Balance Confirmation Letter to Creditors

Balance Confirmation Letter to Creditors

Balance Confirmation Letter to Creditors from the bank

[These are Sample Balance confirmation letter format and Payment confirmation letter to Creditors from the bank. These letters are to cross-check of payments to verify the true amounts/figures during a year, certain time period or one payment only. You can customize this letter as per your requirements.]


Client name…


Company/Organization Name…


Subject: Balance Confirmation Letter

Dear Sir,

Our record shows that the [company] has received (Money amount) as being a donation from you during the year ended (Date: dd/mm/yy). Please return the attached slip to our auditors [company]. Chartered Accountants, indicating whether or not you agree with the amount shown above. In the event of disagreement please record the amount shown by your records and provide our auditors with details of the difference.

Yours Faithfully,


(Signature & Stamp).


Another format,


Accounts Manager

(Name of Company)


Sub: Balance confirmation as on (Date) as required by your audit department.

With reference to the above subject, our books of account show a credit/debit balance in your account of(amount of money) as on (Date: dd/mm/yy).

Please sign the confirmation slip below and forward this to us in the enclosed postage pre-paid envelope.

In case you need any further assistance including the statement of account to reconcile the differences if any please do write to us. We would be grateful if you would give this request your earliest attention.

If we do not receive your confirmation within 15 days, we would treat the above balance is correct.

Yours faithfully,

Authority name…

Bank/Institute name…