Causes of Disciplinary Problems

Causes of Disciplinary Problems

Causes of Disciplinary Problems

Administration of discipline is a process of making employees disciplined at work, In actuality, however, intervening with discipline is often a necessary part of the employee management process. Discipline in the workplace is the means by which supervisory personnel correct behavioral deficiencies and ensure adherence to established company rules. The purpose of discipline is correct behavior.

Disciplinary problems are unproductive hurdles to the organization. Rather they hinder the smooth operation of organizational activities. Hence, such problems need to be addressed timely.

Main causes of disciplinary problems are as follows:

  1. Defective recruitment selection and socialization of employees.
  2. Inappropriate and inadequate organizational values and norms established by the organization.
  3. Defective evaluation of employees by supervisors.
  4. The defective communication system may create such disciplinary problems. Defective communication means, lack of two-way communications.
  5. Defective leadership by managers.
  6. Defective supervision or lack of supervision at work.
  7. The ‘divide and rule’ policy practiced by the managers.
  8. Bad and unpleasant working environment.
  9. Discrimination of employees at work.
  10. Lack of delegation of authority and assignment of responsibility.
  11. Improper coordination work.
  12. Lack of timely address of employees problem.
  13. Entry of different employees with different backgrounds, skills, and experiences.
  14. Lack of proper training and skill development programs at work.
  15. Carelessness of work.

An absence of effective leadership results in poor management in the areas of direction, guidance, instructions etc. This, in turn, results in indiscipline. I am sure you remember the importance of leadership as studied in the last semester. If you do (which I suppose you do), you can relate the importance of effective leadership with handling indiscipline.

The employee grievances cannot be put off by deferring or neglecting their solutions. The grievances should properly be inquired into and settled by the managers in a reasonable period. Neglect of grievances often results in reduced performance, low morale and indiscipline among the employees. Strikes and work stoppages stem in many cases form the utter neglect of employee grievances.


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