Competitive Scenario and Marketing Strategies of bti

Competitive Scenario and Marketing Strategies of bti

Competitive Scenario and Marketing Strategies of bti

Building Technology and Ideas Limited (bti) is the pioneer real estate company among all real estate companies. It starts its journey since 1984. Its main products are flats and commercial space. But is has its sister concerns also. It has two categories of products. One is Premium collection which is segmented for upper class people. Another is classic collection segmented for upper middle class and middle class people.

There is also an option for investors. Those who want to invest they can take the GO (Group Ownership) service.

Since 1984 bti is relentlessly in top position for their all amenities and features. The most important thing is the commitment with their customers and landowners. They always try to keep the promise once they grant.

They have every separate department for different division of work to support the whole organization. Their construction department is very effective and every employee are experienced and trained.

Their Customer Service Department is 24 hours available for their every customer for any kind of service. Sales department is also very strong. Marketing and Brand department is like the heart of bti. They are responsible for the publicity of bti towards the mass media. They arrange all the events like Art Competition, Treasure Hunt quiz contest, Corporate Central meeting, Grand Apartment Fair etc.

They have come with a very innovative service for their customers from Customer Club and Corporate Marketing.

With the products beyond imagination and the ground-breaking services bti is always one step ahead and be one of the most unique among the real estate company.


Company Overview

Building technology and ideas ltd. (bti) established in 1984 is a pioneer Real Estate Developer in Bangladesh. Almost three decades have passed since our humble beginnings. All these years have been used wisely to ensure that bti grows into a leading name in this sector.

Building technology and ideas ltd. is one of the founder member of REHAB- Real Estate Housing Association of Bangladesh and the first real estate company in Bangladesh to be awarded with the internationally recognized ISO 9001-2000 certification for quality in Design and Construction of Buildings‘. They have expanded their operation from Dhaka to Chittagong and plan to rapidly spread to the other major cities of Bangladesh.

To achieve professionalism in this trade that is beyond comparison; to ensure that they remain the best in this industry; to raise the importance of customer care to a level that stays unparalleled in this sector, they have worked very hard over the last three decades. That is how they do business – by working on strengths and overcoming weaknesses. To achieve all of the above, they have on board a team of dedicated and highly skilled designers, architects, engineers, planners, creative minds – all working singularly towards the same goal of creating a home where people will be happy.

At bti, the quality is of utmost importance and that is the predominant factor in the design and construction department. As design and construction is the backbone of this business and both of these go hand in hand, one complimenting the other, the aim is to perfect themselves in both so as to deliver top class apartments that actual people demand.

Reality also dictates the importance of aesthetics and beauty in their lives, so delivering apartment buildings which stand out amongst the regular and mundane surroundings in the city, distinguishes bti from others in the real estate industry in Bangladesh. Beautiful buildings in a variety of styles ranging from classical to contemporary dominate the radar of bti collection. bti like to keep up with changing times; hence though functionality and maximum utilization of space is one of the underlying factors in all the designs, they are constantly working towards introducing new features and facilities in all projects and backing them with equally strong construction so that they can provide you, our customers, a safe haven in their homes. They are also constantly working towards helping save the environment through artistically landscaped rooftops with lush greenery, introducing features like rainwater harvesting, encouraging the use of solar panels and offering our customers smart choices. They encourage customers to look after the environment in whatever way they can.

In addition to the emphasis on design and construction, they are very particular about the standard of safety in our buildings. Conforming to the new Dhaka Mohanagar Imarat Nirman Bidhinmala 2008 and keeping environment and safety aspects in mind, a properly designed means of fire escape staircase is ensured as a measure of safety against plausible fire hazards.

To bolster the core values of quality and excellence, they have had on board a team of dedicated and skilled professionals consisting of architects, engineers, designers, planners etc. all contributing towards the growth and success of bti. It should be noted here that the contribution of their dedicated team has enabled bti to be the first construction company of Bangladesh to be awarded with the internationally recognized ISO 9001: 2000 certification for quality in ―Design and Construction of Buildings‖ in the year 1998.



  • To make home ownership a joyful experience and become a most preferred brand.



