Demi Government Letter or Demi Official Letter

Demi Government Letter or Demi Official Letter

In general, a demi-official or Demi government letter is one that communicates official correspondence as well as personal news. Because of the sender’s and receiver’s personal relationship, there are topics of personal interest in such a letter. There are no hard and fast rules to follow when writing such a letter. People with the same designation who have better personal relationships benefit from communication via such a letter.

The language, writing style, and presentation system in such a letter are extremely flexible, and for this reason, it is widely used in the communication world. A Demi-official or Demi Government letter, on the other hand, serves an official purpose while also involving some personal affiliation or touch. It is not as formal as the official letter.

There will be a standard procedure for applying for any government job. That is what you must do. There will also be a process for applying on compassionate grounds. Instead of that, a Demi official letter to a senior officer will be considered a violation, as will putting pressure on someone for your appointment. Before sending a letter, you may have contacted the senior officer with whom you previously worked. It is an error on your part. You should follow the advice before engaging in any action.

You have now received a letter of warning. You immediately contact and request the person who issued the letter to you, explaining that you didn’t know the procedure and thus did it in error, and you request his excuse and ask him not to pursue further action on that. If he requests it in writing, you comply and ensure that no further action is taken on that subject. If you are unable to contact him, seek the advice of a senior member of your office before writing this letter, and proceed as soon as possible.

When the receiver of an official letter is addressed by name such as Dear Mr. Tahsin, because of such a close relationship, it is a demi-official letter. Some important points regarding the Demi-official letter are noted as under:

  • It is generally addressed by the name and designation of the person who is supposed to attend to the subject matter of the letter.
  • Salutation generally starts with ‘My Dear X’ ‘Dear Mr. Y’
  • The proper method of subscription is ‘Yours sincerely
  • Such a letter is signed by the officer concerned and not by someone else on behalf of the officer.

Demi official letter is desirable, particularly in the following cases:

  • When the personal attention of the receiver is needed.
  • If the subject matter is confidential in nature.
  • When the matter is urgent and requires quick disposal.