Cannabis and Alcohol Use Linked To Better Orgasms in Young People

According to a new study published in the journal Healthcare, people between the ages of 18 and 30 who use cannabis and alcohol had greater sexual function and orgasms than those who take neither drug. Before you light up a joint or down a quart of vodka, keep in mind that this study is just observational and do not prove that intoxication leads to increased sexual prowess. It is also worth noting that the verdict on the effects of pot and alcohol on one’s ability to hit a home run in the bedroom is yet out.

Previous research has produced highly inconsistent results, and data suggests that both chemicals have different effects on men and women, and that age may be a role. As a result, the researchers opted to concentrate their efforts on young individuals, who drink the most alcohol and cannabis and have the most sex. During the first half of 2020, 274 participants aged 18 to 30 were recruited to participate in the study in Almeria, Spain.

Cannabis and Alcohol Use Linked To Better Orgasms in Young People

All of the subjects filled out a questionnaire to give the researchers information about their alcohol and cannabis usage habits, as well as numerous elements of sexual function. Overall, heavy cannabis users outperformed non-users in terms of sexual function and arousal, while heavy drinkers outperformed abstinents in terms of sexual function and arousal. Higher levels of alcohol consumption also linked to higher orgasms; while the authors point out that, there were no significant differences between men and women for either substance. “Sexual function in young individuals who use cannabis and alcohol more regularly was demonstrated to be better than in those who do not use either,” they write in a summary of their findings.

The researchers think that both cannabis and alcohol may provide a “reduction in fear and shame, which enhances sexual relationships,” while this study does not aim to discover any underlying mechanism between substance uses with better sex. According to previous studies, women who get high before sex are more than twice as likely to have satisfying orgasms, and frequent stoners may have up to 20% more sex than those who do not use marijuana at all. Cannabis use, on the other hand, has demonstrated to reduce sperm count in men.

Meanwhile, alcohol inhibits the body’s production of nitrous oxide, which aids in the dilatation of arteries in the penis and allows males to attain an erection. Previous research has shown that frequent drinkers are more likely to have sexual dysfunction, though the authors point out that many previous studies have focused on older men, and that the findings of this latest study may reflect the fact that younger people are less likely to have false starts in bed. Overall, the researchers believe that additional research is needed to fully understand the effects of drugs and alcohol on sex and that those who do indulge in such carnal pleasures should do so in moderation.