Assignment on SWOT Analysis of Dell

Assignment on SWOT Analysis of Dell


       I.      Strengths: Dell’s dynamic organizational is a mature company they have been marketing for last thirteen years and now they are $12 million Company. They have strong management due to their big company.  They deal directly with the customer and for customer problem solution they have installed many work station for free customer service, and also it has been able to reduce middle channel costs. These components, such as OEMs, CMs, logistics, system integrators, repair and support companies, component suppliers, third party HW and SW suppliers and distributors have become each of the company’s manufacturing processes so that ease of provision to the customers is possible. This reverse organizational process structure differ from other industry leaders.(Kraemer and Derrick 2004). Also they have very quality and experienced employees who are very responsible in their respective job.

    II.    Weaknesses: Within the strengths lie Dell’s weaknesses. Much of its strategies have to rely on the capacity and capability of these manufacturing components. Additional finance need for better works, which is absent in Dell Company. And also for better product continuous updates and process improvement and research and development is required but it is also rare in this company. 

   III.    Opportunities: Having established an integrative and virtual network, Dell has been able to achieve the high level of corporate outcome that challenged most of the industry leaders. The established value web corporate model have also allow Dell to have global wide access to customers and market. Reaching any niche market in any continent is therefore not a problem for Dell’s marketers. 

  IV.    Threats:  However, due to the integration of components in Dell’s organization structure, Dell competes not only compete at the final product level but also at the supplier’s level. Third party software and software for example have great competition for price and product categorization which could eventually affect Dell’s position in the market.