  • We always work with unyielding sincerity to achieve our customer‘s satisfaction.
  • We never let profit conflict in the way of doing what is right for our customers, our employees and our external stakeholders.
  • We work towards the development and empowerment of our human resource.
  • We provide a rich and enjoyable working environment for our team and always reward meritocracy.
  • We trust each other and always maintain the highest degree of integrity and ethics in our work.
  • We practice a culture of CANDOR and a BOUNDARYLESS approach where everyone, irrespective of designation or department, feels free to express them and thus ideas flow freely.
  • We are passionate about excellence and bureaucracy is our enemy.


Corporate Vision

  • We will always be the ‗top of mind‘brand in the real estate industry of Bangladesh.
  • We will expand our operations to all the major cities in Bangladesh.
  • We will always try to exceed our customer‘s expectation about the quality of our product and our service.
  • We will constantly seek out new challenges and new business opportunities.
  • We will always strive to be the leader in all our business endeavors.
  • We will be responsible corporate citizens of Bangladesh and positively contribute towards the economic growth of our country.


bti Collection

bti categorizes their products in to two category according to their customer‘s ability, status, desire and demand.

The Premium Collection (Discover Ultimate Luxury)

Luxurious, extravagant & avant-garde, our ‘Premium Collection’ offers homes that represent a fine blend of impeccable style and ultimate luxury that together provide you with a five star living experience. Situated only in the most exclusive residential areas of Dhaka & Chittagong, these lavish homes have been carefully crafted to capture the essence of world class living with unique features.

Under premium collection bti has-

  • 36 completed projects
  • 18 ongoing projects
  • 9 upcoming projects


The Classic Collection(Live in style)

Stylish, contemporary & affordable, our ‘Classic Collection’ offers quality homes complete with all the features and amenities that are essential for a truly urban lifestyle. Situated in the most accessible locations all over Dhaka & Chittagong, these apartments offer a comfortable and practical lifestyle to the owners. The sizes of the apartments, whether large or small, have functionality as the main theme.

Under classic collection they have:

  • 98 completed projects
  • 72 ongoing projects
  • 30 upcoming projects

Beside these two collections bti has commercial projects also.


The Commercial Collection

Modern, efficiently designed and the place to be, bti’s ‘Commercial Collection’ comprises of Retail and Office spaces that create new landmarks in Bangladesh. Projects from bti‘s commercial collection are located in only the most prominent areas and are being occupied by many different brands and establishments. bti’s philosophy of designing Commercial Complexes is simple. For Office purposes, they build efficient workspaces to create a better working environment. For Retail purposes, they design shopping malls to ensure that the shoppers keep coming back for more!

The commercial collection has:

  • 3 completed projects
  • 3 ongoing projects
  • 1 upcoming project


An additional service of bti: Group Ownership (GO)

bti has come with totally a new concept in real estate sector which is Group Ownership. Actually the Group Ownership concept is—

  • A chance to be one of the pioneer investors in the first of its kind venture in Bangladesh.
  • A unique investment opportunity in lucrative real estate.
  • A vehicle to invest in prime real estate ownership for as little as Tk 10 lac.
  • A safe investment with the possibility of excellent returns.
  • A scheme conforming to Islamic principles without any element of interest earned or paid.


The Investment opportunity in Group Ownership (GO)

As the economy of Bangladesh grows, the commercial importance of the metropolitan cities becomes more significant because they are the engine of the country‘s economic growth.

Since the independence of Bangladesh, the population of Dhaka has grown very rapidly. It is now considered one of the mega cities of the world with a population of over 10million. And this population is still growing rapidly as more and more people come and settle in Dhaka looking to make their dreams come true.

The first real estate boom in Dhaka took place in the mid eighties. Even before this boom settled down another boom took place in the nineties which defied all logic because there was a worldwide recession and in most major cities of the world the real estate prices were falling. The real estate market in Dhaka was not even affected by the first Iraq war. Since then the prices of good quality properties in Dhaka have constantly soared and still continue to rise. In the last 9 years the prices of apartments in Gulshan have increased from tk 2000 per sft to tk 22000 per sft. Similarly in other parts of Dhaka too the prices of real estate have increased exponentially.


Area wise Growth Rate in Last 9 Years (2002-2011)

Combining rental income and property appreciation over a period of 9 years, good quality real estate has given about 23% annual compounding return on investment. The Chittagong real estate market has also shown rapid growth and this trend is expected to continue. And now prospects in other second tier cities such as Comilla, Bogra etc are also looking bright.

Considering the safety and security of this investment, surely its attractiveness is incomparable.

