Bad Effects Of Taking Junk Food

Bad Effects Of Taking Junk Food

Write a letter to your friend / younger brother or sister telling him or her the danger / Curse / bad effects of taking junk food.

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Dear XYZ,

I am very glad to receive your sweet note. Thanks a lot for this. I hope you are well with your studies. I am also well with my studies/work. Now I am telling you about the danger/curse of taking junk food. Junk food is attractive only for its pungent taste but it has no food value at all. It is very harmful to health. It often contains a high amount of animal fat and sugar. Junk food turns our body into fatty tissue which damages our health. The junk food containing a high amount of sugar causes diabetics, heart attack, high blood pressure, and damages teeth and skin.

You must eat homemade foods and avoid junk foods in order to maintain sound health. I do hope that you must follow my advice.

No more today. With my best wishes to you.

Your truly