Digital Bangladesh – aim of achieving

Digital Bangladesh – aim of achieving

Digital Bangladesh

Introduction: Digital Bangladesh is a new world, a new concept, a new dream. Bangladesh is now resounding with the aim of achieving digital Bangladesh. Our present prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, in their election manifesto of 2008 declared to build up Bangladesh as a digital one by 2021. Since then this concept has become almost a lip-word with the people of Bangladesh.

Meaning of digital Bangladesh: Our life today is governed by the offshoots of science. Science has ushered in a new era in the history of human civilization. Computer invention is the most determining factor in respect. It has brought about a revolutionary change in the face of the global world. This change has been possible through information technology (it) based on the computer-internet system. The microelectronic system through which all sorts of information are collected. Assimilated, preserved, processed, and transmitted is known as “information technology”. This information technology or computer and internet-based Bangladesh is called a digital Bangladesh.

The Necessity in Bangladesh: Bangladesh is a developing country. We achieved independence in 1971 after the bloody liberation war. Science then began the campaign of building up the war-shattered Bangladesh as a Bangla of gold. But it is a matter of great sorrow that we have not been able to cross just the stage of a developing country even after the lapse of a long period of 38 years of liberation. No expected development has yet been achieved. The main causes are laziness, lack of morality, tendency to make more talks than work, lack of tendency to go ahead with the advanced technology, etc. The gradual connection of the digital system in all the activities of Bangladesh, if possible, may give birth to a digital Bangladesh. This perspective plan can be brought into reality only when the important places of the country can be brought under control by setting us CCTV cameras based on the computer-election campaign through video conferences as a part of her dream of building up digital Bangladesh. We can apply the digital system in the following sectors of our national life.

Educational sector: Education is the backbone of a nation. So we must put our first priority in the education sector with a view to establishing a digital Bangladesh. We can make a video of the teacher’s lectures of speeches and display them on the white screens before the learner. A learner can receive education sitting in his house.

Medical sector: Medical facilities are one of the basic needs of human beings. Modern science has given birth to a new world in the field of medical treatment. If the internet connection can be spread widely, a patient can receive a prescription of medicine without appearing before a physician by paying offers through the online banking system.

Agricultural sector: Ours is an agro-based country. More than 80% of the people of our country are dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. But they are ignorant of the more method of cultivation whereas the developed countries of the world have championed in these fields by using the boons of the mechanized method of cultivation

Administrative sector: Most of the offices of our country are extremely sluggish in work and life in wait for taking bribes by holding up workdays after days. We can make the administration dynamic, work-oriented, and free from corruption by setting up CCTV cameras through the computer-internet system.

Security sector: Security is a must in every sphere of our national life. No national can expect to advance without having a well-founded security system. It can be made possible by setting up a CCTV camera through a computer internet system. This system will help us detect the miscreant event after a long period of their occurrence of mischiefs.

Buying and selling sector: Buying and selling is our every-day matter. Every day we go to markets or shopping malls to make a purchase of different essential things in our daily life. If the computer network can be spread widely, we shall be able to make our necessary purchases by staying in our house. Not only in the native land, can it be extended even to the foreign countries by making payments through credit cards.

Communication sector: “transport is civilization” –goes a wise saying. It is not possible to make all-round development without having a good and dynamic communication system in the country. At present, many a thing of communication affairs is Bering controlled through the computer-internet system. We can also bring the whole country within the reach of our hands through this system.

Publication sector: We cannot think of publication books today without the help of a computer network. The computer system has already been introduced in our publishing industry. Earlier, the booed which took at least two months to be published, now that blood can be published within two days.

Newspaper sector: A computer network is now being used in publishing newspapers on a large scale. Now a newspaper is being published in different regions of the country simultaneously. So newspapers are no more sent to Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, or sleet from Dhaka by transport. Especially tins system is being followed in case of first call newspapers.

Recreation sector: Recreation sources are badly needed for the modern mechanized hard-field of recreation. We can enjoy different sorts of amusements including different games and film shows. We can now know the results of the games which are going on overseas within a moment through the internet.

Banking sector: Computer network has given a new impetus to the banking sector. It has made the banking sector more dynamic than ever before. The online system has already been introduced in many banking institutions. Now we no more need to carry cash money with us to the remotest regions of the country. If this system can be introduced in all banking institutions in our country, Bangladesh will be able to step into a digital one.

Setting up an online information center: The information services of different public and private sectors can be made to reach the door-step of the people by setting up online information centers. Then people will be able to collect different data or information from this information center. Not only that they will be able to know about the final institutional conditions and position.

Conclusion: It is said “hope springs eternal in the human breast” we also hope that we shall be able to turn our war-shattered country into a digital Bangladesh by bringing about an all-round development through all-out efforts of people of an all walks of life. We are very hopeful to learn that the daily Jougantor and the Cambrian college have jointly taken a gigantic to set up a digital campus all over the country with the Slogan.