It is our educated opinion that this trend of high returns on investment will continue in the real estate market of Dhaka and Chittagong for the foreseeable future and the second tier cities will also offer good opportunities.

Real Estate Syndicates own income generating real estate and are secured by tangible and quantifiable assets as collateral. This characteristic is not the case in many other types of investment and provides added security for your investment.


Sister Concerns of bti


SICOL- Stainless Industrial Corporation Ltd. has been manufacturing stainless steel flatware for exporting and meeting local market demand for almost forty years. Today, SICOL is a highly respected brand in the country and is synonymous for quality flatware.


The Design Centre Ltd.

The Design Centre is an architectural consultancy firm which deals with all the designing needs for different companies and individuals. They also offer interior design services to bti customers helping them create a home uniquely theirs.


bti Energy Ltd.

bti energy ltd. provides diesel power generators and offers renewable energy solutions such as solar panels in both urban and rural areas.


bti Retail Ltd.

bti is working with very excitement about their newest venture, bti retail ltd. which deals with import, retail and distribution of consumer goods. To complement their work in the real estate sector, bti retail ltd. will have under its purview a chain of home stores.



Broad Objective:

  • To prepare an affiliation report for the fulfillment of undergraduate degree.

Specific Objective:

  • To identify the key marketing strategies of bti
  • To be introduced with functional activities of marketing department
  • To analyze research related activities which was assigned by the company
  • To describing strategies of maintaining relationships with customers


Marketing and Brand Department

The marketing and brand department of bti is dynamic. They organize all marketing related activities but other departments also support them to make success an event or any responsibility.

Though the whole department is alienated in to two groups but the work of marketing team and brand team are correlated. In marketing team there are three sub teams.


Activities Undertaken –

Work related


Research related work is done by marketing executives. They do survey in several processes. bti is very much mindful of their customers. They think about of them and take feedback time to time. Not only existing customer, they also try to know the needs and demands of their forthcoming customers. The research related works also include amass market intelligence which is linked with their competitors.

Customer Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey: bti used to survey on their customer after hand over the projects. Their main purpose is to take feedback and maintaining a long term relationship with them. Usually they set an appointment to visit them personally. But one of the satisfaction survey reports is prepared by me over the phone. That was a question answer session. There the report is given—


Customer Satisfaction Survey Report

Customer 1

Name: Nowshad Quadri

Occupation: MD of Surviscope Hospital

The Riviera Project, Apt: A6 and B6, Amirbag Resedential Area, Chittagong

Meeting place: At their home with guided tour by the customer

Contact no: 01711351968

The gentle man told he made a simplex apartment by merging two apartments together each contains 1556 sft which get 3112 sft after merging. Overall sanitary fittings was good enough and but marble finished basin area and shower encloser was fitted by his own cost.

This apartment is designed extensively by himself and spent around 40 lacs for this purpose. He included lots of cabinets in each room, heavy light works, and fancy works so on. The kitchen cabinet solution was designed by bti‘s DCL

He was not very happy with the depth of the kitchen cabinet, needed to be more spacious in depth to hold larger items and currently considering on how to modify it. He wanted to modify the construction work but it was not possible because he gave booking late.

Construction was almost ready at that time so if he wanted to change it may hamper the building schedule. So he had to sign in the NOC agreement because if they would hand over after the due time bti would not be responsible. For these reason he said he faced so much bureaucracy for changing construction work and thinks that this is a major problem as he was all willing to the costs that he might have incurred.

Their paint work, wood work and overall features provided from bti was good. The AC was not provided by bti in community hall but customer fit the AC at his own cost.

The semi basement plan was not appropriate because parking space has become congested because of the number of apartments. Generator room is in front of the semi basement which also wasted a lot of space, it should have been at the back. Driver‘s waiting area is not available.

The reception area should be more luxurious and attractive and it is small.

He didn‘t hear about bti before. I only came to know of it when I visited the REHAB fair of CTG, and the sales person was successful to motivate me by describing the features space and layout which was matching with my requirements. He will buy flat from bti again but only then if bti would give a written agreement of modifying construction work. There is mismatch between Customer and Landowners mentality.

There are some observations which are noticed by him regarding bti’s interior work:

  • Aluminum cladding work was finished very roughly both in internally and externally and may be hazardous in the balcony area where it may cause injury to the children.
  • Door locks and door stoppers are of poor quality.
  • Plumbing work was not perfectly done.
  • Full height grill was not provided by bti.

