Assignment on ORS or Oral Rehydration Therapy corner

Assignment on ORS or Oral Rehydration Therapy corner

Aims and Objectives:

(1)             To increase proper use of ORS in cases of diarrhoeal diseases.

(2)             To reduce mortality as well as morbidity associated with diarrhea.

(3)             To reduce incidence of diarrhoeal disease and diarrhea related malnutrition.

(4)             To aware the mother about the necessity of ORS in reducing morbidity and mortality.

(5)             To implant knowledge on proper feeding practices during and after diarrhoeal episodes.

Organization at a Glance: 

Name of the Organization:Oral Rehydration Therapy corner, Dhaka Medical College Hospital.
Location of the Organization:Paediatric Outdoor, DMCH
Type of the Organization: Government
Year of establishment:1990
Date of Visit: 05.07.04

Organogram of the Organization

Oral Rehydration Therapy corner

Existing resources:

(1)             Adequate Manpower

(2)             Supply of ORS

Activities :

(1)             Management of dehydration according to severity.

(2)             Provide health education to the mothers/caregiver accompanying their children.

(3)             Encourage mothers to continue breast-feeding to their children inspite of having diarrhea.

(4)             Distribute Vit-A Capsules to under-5 children

(5)             Educate mothers/attendants about the preparation of ORS at home.

(6)             Conduct training programmes on “Clinical management of diarrhoeal disease” for the doctors, nurses, Paramedics and other health personnel.


(1)             Their great achievement is increased awareness of people about the role of ORS in the treatment of diarrhoeal diseases.

(2)             Utilization rate of ORS therapy has increased up to 65%

(3)             Significant reduction in mortality and morbidity due to diarrhoeal disease.

Problems and Constraints:

(1)             Lack of skilled staffs

(2)             Inadequate space in comparison to large number of patients attending the ORT corner.

(3)             Lack of proper administrative supervision

Personal Observation:

Oral Rehydration therapy (ORT) corner is an integral part of DMCH for proper management of diarrhoeal patients and to reduce complications associated with diarrhoeal diseases. Although cleanliness is not satisfactory and space is not adequate the staffs are carrying out their duties as sincerely as possible. The administration should pay attention to eliminate the problems to ensure their smooth running.


As children are more susceptible to death due to dehydration, early correction of it by ORS can largely safe their lives. The ORT corner is playing a vital role to reduce infant & child mortality and morbidity due to diarrhoeal diseases and their complications.

Such centers should be established and well supported in all Medical Colleges and other medical Centres.