Difference between Another and Other

Difference between Another and Other

The words another and ‘other’ mean the same thing, except that another is used with a singular noun and ‘other’ is used with uncountable and plural nouns. Another and other both come under the category of indefinite pronoun, that does not directly point out any other object or person. Example: She’s going to the cinema with another friend. She’s going to the cinema with other friends. While another can be used as a determiner and pronoun, ‘other’ can be used as a determiner, pronoun, and adjective.

These are commonly juxtaposed, due to a little bit of similarity in their meanings. However, they are distinct in the sense that another means additional person or object, which can be similar to or different than the one you already have. When we use ‘an’ before ‘other’, we write it as one word: another. On the other hand, ‘other’ also means extra or more, person or thing, except the one that you already stated, i.e. remaining. Other is an adjective meaning ‘different’ or ‘the second of two items’.

Difference between Another and Other –


  • Another means someone or something else. It implies the other one which can be the same or different.
  • The word ‘another’ implies an additional with respect to someone or something of the same type or a different one, as already specified or known.
  • The word ‘another’ means an extra or additional, which may be similar to or different than the one you already have an idea of or specifically stated.
  • Basically, we use ‘another’ when we are talking about singular non-specific countable nouns because with specific countable nouns we use ‘that’. Further, we can use another with plural nouns also, but there must be a number or quantity before the noun.
  • Examples: Would you like to have another pizza? Is there another word for ‘procrastinate’.


  • Other implies someone or something which is not similar to the one previously specified or known.
  • ‘Other’ is used to denote a person or thing apart from the one already specified or known. It may also refer to the second one of the two items or people.
  • The word, ‘other’ can be understood as a person or thing which is not included in the one previously talked about, i.e. it represents the left out people or items.
  • Sometimes, it also indicates the remaining item or thing in the set or group. ‘Other’ is used with plural nouns.
  • Example: We will meet some other day. I think we should visit the other side of the zoo.