He mentioned some reasons also for which he like bti. They are:

  • bti is very good at their workmanship quality.
  • They are good at their overall service.
  • They try to come up with their commitment.
  • CSD department and sales team work very actively

These are all the answers which he gave to me. The questions which he asked all are given to the Appendix.


Customer 2

Name: S.K Barua

Occupation: Manager of Syngenta

Project: Savil Palace, Apt: B7,Probortak Area: Chittagong.

Contact no: 01711921083

Meeting place: At the customer‘s office

This project was completed around 5 years ago so at that time their customer centricity was not up to the mark in which he belongs to.

bti provide overall feature and specification within due time and they are always same as their commitment. He has observed that over time they also have tried to improve their quality.

Some problems he faced in his project:

  • In basement there was a leakage and it took a very long time to repair, more than a year.
  • Paint was not good
  • There was also problem in plaster work.

There is no servant quarter in my apartment and I have omitted servant toilet to enlarge my kitchen.

bti is better known in Dhaka but not so much in Chittagong. bti is definitely a reliable company.

bti is now customer centric and they are focusing on customer‘s choice. Previously they had no customer centrism. It may be because lack of experience. But now bti has own classification that how they would give best service to their valued customer. bti can increase their effectiveness in customer centrism. The customer service should act on protecting the customers‘interest and speak for the customer, and not for the company‘s interest.

All these answers are given as per questions which they asked. The questions are referred to the appendix.


Customer Survey to acquire suggestion

I conduct another survey on the customers on their ongoing and completed projects. It was also conducted over the phone. It was like taking the suggestions from them about changing some specific design. I called around 70 customers in one day. Every phone call took 5 to 10 minutes.

I asked three questions to every customer whose list was in my hand. The questions were about-

  • Changing the height of roof in 9feet 6 inch from 9feet 10 inch,
  • Changing the inner wall‘s size in 5feet 3 inch from 5feet 6 inch,
  • Eliminating shower tray from the guest washroom.


Market Intelligence

  • Collection of competitor’s information: In bti there is a practice of checking all the press ads about real estate companies‘ everyday of all news paper and it was my assigned task during the internship period. I was supposed to report about the press ads that whether there is any interesting news or not. I had to do some confidential task which was very important for the company.

Data Entry

I had to entry the database of members which are given in directory. There are lots of member‘s directories like BATB, Members directory of Chittagong Club, Gulshan Club in excels shits.

These directories are of the year 2010, 2011, and 2012. I had to entry their all information like their name, address, cell number, office number, email address etc.

Website Survey

I had to go through the top 20 company‘s website and had to collect information and all the contents. Then again those database were listed down in excel shit. I had collected information about their completed projects, ongoing projects and upcoming projects, their recently published press ad, any event, agreement with financial institutions and banks.


The competitive scenario

As market is highly competitive all are trying to become the number one real estate company in the market by providing the best product in competitive price. Though there are so many companies but here I have included some competitors of bti.


Partex Builders

Partex builders is one of the growing builders among the real estate companies. It has started its journey from January 2005. As it is not very old in this sector they have not so many projects.

But they are trying to come up with some new concepts to attract customers. For example: They are offering full furnished apartment. They are trying to build trust among customers about themselves by ensuring the best customer service to create brand image.



Sheltech is one of the pioneers among the real estate companies. They have started their journey since 1988. Since 25 years of their journey they have handed over more than 150 projects. Their construction quality and designs are good. Recently they have organized their budgetary fair which started from June 1 and will prolong up to June 30. They are offering 25% discount in that fair on their ongoing projects. Other than that they are offering some ready flats in some areas like Gulshan, Gandaria, Shantinagar, Banani, and Uttara. On the date of 4th June they posted an advertisement in prothom-alo news paper. They are offering full furnished apartment in Banani and Uttara sec: 10 though in advertise they have not mentioned about Uttara. The area is in Block #F, Road #08, House #100. But when their office has been personally visited they gave different information. According to that advertisement we thought they are offering full furnished apartments in two projects in Banani. But when we practically visited in their office they told us they have designed only one floor for their Managing Director. But now their MD is not planning to live there. That is why they are trying to sell that floor as full furnished apartment by giving advertisement in the news paper which was vague. Their asking price is 16,433 per sft with furniture and it is 3 crore and 14,452 per sft and it is 2.6 crore without furniture. Their size is 1780sft. This amount is including car parking and utility charge. As it is ready flat and also full furnished so total amount will be paid within 2 /3 months. They will honor if their higher authority consider and amount is also little. But total amount must be paid within their given time. So in this aspect it would be unfair to the client. Previously they have also posted another ad in news paper that they are giving a car if anyone give booking of apartment and that is for free.

