Difference between Already and All ready

Difference between Already and All ready

The terms “already” and “all ready” sound identical and are sometimes confused. “All ready” means “completely prepared.” “Already” means “prior to a specified or impli[pd time.” Already vs All ready‘Already and All ready’ often confuses us because of their similar pronunciation, however, if you analyze deeply, they are two different words. ‘Already‘ is used in the context of an event which is happened previously. The word “already” is an adverb meaning “prior to a specified or implied time” or “as early as now.”  On the other hand, ‘all ready‘ means fully prepared for something. The term “all ready” means “completely prepared.” It is slightly more emphatic than just “prepared.”

The word ‘already’ is an adverb, whereas the term ‘all ready’ is a phrasal adjective. We use already with positive and interrogative sentences only, but all ready can be used with all kinds of sentences, including the negative ones.

Difference between Already and All ready –


  • Already is used to mean an event which takes place sooner than expected.
  • When we use already in our sentence, we put stress on an event that took place sooner than expected. It is commonly used with past perfect or present perfect tense.
  • ‘Already’ is used to mean an event that has happened or accomplished previously, i.e. by this time or by the time you are referring to.
  • Further, it is used in affirmative and interrogative sentences only and not in negative ones. It is normally positioned at the middle of the sentence, i.e. between the subject and the main verb but after the auxiliary verb.
  • When it comes to orientation, already is used for the events that took place just now, or accomplished earlier, i.e. in the past.
  • “Already,” is an adverb used to describe something that has happened before a certain time, as in “What do you mean you’d rather stay home? I’ve already got my coat on.”
  • Examples: You have already left when I came. Have you already been to China?


  • All ready is a term, which means everything and everyone is ready.
  • ‘All ready’ is a two-word term, wherein all is a pronoun/determiner which means ‘whole or entire’ and ready is an adjective which means ‘in such a state to perform action instantly’. So, the combination of these two words implies ‘totally ready, apt or prepared for doing something’.
  • ‘All ready’ is used when every person in the group is now ready for doing something.
  • Further, ‘all ready’ may also be used when you fully agree with someone regarding something or when everything/everyone in the group is ready or available.
  • Although, we use ‘all ready’ for the events which are not yet happened, or they may happen shortly.
  • “All ready” is a phrase meaning “completely prepared,” as in “As soon as I put my coat on, I’ll be all ready.”
  • Examples: Are you all ready for the show? The vegetables are all ready to be cooked.