Cover Letter for the Post of Journalist

Cover Letter for the Post of Journalist

Cover Letter for the Post of Journalist

[This is sample cover letter format, applicable to a media job, reporter, TV reporter cover letter, media internship, journalism internship etc.]



Authority name/Position name…

News/Channel/Institute name…



XYZ News/Channel,

Dear Concerned Officer,

I am a (Certificate name, if you have, like; National Geographic Certified) Journalist, who just moved to (Place name or show your cause) about a month ago. After completing my journalism from the (University name), I dedicated myself to the field as a career and as a hobby. Working for (Institute name, if you have experience) as their lead journalist (Job position) was like a dream came true, but dream soon come to an end and ended when my visa expired and I couldn’t get to renew it.

However, I am not rusty at all and have been working for some local channels as an assistant journalist since I left (Institute name).

I have been following your news channel for quite some time now and I envy the way you deliver, the way you raise your voice and the way you hypnotize the viewers. It’s absolutely brilliant.

I would love to be a part of your team and put my services as a “Lead Journalist” on the test (expected job position).

I hope you will find my employment application satisfying and good enough to consider.

I am attaching my CV along with this letter.

Waiting for your response

Thanking you,

Yours affectionately,



Contact no…