But they could not even tell us the model of car when they were asked about that. That was also ridiculous. Their hospitality was not good. They offered only coffee with mineral water. Their office was moderate. There was no separate meeting place for customers.


Visiting REHAB Fair:

Most recently REHAB fair has cropped up in hotel Ruposhi Bangla. And my duty was to visit their at least one day and to collect all information and offerings what other competitors were given. In that fair I spent 3 to 4 hours as a visitor. A report is done by me on the basis of the information which I observed from the fair—


REHAB Fair, June-2013

Location: Hotel Rupashi Bangla

Date: 26th June to 29th June, 2013

Time: The fair opening time 10 am and closing time 9 pm every day.

Total 123 companies appeared in fair. There were 120 realtors, Delta Brac Housing Finance

Corporation Ltd and IDLC Finance Ltd and a construction materials making company took part in the fair.

Total seven companies co-sponsored the fair. They are: Amin Mohammad Foundation, Amin Mohammad Lands Development, Concord, DOM-INNO, Genetic Limited, Navana Real EstateLtd, Rupayan Housing Estate Ltd.

This time REHAB fair has brought out a positive response. Most of the real estate companies at the REHAB Summer Fair 2013 got satisfactory response from buyers despite continuous rainfall during the last two days in the city. The first half of the last two days of the fair the number of visitors was so poor. But in the evening of Friday and Saturday good numbers of them were present. Recent government‘s decision on allowing gas connection to the domestic level and government‘s positive initiative in the upcoming budget also helped to pool customers in the fair.

In fair different companies have offered discount from 5% to 25%. Some companies have offered car as gift if anyone give booking for a flat. Total sale was 272 crore. Sale of land was little. But apartments of small size and low-cost were most wanted by a large group of customers. Visitors were looking for different locations for apartments like Khilgaon, Banasree, Uttara, Mirpur and in other mid-level locations also.


Survey on bti Grand Apartment In-house Fair

bti has arranged an In-house fair in their office. They invited to all customers of them. Not only that but also whoever their suspected customer they were also invited. The fair was occurred 5th and 6th July 13, 2013 from 9 am to 7 pm. My task was to conduct survey about the visitors. I had asked around 50 customers to participate in the questionnaire session.


The analysis of the Questionnaire results –

These analyses have come out from customers view point about the fair.


Survey about changing infrastructure

bti decided to change some infrastructure in their future projects. For example-

  • They want to make the roof height 9 feet 6 inch which was previously 9 feet 10 inch.
  • They want to make the inner wall 5 feet 3 inch which was previously 5 feet 6 inch.
  • They want to eliminate the shower tray from guest bathroom.

Before applying these infrastructural changes they wanted to get the existing and ongoing customers viewpoints. And for getting their suggestions I had to conduct survey over the phone around of 70 customers. I called every customers whose list was given to me. I had to ask these facts as questions to each customer.



Marketing department is a vital part of bti. Many real estate companies do not have this department. bti‘s marketing department is very dynamic and always one step ahead. Researches, Customer Club, Corporate Marketing are the core part of this department. There are HOD, AM, Sr. Executives and Executives for assigned for each part.

In Marketing department there is customer club which is maintained only for the customers of bti. This concept is totally new in real estate sector. bti always stay connected with their customers even after handover their project.


Customer Club

A member of the bti Customer Club belongs to one of two categories: the Member or the Ambassador.

On purchasing a bti flat, we automatically register you into the bti Customer Club as a Member, giving you access to a plethora of benefits. However, after you meet a certain level of involvement; you may become a bti Ambassador. The bti Ambassador card is for customers who have a long-standing relationship with the company, and have actively supported and advocated the work of bti over the years. They are our most enthusiastic and participative customers and as such, are eligible to get additional club benefits.


