abilities cannot be directly observed:

The last drawback seen in job analysis is that the mental aptitudes like intelligence, sentiments, knowledge, and wisdom, propensity, patience, and stamina are never to be seen as these are intangible characteristics of each individual. People act differently in different situations. Therefore, general standards cannot be set for mental abilities.

Though job analysis also has disadvantages, the advantages prove to be superior to the advantages. It is also a fact that job analysis is beneficial to the success of an organization.


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