Bayazid’s Devotion to his Mother

One night Bayazid was reading. Suddenly, he heard his mother uttering ‘water’, ‘water’. He went to her but found her sleeping again. He also found no water in the house. Then he went out with a jar in that dark night to fetch water. He got frightened but he did not give up his effort of fetching water. He remembered that there was a well at the end of the village. It was a long way. He started walking quickly. The well was three kilometers away from his residence. He remembered God and was walking on and on. It took him an hour to reach the well. He filled the jar with water and began to walk fast towards his residence. It was 2 a.m. when he reached home. He was sorry to find his mother in deep sleep. He refrained from disturbing his mother and stood beside her bed with a glass of water. His mother got up from bed at 5 a.m. She was astonished to see her son’s devotion to her.

She said, “O my son, why did you not leave the glass on the table and go to sleep?” “Dear mother, I thought you would not find the water on walking. So I did not leave it on the table and go to sleep. Please take the glass and drink,” answer Bayazid with a smile. His mother drank water and blessed him from the core of heart. God granted her prayer and made Bayazid one of His greatest devotees.


Moral of the story: ‘An instance of devotion to mother.’