Social Media Marketing

All updated information and news of bti are always shared through social network site also. bti has the page on facebook. They are vastly focusing on the facebook activities. And it‘s the trendiest source of making advertising in this generation. In facebook the pictures of any new events, projects are continuously uploaded. Recently they are including the facebook link in billboards and press adds also.


Corporate Marketing:

Under corporate marketing division bti has the singed the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with 17 companies still now. And executive who look after this division, his task is to increase the number. bti give special offers if the employees of those companies buy flats from them. Not only that but only also buyers can get home loan from banks and financial institutions at low interest rate for buying flats from bti. Another fixation is bti has the agreement not only with banks and financial institutions but also multinational companies.


Other Activities

For the first time bti arranged an event in National Museum for the children of customers. In that event I was asked to be the anchor for whole program. The script was also prepared by me.

There is a report given which can provide the detail-


Report on “National Treasure Hunt”

Date: June 22, 2013

Location: Bangladesh National Museum, Shahbagh, Dhaka

National Treasure Hunt:

The program was open from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm for all bti customers. Total of 55 participants had participated in the National Treasure Hunt program. At 11.00 am customer had gathered in the auditorium with their children and marketing executive provided a question paper to each one of them related to the national museum and Mr. Arun Ghosh (Artist), Dr. Niru Shamsun Nahar (Deputy Keeper) & Mr. Ashique Un Nabi (ED-MB, bti) had delivered their speech and briefing to present customers and media personnel.

After the briefing session all children along with their parents had visited to find out the answers within the national museum within 1 hour and 30 minutes to solve those questions and all of them had submitted the question sheet within the stipulated time. Within this 1 hour and 30 minutes all the children as well as their parents were so excited to find the right answers.

Decorative & welcoming materials of National Treasure Hunt program (X-stand, Festoon) the entire customers were highly satisfied about the program and hospitality of bti customer club. bti customer club had provided a snacks packet including lays chips, chocolate milk, safari chocolate, lexus biscuits and mum water bottle to each of the children and parents.



Though the arrangement of the program was so good but participate was not as expected. From experience of the event, some recommendations for future are as bellows:

  • We should arrange different innovative event with customer at 2nd half of a day because most of the children are studying in different English/Bangla medium school and most of the time schools are open and have their exam schedule at Saturday 1st half due to political unrest.
  • Sales and CSD team supported the program in various ways and made this program a successful one but customer participant was lower than the Art Competition program. On upcoming events, continuous cordial support from both of these teams is expected and highly recommended.

In future we should not include only e-mail and telecommunication to serve information on bti customer club activities. We must include postal invitation (card or formal letter).


Challenges and Proposed Course of Action for Improvement

Observed in the Organization

Constraint is the element factor or a subsystem that works as a bottleneck. It restricts an entity, project, or system (such as a manufacturing or decision making process) from achieving its potential (or higher level of output) with reference to its goal. On the productivity side, it can also refer to the positive ideas of focus and optimizing goals by specifying relevant constraints and finding “corner solutions” via linear inequality constraints.

I faced some problems during preparing the affiliation report and most of them were my personal problems. Those are –

  • Lack of time as it is a small semester and the internship duration is only three months.
  • During collecting the market intelligence I had to hide my identity and had to tell lots of fake things which were sometimes awkward.
  • I get known to those companies so in future I cannot go for any different purpose
  • I was not getting conveyance for rent survey
  • Customers were not willing to participate in survey. Sometimes they react very rudely while talking over phone. Most of the times they got disturbed and told will talk later to avoid.
  • I was not provided with official number. In many official purposes I had to call from my personal number.
  • I was not provided with the separate desk to work.
  • Before going any competitor‘s office I was not properly instructed about how would I act. That was set by me.



In my short span of internship program, I have gained practical experiences about working in a department. I had discovered few things from day to day operations. In light of that I make following recommendations:

  • I think Marketing and Brand Department has to be decentralized to make the decision with more responsibility.
  • For research purpose especially Research and Development (R&D) Department can organized.
  • Customer segmentation can be changed
  • Low cost apartments may be built according to the current demand.
  • Price range can be little bit low in comparison to their competitors
  • They can take part in REHAB fair for more publicity because mid level or new customers still do not know about bti.
  • They should offer discounts and gifts to customers in their in-house fair.
  • They can be more flexible about changing designs according to customer‘s choice because sometimes customers complain about ignoring their decisions.
  • They can reduce the work load of employees or may occupy in another departmental works instead of downsizing.